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The Taming of Sora

Sora used to be fun and outgoing, she used to like talking and being bubbly, but then it all stopped. Maybe it had to do with the loss of her mother, maybe the reality that she had to play mom to her younger sister, maybe just adolescence. Whatever it was it changed her. Mimi never changed, she remained kind and slightly air-headed, and popular. She wanted to date boys, it wasn't like there was a lack of possibilities but it was a common known fact that the Tachikawa girls weren't allowed to date. Their father was Mr. Over-Protective, come with in ten feet of either one of his daughters and you won yourself a one way ticket to the grave.

Chapter 9: Liar Liar, Joe's on Fire

Joe Kido rolled over in his large bed and breathed in deeply. He expected to find the smell of cherries and vanilla, the way Mimi always smelled when she was around him. But instead, he was suffocated by a mass of purple hair. He was immediately revolted and swatted away the offending strands. The hair was greasy and smelled like cheap perfume. To be perfectly honest, the entire person lying next to him reeked of cheapness and stale sex. It was disgusting, and the longer she lay there, the more she stunk up his bed.

Joe lifted his foot, finding the dip in the girl's back, and pushed.

Miyako fell out of the king-sized bed with a scream. She jumped up wildly, feeling too much coldness after all the warmth of the bed. She struggled to cover up her "assets" as Joe sat in his bed laughing mirthlessly.

"Get out," he managed between guffaws.

"What?" Miyako asked angrily.

"Get out!" Joe repeated. "Are you slow, or do I need to have security escort you out?"

"But my clothes…"

"Are not my problem. You have three seconds. One…"

"You're an asshole!" Miyako seethed. She stood, her left arm pulled across her chest and her right hand coving her nether regions. Her golden eyes blazed angrily as she stood in the middle of Joe's room. This was the most humiliating moment of her life.

"Two…" Joe counted in a bored tone, but his eyes were alight with humor. He was enjoying her humiliation. Almost basking in it. "Three."

Miyako heard the pounding footsteps even before the door was throw open.

"Get rid of her. And someone order me a new bed." Joe called as he slammed the bathroom door. The sound of the water running was the last thing Miyako heard before she was dragged out of Joe's bedroom.

She flitted down the stairs, three steps ahead of her morose looking sister. The two girls separated as they reached the bottom steps, the brunette to the front door to retrieve the newspaper for her father, and the redhead to the dining room.

"Dad," Sora uttered in greeting. Keisuke nodded and accepted the newsprint that was placed in front of him.

"Good morning, my wonderful father," Mimi chirped as she kissed Keisuke's forehead. She danced from him to Sora and hugged her sister tightly, placing feathery kisses in Sora's straight hair. "And you too, my darling sister. Today's going to be a good day. I can tell."

"Speak for yourself!" Sora snapped.

The redhead's attitude was nothing out of the ordinary for the Tachikawa household. Sora was never a ray of sunshine, not in the morning nor any other time of day; though Keisuke did note the added sourness to her demeanor. But it was Mimi attitude that took him by surprise. She was not her usual self. It was currently eight thirty; the father of the teenagers checked both the wall clock and his wristwatch several times to be sure. Keisuke pulled Mimi by her arm to him and placed his palm on her forehead. "She doesn't have a fever," he said to Sora.

Her fiery brown eyes told him she really didn't care and the joke was something she'd rather not entertain. She rolled them and ignored his comment, eating her breakfast moodily. The poor piece of French toast was ripped to shreds and Sora angrily stabbed each piece with her fork.

"It looks like its bleeding syrup," Mimi noted as she bit into a piece of melon.

"Take it easy, Sora," Keisuke reprimanded. "Those were some of your mother's favorite plates."

Sora froze mid-stab and growled then shook her head in annoyance. She tossed her fork haphazardly onto her plate and pushed her chair away from the table. "I'm going out! Don't expect me home till late!"


