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The Taming of Sora

Sora used to be fun and outgoing, she used to like talking and being bubbly, but then it all stopped. Maybe it had to do with the loss of her mother, maybe the reality that she had to play mom to her younger sister, maybe just teenage life. Whatever it was, it changed her. Mimi changed too, though she remained kind and slightly air-headed, but gained one thing she didn't need before, popularity. She wanted to date boys, it wasn't like there was a lack of possibilities but it was a common known fact that the Tachikawa girls weren't allowed to date. Their father was Mr. Over-Protective, come with in ten feet of either one of his daughters and you won yourself a one way ticket to the grave.

Chapter One: Prologue

Sora Mitsukai Takenouchi was born to parents Haruhiko and Toshiko at the end of January 1988. The baby girl weighed six pounds, seven ounces, and she was thirteen inches long. On the top of her head was a small mound of vibrant auburn hair. When sheopened her pale lids, deep brown, almost red, eyes stared out almost radiating a loving warmth. In her first year of life it was evident that Sora was a very active child. She would easily grow tired of the stuffed animals that her parents tried to surround her with and settled on a soccer ball her father had left in the living room. She learned to crawl very quickly and preferred her father to her mother. When she was one, her father was killed in a car crash, leaving twenty-seven year old Toshiko Takenouchi to fend for herself and their baby.

Mimi Keisei Tachikawa was born to Keisuke and Satoe in June of 1989. She was unbelievably tiny, weighing only four pounds, two ounces, and a mere eight inches in length. Her early birth and small size had the doctors fearing that she wouldn't make in through the night. It was a constant struggle for the young couple to watch their baby girl fight for her life. But after three months in the neonatal ward, Mimi prevailed. Her hair was a soft honey brown and her eyes were a cross between warm caramel and whiskey. The many hours of agony took their toll on Satoe who, to Keisuke's horror, began to deteriorate physically and mentally. She wore herself out worrying about her only child and thinking that she was the cause of Mimi's condition. Satoe eventually grew sicker and sicker. The day Mimi was healthy enough to leave the hospital, Satoe Tachikawa died. Twenty-nine-year-old Keisuke was left to raise his daughter alone.

Needing money to support herself and her daughter, Toshiko Takenouchi went to work for a wealthy businessman, an up and comer in the world of global trading. She became his personal secretary. She was still grieving the loss of her husband, but she had to admit to herself that there was definitely something about her boss that she found attractive. But he was married, evident by the golden band he wore on his left hand. She herself still wore her thin golden wedding ring with the tiny diamond in memory of her late husband. The wife called very often and Toshiko felt that she must be a very needy woman. And to her own personal satisfaction, the woman was completely absurd and spoke about herself in the third person, "Mimi needs this," and "Mimi needs that." It wasn't until she'd been working for him for about a year that she found out the truth about Mimi Tachikawa.

Toshiko was planning the festivities of Sora's second birthday; she had extended an invitation to her boss and his wife. He smiled at her grimly and accepted, saying he would be honored to attend. Light heartily, she waited for his arrival the day of the party, yet when he had come, she was stunned. Instead of a gorgeous woman who he'd no doubt be married to, he walked toward her with a tiny girl holding his hand.

"I hope you don't mind, I've brought my daughter."

Toshiko shook her head and smiled at the little girl. "I didn't know you had a daughter. May I introduce you to my daughter, Sora." The small redhead bowed to the man and smiled at him, showing a straight line of blue teeth, having devoured a blue raspberry lollipop.

"It is nice to meet you. This here is my little princess, the only woman in my life, Mimi."

Toshiko immediately felt the blush that flooded her cheeks. She'd always assumed Mimi was his wife, never did he think that she could be his child. It made perfect sense. Foolishly, she asked, "And your wife?"

"Satoe," he started looking very uncomfortable. "Satoe has been gone for quite some time. She passed when Mimi was four months old."

