Okay, so the lines in italics are direct quotes from the episode Cool.

In one week, Daimon learned a hell of a lot about the people that he hung out with now. It wasn't actually that hard and he didn't have to use his powers to get the information.

Clark...was probably the nicest person that he had ever met in his life. The guy seemed to be the definition of a small town boy but he knew that Clark was hiding something, something major. He was also completely in love with Lana Lang.

This infatuation was more than obvious the first time he saw the two of them talking. Unfortunately for Clark, Lana happened to be dating the quarterback. It was also clear that Lana cared for Clark, maybe even as more than just a friend.

Although Clark was completely unaware of it, Chloe happened to be completely infatuated with him. By the way she looked at Clark; Daimon figured that she had this crush for a long while.

It was all really normal high school stuff except for the major secret that Clark was keeping from his friends and Chloe's near obsession with the meteor rocks and the effects that it had on certain people.

Daimon knew that Chloe wasn't wrong. He knew that it affected people in strange ways. He had seen it himself.

Really, though, he liked them. He was pretty sure it was impossible to dislike either Clark or Lana. Both of them were just so...nice. He thought that they had to be too much alike to make it work if they ever got together...

He liked Pete, who he was pretty sure was the only completely normal one out of the bunch. Not that he was ever going to make fun of the one's who weren't. He was far from normal himself.

He found that he actually liked Chloe best out of all of them. Maybe it was a family thing, she was Lois' cousin but Chloe wasn't like Lois. She was so upbeat, optimistic and he could already tell that he would never want her investigating him.

"You're on the football team?" Daimon asked Pete. He and Pete were the only ones there at the moment. Chloe and Clark still hadn't joined them for lunch yet. "And Clark's not?"

"Nope. His dad won't let him." Daimon frowned. From what he'd heard of Clark's parents, he thought that was kind of odd. They seemed like nice people and he hadn't even met them yet.

"Why not?" Pete shrugged.

"Farm work, you know. You'll have to ask Clark." Daimon nodded but he didn't ask Clark when he and Chloe finally joined them.

He knew that there was something weird going on here. Something weird with Clark. He could probably find out what it was if he took off his gloves and shook Clark's hand but he didn't want to do that. Besides the major headache it would give him, it was also an invasion of privacy that always seemed to make him feel guilty even if he couldn't help it most of the time.

"You live with your dad?" Daimon asked Chloe while they sat in class. They had free time and he wanted to get to know her better for some reason.

"Yeah. My parents are split up. Have been for a long time." He nodded and hesitated for a moment.

"Me too. I mean, I live with my dad too. My mom died when I was younger."

"I'm sorry." She said in sympathy, reaching out to squeeze his gloved hand. He smiled a little at her and shrugged.

"It was a while ago." He cleared his throat. "So, Clark said you guys are going to some party this weekend?"

"So, you really do believe in this stuff?" Daimon asked, standing in front of Chloe's wall of weird. She nodded.

"I've seen it, trust me, it's real and I don't care what people say about the Luthorcorp plant. Pollution doesn't do this. It doesn't give people powers."

"Uh huh. How many people do you tell about this?" Chloe shrugged.

"Well, I can't exactly go shouting it. I write articles for the paper about the things that happen. I think a lot of people think I'm making it up. Clark, Pete and Lana are the only people I think truly do believe it." Daimon gave her a small smile.

"I believe it." Chloe smiled back, hers wider.

"Then I guess that makes you smarter than the rest." She picked up her bag, pausing to look him in the eyes. "Are you coming to the party this weekend?"

"Can't. I gotta go out to meet Lois." Chloe frowned.

"Are you going to be doing that every weekend?" He shook his head in amusement.

"No. Lois insisted that I do the first weekend, though. She wants a full report and thinks that, for some reason, cannot be done over the phone." He had the suspicion it was because she wouldn't be able to tell if he was lying or not over the phone.

"So, I guess I'll see you Monday, then?" He nodded, following her out.

One week spent with Daimon and Chloe was beginning to think that he was a bigger mystery than Clark Kent. She had spent a great deal of time with him and knew very little.

She knew that he was adopted. He said that he didn't remember his birth parents. She knew that his adoptive mother had died when he was little and his adoptive father was retired from the army.

She knew that he had known Lois for years and that she was his closest friend. Other than that, nothing except what she got from the way he acted.

Even though he never really said anything about it, she knew that he often had headaches, bad ones too. There was something about his eyes, something that she recognized. He seemed like a perfectly happy teenager but his eyes betrayed him.

He had a secret, a big one from what she could tell. She was experienced in that. She knew for a fact that Clark was hiding something major from her as well. She figured that they had a right to them. She was a reporter but they were her friends.

She liked Daimon. He was a good guy. No matter what he was hiding, she was sure of that.

Daimon was relieved that he had an excuse to get out of the party. Parties weren't really his thing. He didn't like being stuck in large crowds of teenagers. It was dangerous to his health.

He was also looking forward to seeing Lois, despite the fact that he knew she was going to immediately start interrogating him about how his first week in Smallville had gone. Still when he'd made it to the base she was currently staying at, he couldn't help but to smile and return to hug to the only person he could safely do that with.

"So?" Lois asked impatiently as soon as they were alone. Daimon raised an eyebrow, collapsing back on her bed.

"So, what?" She rolled her eyes.

"So, how do you like Smallville?" He shrugged.

"It's alright." She glared at him.