"Just leave her alone, Daddy," Mimi sighed. "Ten bucks says it's a guy." She winked and Keisuke's worry deepened.

He knew deep down that letting them go to that party could only end badly. He could image the horrors that his daughter's had endured. Sora was angrier than usual, Keisuke suspected alcohol abuse. And Mimi, she was awake before three thirty on a Saturday! That was almost unheard of in the Tachikawa household. Keisuke feared some sort of drug use, or sexual encounter. He held his heart as the possibility of both at the same time crossed his mind.

"Speaking of, I have to get going too. I'm going to the beach with Yuuki," Mimi kissed her father's cheek and patted his shoulder sympathetically.

"I didn't hear either of you ask permission!" Keisuke yelled, only to be met by a giggle and a snort coming from Mimi and Sora respectively.

It wasn't until the front door slammed after Mimi's departure that he thought about what she had said. Sora was experiencing guy problems, and then Mimi had said, "Speaking of…"


"Bye, Kiki. Thanks."

"No, thank you."

Yoshie Izumi stood in the door way to her immaculately spotless kitchen and gawked at the scene before her eyes. Her son, her cherished pride and joy, was kissing a girl. Not just kissing… French kissing!

But that aside, she was thoroughly upset with the fact that the girl must have spent the night for she was wearing her son's clothing and her own were bundled up in her hands. Her son had been defiled and defiled another person inside of her home!

The girl walked down the small walkway and turned to wave at Izzy who leaned against the doorframe and gave a lazy wave in return. Smiling smugly, he turned to close the door. He rubbed his face and pumped his fists triumphantly with an exaggerated, "YES!"


Izzy froze and lifted his gaze to his glaring mother, whose arms were crossed firmly across her chest. "M-Mom!"

"Don't 'Mom' me!" Yoshie snared. "Living room! Now!" She grabbed him by the ear and marched him into the formal living room, calling out to her husband as they went. "MASAMI! GET DOWN HERE! IT'S TIME YOU GIVE YOUR SON 'THE TALK!!!'"


"What's got you in such a good mood?"

"Why can't I be in a good mood, Mini-me?"

TK glared at Matt and when the elder blond smirked threw his basket ball at him. Matt caught it with a pained "Omph," as the ball connected with his chest. Matt's eyes watered as he worked to get air back into his lungs. TK leaned against the kitchen counter and jugged down a bottle of water with a self-satisfied smirk on his lightly tanned face.

"That," Matt wheezed, "really hurt!"

"You'll live. So answer my question, why are you happy-go-lucky?"

Matt straightened up and dribbled the ball on the linoleum floor, he smiled dreamily and TK was immediately taken aback. "Dude! You just got here and you already scored!?" TK screamed in outrage. "How the hell did that happen?"

The older blond couldn't help but feel a little pompous. He'd attained the biggest prize Akira Obaiba High had to offer. It was unbelievable luck that put the pieces together for him. He just had to make sure that they were super-glued together. He was sure, definitely certain, that Mimi felt the same way. There was too much heat behind that kiss. Too many 'I-want-you-so-much' vibes.

But if that was the case, Matt couldn't help but wonder why there was a part of him that was uneasy about it.

"So who was it?" TK demanded, yanking the ball out of Matt's hands.

"One, I didn't 'score.' Who even says that anymore?" Matt joked. "And two, it was the one."

"Right," TK scoffed. "The one? That's a very wide spectrum there, Mattie-boy. I thought any girl who fell into the bed of Matt Ishida was the 'the one.'"

"Very funny. This one really is."

"I really hope you aren't talking about Mimi," TK said, a worried expression playing in his eyes. Matt gave a noncommittal nod and TK shook his head. "Look, Mimi's a nice girl. She's been decent to me and Kari, so I have nothing personal against her. But you do need to understand that you do not know this girl. She's not exactly trouble, but you'll be the most hated guy in school. And a certain Joe Kido will be a little more than pissed."

