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Sonata of the Vampires

ChainedHs2rt '08

(editted 2010)

Chapter I

A Vampire

"What is this...?"

Her vision flashed in tremors of black and red, the sky raining with not droplets, but arrows. Puddles of not water, but blood splattered the ground and deafening screams and roars were naught but a mere echo in the sensitive ears of a young girl. The world was spinning in blurry circles; faceless bodies were torn and tossed aside liked rags as twisted black trees clawed at the red sky. And in the middle of it all, a beautiful young girl; her sapphire eyes were wide with alarm.

A menacing grin looked her way as the villagers encircled around her armed with axes, rakes and bows, all raised and ready to kill. The dogs were barking and growling with hatred as they inhaled the girl's scent in the air. A body was thrown at her, startling her as she was frozen to the bone.

"Hey little girl...or rather..." the closest man chuckled, "little monster. How does it feel to be drenched in a pool of blood? Eh? Good, doesn't it? I betchu' like the smell of that eh, you filthy creature."


The young girl looked down at the body that was thrown in her dirty arms, her curtain of white hair covering her fface. It was the body woman that she had called "mother." Her face was pale and her eyes were wide opened, but lifeless and glassy. Her hair was a tangled mess; soaked with her blood that now stained the ragged girls' fingers, hands, chest. Sapphire blue eyes turned a bloody shade of red as she glared at the crowd around her. Anger rippled her veins and she bared her sharp-pointed teeth menacingly, but as much as she desired to tear the people around her limb-by-limb, she was too weak to do anything.

The nearest man leapt at her, but she let out a threatening hiss, angry blood-red eyes made him flinch back in fear. Her eyes held his gaze, and then slowly, trailed its way down to the skin on his neck. She could hear his pulse beating rapidly, and licked her lips. A sudden urge to sink her teeth and draw out his blood made her shudder. Why was she feeling like this? Why wasn't she crying and begging for them to spare her life?

"Because you're a vampire."

Vampire? What are you talking about? Where did that voice come from? The shadows was playing tricks on her, as a black hooded figure stepped in from the circle and lifted her up in his arms. The only part of the figure's face visible was his eyes, which glowed red under the hood. The villagers were fell back slightly as the dogs yelped at the new presence, their hatred melting into uncontrollable fear as they fled like the retreating wave on the beach. The hooded man pointed a finger at the men, and instantly they stumbled and fell to the ground.

"Sleep," he muttered into the girl's ear. His voice was soothing, and it erased the tormenting screams that lingered in her ears. Slowly her head fell back onto the man's shoulders as the welcoming curtains of darkness enveloped her to sleep.

A petite figure stirred in her sleep, murmuring as she came to. Slowly, two sapphire eyes fluttered open, only to be blinded by the filtering morning light. Lifting her left hand to shield my eyes from the vivid beam, the girl sat up on the bed, rubbing the sleep away from her eyes. She froze. Wait a minute. Bed? When did I ever get on a bed?

Startled, she looked around the room. A strange smell lingered in the air, both intoxicating and yet frightening at the same time. Ever since that night, all her senses had somehow become sensitive; she could hear distant voices from a long way off. Two males and a female were coming closer, their voices becoming louder and louder as they neared.

"Zero! NOOO! Don't go in there, you'll terrify the poor thing!"

"SHUT UP you gay headmaster. A vampire is a vampire, there's no such thing as a harmless vampire."

"Zero! You forget yourself! Kaname-senpai is a harmless vampire!"


The door flew open and three people stepped in. There was a girl with long, brunette hair and a boy with silver-white hair that matched his cold, silver eyes. They both wore matching uniforms of black. Accompanying them was a man with a kind face, his eyes framed with his oval glasses.

"Ah~! You're awake my dear," he chirruped and in one leap he was beside the her, and suddenly she found herself wrapped tightly in a rib-cracking hug. Owowowowowoow what is this person doing! It hurts!

"Headmaster! You're hurting her!" the brunette cried out. The man quickly released the shaken girl as she gasped for air. He sighed, a mock sad face clouded his baby face.

"Yuki, how many times I wanted to hear you call me 'outou-san'"(*meaning 'father') as he burst into hysterical rounds of sobbing. The white-haired girl stared, fascinated with the commotion going on around her.

"Headmaster," the silver-head boy growled impatiently.

The man stopped and cleared his throat. "Yes, yes Zero." He turned to the new girl with a flashing smile. "You're at Cross Academy, and I'm the Headmaster, Kaien Cross. These are my cute little prefects, Yuki-" he pointed at the brunette who gave a cheerful wave, "and Zero." The silver-haired boy, - Zero, right? - glared at Headmaster, a threatening growl erupted in his chest.

"WHO are you cute, little prefects?"

"Argh~! Zero don't kill your father!"

"MY father? Who's my father again?"

"Pardon the intrusion," a voice said at the door. Sapphire eyes widened, and turned to meet familiar scarlet orbs. The man, like Zero, was wearing the same uniform, but instead of black, it was white. Almost immediately the familiar whisper crept back to her mind.

"Because you're a vampire..."

"Kaname-senpai!" Yuki exclaimed. The man - Kaname the girl assumed - looked at Yuki, his beautiful face curved into a smile. He's smiling, but his smile is a mere mask for his sadness.

Kaname wore a small smile, other than that there was no expression what-so-ever. He was exceptionally skilled at hiding his emotions, but his aura, however, she could sense, though not quite easily. For Yuki, love, affection and protection. For Zero, slight jealousy; and for herself, sympathy. Sympathy? The girl bristled, her irritation clearly shown in her eyes as she confronted the beautiful face.

"You pity me," she said simply, looking deep into those red eyes, unwavering.

Yuki gave a small gasp. No one was able to look into Kaname-senpai's eyes without losing themselves in the gaze. However, the new girl stared unblinkingly. Without doubt Kaname was surprised, she could smell the little astonishment he emitted in the air.

"You seemed surprised."

Yuki, Zero, and the Headmaster watched the exchange between the two vampires. The girl – beautiful, tall and evenly matched with Kaname – pushed her white bangs away from her eyes.

"Tsukiko," Kaname uttered. The second he muttered that name, the girl blanched, though recovered quickly. Still taken aback, the girl's gaze hardened. How did he my name? She wondered silently.

"Looks like it's your turn to be surprised," the dark-haired vampire said with a small smirk that only Tsukiko noticed. His aura changed. The pity he had for her vanished, now replaced with amusement that danced in his crimson eyes. Mocking, toying, it pisses me off. The girl bit her tongue in irritation.

"Woah! Stop there now. Yuki, Zero, you should go back to your duties. Kaname, I want to speak with you. Tsukiko, right?" Tutting, Tsukiko looked away, her hands folded at her chest. The Headmaster chuckled softly. "Now that you've met Kuran Kaname from the night dorms, we'll leave you to your rest."

One by one they left the room until it was only her left standing there, letting everything sink in. With a sigh, Tsukiko let herself fall onto the bed.

"Vampire, huh..."

Kaname closed the door behind him. Headmaster Cross looked at him sternly, no sign of playfulness present. "Tsukiko? You don't mean...?"

"Yes," Kaname said with a small hint of humor in his tone that did not appear on his face. "No one else could've stared at me that long without getting restless." He gave a backwards glance towards the door he just closed.

Tsukiko, how nice to see you alive again.

End Chapter One

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