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The two most common elements in the world are hydrogen and stupidity.

I walked with Jasper to History, he was really good to hang out with. He wasn't one of those people to fill every waking moment with meaningless conversations but when he did talk it was worth the wait. He always had something interesting to say. Our history class was thank god, stupid people free. I was wondering if my favorite subject would be ruined by some stupid girls that think its funny to flirt with the teacher. They made me sick, but i'm happy to say i was in the clear with this class. Also Jasper seemed to have the same love of history as i did. I didnt really learn much in Australia about American History, but i found i really did enjoy certain topics. Like the Civil War was by far the most fasinating and a plus Jasper loved it just as much or more than i did.

History passed in a blur and i was sad it was over, but now i atleast have a class to look forward too. Jasper walked with me to Alices locker where they had an adorable little meeting but i felt again as if i was interrupting something private, than Alice walked with me to Math. Even though we didnt have the same teacher for math we had the same periods and her class was right across the hall from mine. Unfortunatnly i did have the stupid girls in this class. How they made it to Algebra 2 A will forever be a mystery to me. The bimbo was the same one from this morning that had waved down Edward so enthusiastically. I had to smile, she had reminded me of a bird trying to fly.

Luckily the rest of the day past by swiftly, I felt like I was beginning to fit in. Maybe with just Alice, Rose, Emmett, Jasper and a really nice girl named Angela that was in my math class. She would be my savior for the year. I had met the blonde bimbo she was named Lauren, and her friend Jessica who continually tried to talk to me and had to remind me that her name was not Jay, June, Amanda, or Mary but Jess. I thought for sure that forgetin her name would leave me alone. But apparently not. I was currently walking with Alice to lunch. She was babbling on about going to Seattle to go shopping. Something about finding me more winter clothes. I just nodded my head at the appropriate times.

"Bella, Bella? Bella!" She yelled waving her hand in front of my face. I quickly shook my head and smiled sheepishly at her.

"Sorry Ali."

"You better be. Anyway as I was saying, shopping this Saturday we can ask Rose if she wants to come. I know exactly what will look cute on you. I cant wait to start! It's like starting with a clean canvas since well you know you don't have much winter clothes." She babbled on again and I just kept nodding, its not that I didn't like listening to Alice it was just that she was rambling on again. We walked up to the line and waited for our turn. I must say that this school didn't have much to offer food wise, and what they did have didn't look very appetizing. Note to self, brown bag from now on. I couldn't find anything worth eating so I settled for a bottle of water and a bag of chips. Not very healthy but when the rest of the food looked like the plastic food they give kids, you can skip healthy and go for edible.

"Come on, out tables over here." Alice said bringing me out of my thoughts and lead me towards a table in the far back next to a window. There weren't many people in the surrounding tables, oh well that didn't bother me. I wasn't much of a people person anyway. I saw James at one table that was relatively close to ours, and oh joy he was friends with Mr. Cocky himself. Great.

I set my stuff down and sat next to Emmett. "Whoa Bella if you're going to live in my house one of the requirements is that you have to be able to eat." He said looking at my water and bag of Doritos. I laughed.

"Well Emmett I would eat, trust me I have quite the appetite, but unfortunately your school doesn't seem to have real edible food." I patted his back.

"Yeah, that or we got an anorexic girl staying with us. At least we wont have to spend that much money on her for food." I heard a voice say behind me. It was Edward and oh joy he gets to have the last seat and joy of joy its right next to mine!

"Shove off." I replied, he just chuckled and started eating his food, I couldnt help but notice how all the girls in the lunch room would rotate to look at him or try to get his attention. It made me slightly sick. He was if anything just another handsome boy not the center of the earth. Maybe in his own mind, i laughed at my joke causing him to look at me.

"Yo Edward, coach wants to talk to you." I looked up and saw James leaning on our table, great. He turned to smile at me. "Eddie bagged the new girl?" He frowned and looked at Edward for confirmation. I gagged on my water causing Emmett to pat my back giving me a questioning glance. I just shrugged.

"Umm yeah no, Eddie didn't 'bag' the new girl." I said putting bag in finger quotes. "I wouldn't touch him with a 39 and a half foot pole. So please don't bring that up ever again, ok thanks" I glared at him, seriously it was like he was born with the ability to annoy anyone and everyone he ever meets.

"Yeah James please don't put my name with her, as you can tell she's not even close to my level." He smirked giving a knowing look over at James. James laughed and patted Edward on his back.

"Does that mean she's fair game?" He asked. Edward stiffened up, but at that point I had lost all patience with the lot of them. Did I have to wear a sign that said don't talk about me like I'm not here, remember I speak English too!

"Ok ass hole, I'm gonna say this once and only once you hear?" I yelled poking him in his chest. "I'm not fair game, I'm not a prize, and last time I checked I own myself so if I wanted to date someone that would be my decision not this guys." I pointed over at Edward. "I may not be from here or this country but last time I checked Australia spoke English too, so don't act like I'm not here or don't understand you. So I would never date you and if you even try to come near me I'll do the human world a service and make sure that you will never have kids ever. Is that clear?" I asked standing up so I was looking eye to eye with him. He looked taken back for a few minutes before he smirked and grabbed my hand pulling me closer to him.

"Oh doll face I hear you, and I'm gonna read in between the lines. What your really saying is that I like you but I'm gonna play hard to get." He smirked. I yelled in frustration.

"No I'm not!!" I yelled and grabbed my open water bottle, spilling it on him. "Maybe this will clear it up, I never hear that? No in between messages here, NEVER will date you. It would be as Edward said, 'Not even close to my level.'" I turned on my heel, "Alice I'll see you in gym." I heared Emmetts deep laugh and yellings of "You go girl!" just shaking my head and laughing while ignoring the glances from the other students in the lunch room.

I walked away praying to whatever god would listen to me that I would never have to deal with him again. I pulled out my schedule to see which class I had next. Honors Chemistry with Mr. Banner. I made my way to the classroom praying that I had at least one familiar face with me, someone that I actually liked.

I walked up to the teacher, there were only a couple of kids in the room. I realized that while I stormed out of the lunch room I would be early. Oh well it would balance out my mistake of being late to my first period class. I smiled, now I could write a email to Jake telling him that I really was trying to be good. When I left we hadn't really left on a good page. I walked up to the teacher, "Uh Mr. Banner? Hi I'm Bella Swan, can you sign this paper for me?" I asked. He looked up from what I'm guessing was his lunch and I watched as his chili spilt down the front of his shirt. I tried to hold back my laugh but only succeeded in faking it as a cough.

"Sure let me get my pen." He said moving papers around on his desk. I sighed and reached into my purse.

"Here" I handed it over. Hopefully he was better at teaching. He grabbed it and scribbled his name down and handed it back to me. "Uh you have a lil…" I trailed off pointing down to his shirt.

"Oh! Well that's embarrassing." He smiled as he grabbed a napkin.

"Sure is, so where do I sit?" I asked, kids were starting to flood in as the bell rang.

"Second desk from the back next to the window, good luck." He pointed to my new seat and I walked back to it. My partner wasn't here yet so I hoped either I was by myself or I got a super nice girl. I put my stuff down and waited for him to start the lesson. I got out my pen and a note book and began to doodle since Molecular formula I had already learned. I was in mid doodle when the door flew open and ricocheted off the wall. My head snapped back to see who or what had caused it to be thrown open, and there standing in the door way was Mr. Cocky himself. Oh and to make matters worse I had the only empty seat in the room.

"Hey partner." He smiled crookedly at me.