"You don't have to worry about me, Mini-me. I'm a big boy. I can take care of myself."

"If you say so."

"Hey, Ken!" Kari said happily, stepping aside to let her brother's best friend into the hall. "Come in."

"Um," Ken shuffled nervously and walked past Kari, accidentally grazing her chest with the back of his hand. He felt the blush flood his cheeks and his eyes widen at the close contact. He really hated being alone with Kari. She made him feel so much like, well, a teenage boy. "Thanks," he whispered.

Kari giggled and shrugged, "Any time. Tai's not here right now though. He left about an hour ago. You're free to wait. You can help me bake a cake if you want."

"A cake?" Ken asked warily.

"My kind of cake. Not my mom's."

Ken smiled, he would never intentionally say he wasn't fond of Yuuko's cooking, but he'd prefer even Tai's before eating Mrs. Kamiya's. Though it was nice that Kari had noticed and was accepting of his distaste. "Sure."

"Great." Kari walked into the kitchen and began pulling out pans and an electric mixer. Ken watched her as she leaned over the stove to set it. He gulped down his nervousness and was determined to enjoy this moment of serene bliss the he had with her.

"Ken," she called over her shoulder as she began to dig in the refrigerator. "Can you tell me what I need from in here?"

Ken smiled as he stared at Kari's backside and uttered a strangled, "Sure." He listed the ingredients and licked his lips to aid the sudden dryness. "So, umm… what's the occasion?"

"TK's birthday!" Kari answered happily.

Ken's smile fell. "I gotta go. I forgot I had to get some things for my mother."

"Okay. Bye, Kenny!"

Sora walked through the open market slowly; occasionally she'd stop to buy fresh fruit, flowers, or to admire the handiwork of some of the merchants who created simple yet marvelous pieces of jewelry. Her tote bag was filling up quickly and she decided it was time to go before she spent more money than she should. In that moment, she felt like Mimi, except she was sure that her credit card did not have a limit set on it.

She'd been in the market for three hours. Time seemed to pass her by without her even realizing it. Perhaps it was because it was one of the only places that gave her peace.

She remembered being five when Toshiko would bring her here. They would come alone, leaving Mimi at home with Keisuke. It would be a mother-daughter day. Uninterrupted and special. Toshiko would buy Sora fresh strawberries and an assortment of in season flowers - beautiful orchids. Those were the ones Sora remembered the most. She remembered the walk to they'd take to the nearby park where Toshiko would explain the nature and tricks to simple and elegant ikebana.

It was a peaceful pastime, one that Sora missed desperately.

She didn't notice that she had left the market, she was just walking aimlessly. She found herself in the park, and she smiled at the irony of her subconscious' way of making her feel even worse than she already did.

Sora found a spot under a large tree and sat down to admire the world flying by around her. She watched a child fall off a swing and run to his mother. The woman kissed her son's arm and the little boy giggled before running off.

It was moments like this, watching motherly interaction that got to her. The pain of tears stung the back of her eyelids. And she tried to focus her attention on something, anything else.


Her concentration was broken by the sound of her own name, it wasn't exactly her name, it was the way her name was spoken. Her eyes overflowed with tears and she tipped her head back to force the tears away. But that action only resulted in her gaze falling on the person who had called out to her.

"Why are you crying?"

Sora stood up quickly and whipped away her tears. "That's none of your damn business, you cretin!"

"Will you stop calling me that?!"

"Well it's true. You are a foul-mouthed, loathsome, poor excuse for a human being! And I have nothing to say to you!" Sora snapped. "You made me look like an idiot last night!"

"Oh no, babe," Tai countered. "You did that all on your own. I didn't tell you to stand on the couch and start stripping. I didn't shove those shots down your throat. I took you home, or do you not remember that? And one more thing, I didn't attack you with my lips. That was you too!"

