I own nothing but the unrecognizable people & the story ... and this fic is based of freeze frame time by brandon rhyder!

I set on the swing I hung up in the oak tree in our backyard for Tatum. My home is situated on the Merrimack river in my hometown of west Newbury. As I watch the sun rise over the waters half frozen by the winter weather as the sun warms the day like the coffee cup between my hands warms me. I wish I could freeze frame time. Everyone thinks I am this over the top, all out, muscle bound, tough guy. That's all persona in varying degrees. Its the little things I wished people knew. I love to watch the world come alive...like it wakens from a deep sleep slowly or when new born takes its first breath of life.

I have laughed and I've cried and I've lived the hell out of this life. I thought I knew it all couldn't tell me nothin'. You couldn't convince me god existed till' I met the people I carry around in my wallet to show off to my boys. I hear my son crunching along in the snow behind me I turn look over and he's in nothing but his boots and his cookie monster pajamas and no coat. "Holden Cena what are you doing out here?" I put my coffee cup down . he comes around to face me I pull off my carhartt Jacket. Put it on him. pulling him onto my lap we begin to swing slightly "again my boy what are you doing out here?"

"I made mama mad." he gestured wildly nearly slapping me with a sleeve. "Mama said I was just like you! What does that mean?" I laughed hard . He looks perplexed and I can only laugh harder with tears In my eyes. With those words I have never been so swallowed up with pride.

I tried to compose myself enough to answer him. "Well what did you do Bud?" "I jumped on the bed and woked her up." he said smiling with a sense of pride only a two year old could pull off. "well waking up your mama is never good thing trust me!"

"She said if I was gonna be early worms to go find my daddy I dids." I laughed "i think you mean an early bird."

"Can I have a drink of your coffee?"

"No your mother will kill me."

"Hurry and come in guys its cold!" Chyler shouted from just inside the sliding glass doorway.

"well be right in pretty baby give us early worms a few more minutes." I shouted over my shoulder.

I turn back to my son trying to memorize his face his little body engulfed in my coat. Moments like this always mange to fly by as we try to figure out life so I long to freeze frame time. Because he's getting so big and changing so fast he thinks he can conquer the world. I guess that means we are doing something right. He won't be a little boy for forever... I wished I could freeze frame time. I pick him up and turn to carry him inside.

...and there she is smiling at me through the sliding glass door. She is my angel more than that she is my life. She's been there through it all picked me up when I was down turned it all around and made me fly high teaching me to live in spite of it all. She never gives up never lets go. She's tougher than I am I've hurt her I know but her love never changed it always the same. We are older now god knows we've changed but I love her more now than I did on that very first day. Those moments that conquer distance and time. Make me wish I could freeze frame my life. Yes just freeze frame time.