Toshiko's heart went out to Keisuke and his young daughter. After the party, she began to invite them over for dinner, play dates, and picnics. Their daughters seemed to enjoy having a regular companion. A romance blossomed and soon they found themselves engaged.

After a yearlong romance, having lived together only six months, they married. It was a simple ceremony, just close friends and what little family they had. Keisuke adopted Sora as his daughter, and Toshiko did the same for Mimi. As the two girls grew older they never questioned the fact that Mimi looked nothing like Toshiko and Sora bore no resemblance to Keisuke. It made no difference to them. They both loved their mother and father.

When Sora was fourteen and Mimi was thirteen, Toshiko began to experience intense mood swings, coinciding with outburst of hate and anger. They soon discovered that the cause of her change in attitude was due to a tumor growing rapidly in her brain. It was inoperable and after fighting a losing battle for five months, Toshiko's body could not longer endure the pain and struggle. She passed away, leaving Keisuke with two very emotional daughters. Keisuke felt like he was cursed, the whole family must be. Happiness did not seem to want to bestow itself upon them.

Keisuke buried himself in his work and his commitment to keep his daughters safe. Some would call it over protective, he called it love.

Three Years Later

"So Daddy, there's this guy that I go to school with okay, and he is very, very nice. He's a senior and he wants to be a doctor. And…"

"And you are telling me this why?" Keisuke asked looking at his daughter across the dinner table.

She giggled. The trilling little sound she made when she was nervous. Mimi had grown up to be a beautiful young lady. Her wavy honey locks were long and settled in stylish layers reaching down to her mid-back. Her caramel eyes were accentuated by the makeup she had applied. Still keeping the fragile figure of her youth, Mimi was short and petite. Besides the curves showing that she was now a young woman, the childish pouts she made gave Keisuke hope that his baby girl would always be his baby girl. She was the splitting image of her biological mother. She was Satoe in miniature and some days it nearly broke Keisuke's heart to look at her.

Mimi was twirling a lock of hair around a well manicured finger while chewing on her bottom lip, trying her hardest to best phrase her next sentence.

"She wants to go out on a date with him," his elder daughter snorted. Across from Mimi sat Sora, a beauty in her own rite. She was taller than Mimi with a thicker, firmer, body. Her auburn hair was straight and stopped at her shoulders. Side swept bangs covered one side of her face but her brown-red eyes were alight with humor. She was a woman, and as much as Keisuke tried to deny that, he couldn't.

Sora, unlike Mimi, detested overly femine things. She was athletic, played both soccer and tennis. She liked cars and documentaries. Sora dressed modestly, baggy jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes. Mimi was as girlie as they came. Her waredrobe consisted greatly of the color pink. High heels, wedges, and sandals lined the floor of her closet alone with fashionable tennis shoes that were hardly ever used for things like exercise and running. She walked around as if her cell phone was attacted to her ear at all hours of the day and night. And while Sora had her fair share of telephone time, Mimi's conversations revolved around boys and that was something Keisuke would not have.

He didn't want to face the fact that his babies were almost adults. In one year, Mimi would be a senior in high school, and Sora would be leaving for college where she would be living in a dormatory. A co-ed dorm, where boys often came and went. Keisuke made a mental note to see about getting her into an all girls' dorm.

"The answer is no," he said plainly.

"But Dadd…" Mimi started to protest but Keisuke held his hand up to stop her.

"Mimi Keisei." Mimi's mouth shut and she immediately stopped talking as Sora put her fork down. The two girls stared at their father, because he only used their middle names when he was angry. "For the last time the answer is no. And I mean it. There is no dating."

Mimi stood up from the table and glared at her sister. "This is all your fault." She ran from the dining room and pounded her way up stairs to her bedroom, slamming her door as loudly as she could.

"YOU'RE WELCOME!" Sora called as she continued eating smiling brightly at her father. "These are some great eggs, Dad."