"That was a pity kiss!" Sora shouted, causing several passersby to stop and observe the teenagers. "Why would I kiss you for real? You're nothing, Tai. Nothing."

"Oh, really?" Tai asked darkly.


"Then why?"

"Why what?" Sora snapped. "Why are you so damn stupid? Why don't you mind your own business? Why don't you get the hell away from me?"

"Why are you still standing here?" Tai countered.

Sora faltered, her jaw clenched as she rifled through her thoughts. He'd caught her there. She actually didn't know why she was still standing in front of him. Had he been anyone else, she would have kicked him in the balls and walked away. But he'd seen her cry. Sora Tachikawa cried in front of no one!

"Because you're someone I enjoy verbally abusing," Sora tried, her voice sounding less convincing than she could like.

"Right," Tai affirmed. He leaned against the tree she had been sitting under and smiled at the death glares she was sending his way. "You can still leave, you know?"

"I was here first!" Sora snapped.

"You want an ice cream?" Tai offered but received no response. "Eh, you're probably anti-bubble gum. I doubt you'll like anything sweet. I'll get you something bitter – like pear!"

Mimi lay back on her beach towel and soaked up the midday sun. Her friend Yuuki lay beside her texting away maddeningly to her 'friend.' Mimi was examining her wild thoughts. She was 99.9% sure that she was in "like" with Matt Ishida. But there was that small 0.01% that was telling her that just because she had one great night, which really wasn't even a full night, with Matt it didn't mean she should have his name tattooed onto her skin.

He was hot. That was a plus. He had those gorgeous eyes that made her melt and a smile that made her tingle. But he was a guy. A guy she wasn't really prepared to deal with. Due to her father's strictness, her experience in the field was limited. She'd be hit on many times, but she really just went off what she'd seen in movies. She didn't exactly know what she was doing.

Matt seemed like a seasoned vet and that worried Mimi. If he expected more than she could give, would he stick around?

Yuuki nudged Mimi and smiled, "What are you thinking about girly? Because I heard you left the party last night with the new guy."

"Nothing escapes you, does it, Yuuk?"

The girl with the darkest shade of brown eyes Mimi had ever seen smiled coyly. "Let's just say I'm observant!" Yuuki commented with a wink. "But… what happened to Señor Kido? I heard her left with Miya."

"Okay, you seriously need to drop the fake Spanish. Who actually pays attention in that class? And He did. I saw it right before my very eyes. I've never felt so betrayed."

"Miya's a bitch, Meems. Like duh!"

"I know, but she's never been like that with me. I just expected more of her. She ditched me last night, and that's the only reason I left with Matt. He took me home." Mimi stopped and Yuuki's eyes widened, the other girl was clearly waiting for more. "What?"

"Oh, don't leave me in suspense!"

"We kissed and I really liked it!"

"YOU WHAT!?" Yuuki sat up so fast that Mimi feared the petite girl would give herself whiplash. She bounced on her knees excitedly and clapped. Mimi was instantly reminded why she and Yuuki were such good friends. Mimi watched the grin and excitement die on Yuuki's face and read her lips when she mouthed, "Oh shit!"

"Ladies, nice to see you two here."

Joe took a seat next to Yuuki and slung an arm over her shoulder, while the hand on his other arm played with the strings of Mimi's bikini bottoms. "Anyone up for a swim?" The question was given out to both girls but his eyes were focused on Mimi's.

"Actually," Mimi started, "I gotta get home before my dad freaks. You know the rule."

"Wait," Joe called as he caught Mimi's arm. "I thought it was okay as long as Sora was dating someone."

"Yeah, I don't think that worked. Bye." Mimi yanked Yuuki behind her and the two left Joe sitting in the sand.

The blue haired teen ground his teeth together before pulling out his cell phone and making a very necessary call. "Junpei, I need to speak with Matt Ishida and that freaking science kid. No, it cannot wait! Get them. NOW!"

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