AUTHOR'S NOTE: Bite Your Lip is my version of New Moon after Edward leaves, meaning everything in the first book, Twilight, took place and is relevant to my plotline. And Jacob also doesn't exist in BYL, so sorry. I might give some stuff away if I told you why but I'll have heaps of explanation regarding this when the time is right. I also have a soundtrack for Bite Your Lip on my homepage. Cheerios.

DISCLAIMER: I, sadly, do not own any of this. All credit goes to Stephenie Meyer.




"And I can't breathe without you here

For fear I'll catch your scent.

And we both know how bad I get.

I don't do well or dwell in change.

And don't you know that

Three small words could make this all okay?"

- Forgotten, Not Forgiven

[Just Surrender]


we don't know where he's gone. I know you are grieving with us, Bella. You are like family to us now. I know that she is happy to have met you, and I'm sure the feeling's mutual. We are all a wreck right now but I do not want you to worry yourself too much, nothing can be done now and we are trying accept the harsh truth, I sure hope in the right time, you will, too. We love you, Bella. Take care of yourself.

Carlisle Cullen

I WAS IN A DREAMLIKE STATE. It was like watching an accident in slow motion. I knew what was happening but I was powerless to stop it.

I kept on running, running until my legs gave out and I fell on my knees. My eyes were blurry and tears where streaming out, unstoppable. This isn't happening. She's not… she couldn't be…

Alice couldn't be dead.