Chapter XXV

Deceptive Nightfall

The cuts on her wrist had no intention of healing – or rather they have not the energy left in them to regenerate the pierced flesh. His amber eyes softened, though the sight of her looking so frail, so broken, made his heart twist in his chest.

Like a cat on velvet paws, Shusuke crept closer to the sleeping beauty. She did not stir, and gave no indication whether or not she was aware of his presence, nor the proximity of how close their bodies were.

His pulse quickened as the sweet scent of lavender delighted his senses. She was so beautiful. Her hair was a magnificent mess, and despite the blood and grime that tainted the flawless alabaster skin she still radiated purity.

"It's not nice to sneak up on people."

He looked up. He was met by sapphire orbs that were clouded with a film of grey, and a ghost of a smirk was hinted on her lips. Tsukiko peered at him from under half-lidded eyes, and they winced - a faint scent of blood drifted into the air.

Shusuke's amber eyes glowed an eerie red at the smell. The cut on her wrist deepened when she shifted slightly against her restraints; which caused the metal cuff to pierce the flesh deep enough to draw blood. The tiny drop taunted him as they ran down the length of her arm, teasing him. Mocking him.

He reached up to cup her face in his hands. Her cheeks were cool against his warmth, and she sighed against his gentle touch. With his left thumb he stroked her lower lip, caressing it gently back and forth, and he felt her gasp when his thumb invaded her mouth.

Her tongue resisted his intruding thumb, but Shusuke brushed against her slowly, coaxing her body to relax. Tsukiko panted at his touch. She did not feel uncomfortable at his touch (after all, it was not entirely unpleasant), but the thought that the man before her was not Kaname disappointed her. She loved Shusuke, but that love was not the same as she had with her rightful king.

Shusuke slowly pulled his thumb away. He wanted her. Ever since he met that girl who mysteriously appeared in his village, he always wanted her. Her ethereal beauty that captured his heart and mind even before he knew what love was. And right now, it was so easy to take her for himself.

The beast in his gut clawed at his insides, and Shusuke released a whelp as the pain racked his bones. It took all the willpower in him to suppress the demon within him from taking over his body, turning him into one of them. He hated it; the feeling of hovering in between sanity and insanity. The feeling alone already drove him mad.

"I can erase that pain," a mere whisper escaped her mouth. Despite the pain, Shusuke forced himself to look at her. Can she really - ?

"The blood of the Pureblood that bit you is the only antidote that can permanently counter the transformation into a Level-E," she explained to him in that same whisper. A smile tugged the corners of her lips. "Aren't I that vampire?"

The air reeked of war, and the stench of Level-E vampires made Aido scrunch his nose. The night was still and silent, and to ones so oblivious this night was just the same as every other night.

However, the night can be deceptive; as there were shadows where there were no visible figures, and the leaves rustled when there was no wind. When you're a vampire, you can sense the smallest of movement, the faintest of scent, and the softest of sound. Tonight wasn't as still and quiet as it seemed to be, just as tonight was not just any other night. Too many things had happened in the span of an hour; the appearance and death of Shizuka Hiou, Rido and his accomplice's grand entrance, and the capture of Tsukiko.

Lightning struck the premises, yet there were no storm clouds. Rima had always been proud of her exceptional ability to manipulate lightning, and Aido can just barely keep up with her with his eyes as she pounced at her enemy; a flash of lightning generating from the palm of her hand, accompanied by the roar of thunder when it struck its target. Despite the fact that they were outnumbered by the army of twisted-faced, demented, bloodlusting creatures; they were easily defeated just by the presence of two or three Noble Classed Vampires. With Rima was Shiki and Seiren, and there was no trace of injury inflicted on their person as they ripped apart their foe easily as minced pie. Kain had left him for Ruka, who was on guard at the other side of the academy, and a figure was rapidly approaching him.

A presence that Aido knew all too well.


The Kuran emerged from thin air, the black shreds collected together to make out his delicate, yet lean form. Kaname's face was as expressionless than ever - the only signs of emotions visible were in his eyes. The crimson orbs were dark, and cold, and when Kaname met Aido's curious icy-blue gaze, the blonde aristocrat he dare not avert his gaze, and instead Aido returned Kaname's cold glare with anxiety evident in his eyes. Those crimson orbs softened slightly.

"I'm trusting you with Yuki, Aido." Kaname said nonchalantly. His voice was on edge, and the anger in his voice was clearly audible in his tone. After all, Tsukiko did get snatched away by his arch rival.

Aido inclined his head into a curt bow. "I won't disappoint, Kaname-sama."

Sometimes Kaname wondered if his friends and followers spoiled him with their love and loyalty. Purebloods had an amazing power that could command those to do his bidding, including killing themselves if he gave the order. Whereas some Purebloods had resorted to that method of gaining fear and respect, Kaname was one those who did not wish to dominate the entire vampire society with his blood and power. Of course, he could if he wanted to, but instead, he chose not to. That was why the entire Night Class were devoted to their one and only leader, Kuran Kaname.


With a sweep of his cloak the Pureblood evaporated into the air, the only evidence of his appearance was the footprint in the dirt where he previously stood.

End of Chapter 25

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