In The Hands of Darkness


"It's almost time, Milord." A slight, older man murmured from the shadow of a much taller, younger-looking man. The older man had wispy, graying hair and scared, beady black eyes. His face was wrinkled and saggy and large gray eyebrows. The taller man had a heavy black cloak on that covered all but the bottom half of his face. A malicious, almost sadistic smile crossed his lips.

"Perfect. You have served me well, Mosafinmeiger. I am very proud of the gift you are about to give to me." The man's voice had the softness of stone and the warmness of ice. Mosafinmeiger didn't shiver, but that was from years of practice.

"Yes, Lord Ire, as we promised, the child of that o'rant woman that we captured shall be yours and then we shall return her to where we found her, using the half-memory spell that you have taught us. We shall not turn our backs on you, our master." The man called Ire nodded sadistically and nodded almost-happily at the older man.

The two of them waited a while before the screams of a woman finally stopped and were replaced with a newborn's first cry. Ire smirked maliciously and pushed past the older man to a room beyond where they were currently standing. Mosafinmeiger ran after him and found him looking eagerly over the shoulder of Mosafinmeiger's wife, who had helped the o'rant woman give birth to the child.

"It is a girl." The tumanhofer wife told Lord Ire happily. A ball of light shot out of a woman's hands and toward them, but fizzled out before it could reach them. The o'rant woman, with her hands tied above her head, glared at them through pain-filled eyes.

"That's my daughter, Ire, you give her back! Paladin will never allow this! We'll fight for her!" She threatened. Ire smiled and walked over to back-hand the o'rant woman.

"Ah, Lady Allerion, how it pleases me to do that. This is your fourth child, I assume? Well, you won't miss her too much. Tell your precious Sir Bardon that I thank him for the use of his youngest daughter. She will be of great use to me." The dark Lord Ire chuckled. Lady Allerion let out an angry sob and shot another ball of light at him, though it fizzled out much sooner than the other one.

"You'll never get away with this! Never!" She screamed. Lord Ire laughed at her attempts to break free of a tuamanhofer's bonds. He looked back at the infant, who was sleeping in the tumanhofer woman's arms. He took the child, who immediately started crying.

"This child's name shall now and forevermore be called Cyn, in honor of her mother, who has sinned against the name of Pretender ever since she heard the name 'Wulder'. This child shall never know the 'kindness' of Wulder. She shall be raised by me." Lady Allerion let out an angry cry as Ire disappeared in a plume of smoke.

"What have you done? You let him get away with an innocent child! He'll corrupt her!" The o'rant woman sobbed heavily. Mosafinmeiger looked at his wife and then looked at the woman sadly.

"She's right, you know. Maybe we should ask Wulder for forgivness this time. Asking Ire hasn't gotten us anywhere in the past. Lady Allerion, we'll be happy to help you get your daughter back." The tumanhofer's wife said sadly.

"What have we done?" Mosafinmeiger asked his wife, running his fingers through his wispy gray hair.