"You have got to give me more than that." He grinned.

"Lois, you've known me for years. What did you expect?" Lois glared for a moment more before the glare turned into a smirk.

"How do you like Chloe?" Daimon shrugged again, this time not as casually as he would have liked.

"She's alright." Lois' smirk widened into a grin.

"Hah! You like her. I mean, really like her." Daimon shook his head, abruptly straitening.

"What are you talking about?" She simply rolled her eyes again and sat on the bed.

"Oh, come on. As you pointed out, I've known you for years. I may not have your power but I can still read you like a book."

"Come on, Lois. I've known her for a week."

"Like that really matters. You still like her." He glared at her this time.

"Lois." She sighed.

"Fine," she lay back on the bed next to him, "tell me about the rest of Smallville."

He couldn't help but to feel better, lighter after spending the weekend with Lois. She always had that effect on him. It probably had to do with the fact that she was immune to what he could do.

He couldn't help but to think about what she'd said about Chloe. It was true that he liked spending time with Chloe. She had the same sort of calming effect on him that Lois did but it was different at the same time.

It wasn't what Lois thought. He did not like Chloe like that and even if he did, there was nothing he could do about it.

"You're probably better off. Sean's a total dog anyway."

"He's not that bad, Clark. He's always been cool to me. Just because you can't get past your Lana crush, don't knock us for trying to make a love connection."

"What are you guys talking about?" Daimon asked, coming up behind them as they walked into the school.

"Hey!" Chloe spun and gave him a smile. "You're back. How's Lois?" He shrugged.

"She's great, annoying as ever." Chloe smiled wider at that.

"So, what's going on? Who's trying to make a love connection?" Pete grinned.

"Chloe gave her number to Sean Kelvin." Daimon gave her a surprised look. He'd heard of that guy, bumped into him once.

"Clark's right. That guy is a dog." One thing he never liked about high school was getting glimpses inside the heads of some of the boys. He was also slightly surprsied at the pang of jealously that he felt. Chloe glared at all three of them.

"Well, you'll be happy to know he didn't call. Now, if we're done discussing me, I think I'm going to go." He did feel sort of bad at the relief that he felt when she said this.

When he watched Sean ditch Chloe for another girl, he had to wonder why she was trying so hard to get this guy in the first place. She had to know that he wasn't good.

He glanced sideways at Clark and thought that that was who he should really feel jealous over. This wasn't about what Sean was like; this was about getting over Clark...or making him jealous.

He'd seen the news report. He'd run out of the house as soon as he heard the police were looking for Sean and sped straight for the school. Chloe was not in the Torch office. He felt anger rise when he saw the note that Sean had left her that led to the pool. The door was locked but he could see her inside, on the floor.

"Chloe!" He yelled, ramming his shoulder into the door. He met her eyes through the window on the door.

"Daimon!" Looking down, he gripped the handle and concentrated for a moment. The lock clicked and he ripped the door open.

"Chloe!" He yelled, running into pool room. She was at the side of the pool; no one else was in the room. He ran over and knelt beside her.

"What happened? Are you okay?"

"My foot's stuck." The entire pool was frozen solid. Reaching out, he put his hand beside her foot and concentrated again. His power flared and the ice around her melted enough so that he could pull her out.

"Come on." He helped her up and started leading her towards the door. It opened before they could reach it.

"You guys okay?" Clark asked.

"Stay with her?" Clark asked before running out of the room to search for Lana. Daimon turned to her, still feeling a little bit of the panic he had first felt when he'd heard her calling for help.

"Well, I finally find a guy I like and he turns out to be homicidal." Daimon shook his head.

"You deserved better than him, you always had." She smiled at him.

"Thank you." He gave her a small smile back. Oh, yeah. He was definitely screwed.

He had promised Clark but he couldn't let Clark go after this guy alone. He knew that was what Clark was planning too. He dropped Chloe off at home before heading out. Unfortunately, he had no idea where the guy was.

Pulling over, he took a deep breath before doing something that he never did. Something he hadn't tried in years and something he would definitely pay for later that night. He let his power expand, searching for one presence.

It didn't take long but the consequences sure hit fast. He was sweating and had to rest his head against the steering wheel when he was done. He'd found Clark but worry settled in his gut. Clark felt weak. He sped off.

He found Clark on the side of the road. He was lying beside a truck that he knew was Whitney's...and a layer of ice covered his body. His face and lips were completely blue.

After hearing about what happened to that girl, after what had almost happened to Chloe, for a moment he thought Clark was dead. Except he could still feel Clark's presence.

He hesitated a moment before taking off his glove and reaching out. He built his power before touching Clark's skin. What he saw when he touched Clark was jumbled...and completely meaningless. It was odd. Clark was strong, he could feel that but he couldn't see exactly what he was. It was like he was partially blocked.

Forcing his way past this, he let his power flow...straight into Clark. He watched as the ice melted and Clarks lips changed from blue to red. He jerked his hand away when he knew Clark was safe and stood. He stared at Clark for several moments before running in the other direction when Clark began to stir.

He watched from some distance as Clark stood up and disappeared in a blur.

He'd followed Clark to Luthor's mansion. He'd seen the fight between Sean and Clark. He didn't need to intervene. Yeah, Clark was definitely different.

Later, while he was curled up in his bed with the worst migraine he'd had since he could remember, he decided that he did kind of like this town. After all, what better friends for him to have than people who were just as weird as him?