House is slightly OC in this chapter.

Cameron, Melanie, Scott and surprisingly House are all rushing to Britney's room. When they reach their destination they see Thirteen administering medication, Kutner examining Britney for injuries and Taub keeping a close eye on her vitals. House is the first to speak.

"Where's Forman?"

"Neurology paged him" says, Taub

"House, can we please focus on my niece?"

He rolls his eyes, and Cameron turns to his team.

"What happened?"

"We left the room to give her so privacy so she could give us a stool sample, we heard the monitors going off so we ran back inside and she was seizing." says, Kutner

"I administered 2 MGs of Ativan and the seizing stopped." says, Thirteen

"What caused the seizure in the first place?" asks, Melanie

"We don't know." Replies, Thirteen

Scott is standing next to his wife becoming agitated.

"My daughter just had a seizure and all you can say is that you don't know?"

"That's what we and Dr. House have to figure out." says, Thirteen

As soon as Thirteen finishes speaking with Scott Britney arouses from her seizure. She looks around the room confused.

"Mom, dad, aunt Allie what happened?"

"You had a seizure Brit" says, Cameron

"What's wrong with me aunt Allie?"

"We're not sure yet honey but we're going to find out"

House is standing at the back of the room watching Cameron with Britney and Britney notices him.

"Am I going to die aunt Allie?"

"No, why would you say that?"

"House is here and you've always told me that House only helps people that are really sick"

"Yes, sweetie that's true but that doesn't mean you're going to die"

House interrupts Cameron and Britney.

"Well, I hate to break up this little love fest but I need my team to actually do their job"

House leaves heading to his office while his team gets a stool sample and heads to the lab to wait for test results. When House arrives at his office Forman is pouring himself a cup of coffee.

"Oh look blackie's back"

Forman rolls his eyes as House limps over to the whiteboard and adds seizures to the list of symptoms.

"She's having seizures now?" asks, Forman

"Yup, and you would've known if you had been there"

"Sorry, couldn't be helped Neurology needed a consult"

"Please, you went up there because that new nurse Cuddy hired for the Neurology department is hot"

"Whatever House, I'm due in the clinic"

After Forman leaves House sits staring at the whiteboard thinking. He's interrupted from his musings when Cameron walks in.

"Have the test come back yet?" she asks


Cameron takes a seat across from House; she looks down at her lap and starts clenching.

"How many times have I told you that I hate it when you clench"

"Sorry, I can't help it I'm just worried"


Cameron looks up at him.

"I know what I'm doing, we'll find out what's wrong"

"I know you will I just hate waiting"

Britney has never been hospitalized aside from when she was born, she's always been healthy"

There's no such thing as a completely healthy person but she will get better if I have anything to say about it"

"Thanks House"

He gives Cameron a curt nod and a silence follows but not for long because House's team returns with the test results.

"All the tests are negative" says, Kutner

"We're back to square one" says, House

"I'll go tell Melanie and Scott" says, Cameron

Cameron leaves Houses office with a heavy heart knowing that she has no news for her sister and brother in law.


In the next chapter the team does another differential.

Just in case you're curious Ativan is a drug used to stop seizures and also to help with anxiety and insomnia.