Title: Attack of The…Bunnies?
Fandom: D. Grey-man
Pairing: None.
Summary: Lavi plus bunnies equal complete chaos for everyone around him.
Rated: T, for one swear word..
Warnings: Cussing
Disclaimer: I don't own them…yet.
Authors Note: This fanfic was inspired by a random conversation with a friend. Also, I would like to thank everyone who've been reading my fanfics and leaving reviews. Thank you!

Attack of The… Bunnies?

"BUNNIES!!!!!!!!", An over energetic redhead shouted, running towards the fluffy, cute little creatures.

"Nee, Lenalee, why are there bunnies here?" He asked while holding one in his hand.

"Ah, long story." She laughed.

"So, cute with their fluffy tails and pink nose." Hugging them until he saw Kanda.

"Yu!!!! Look!!!!! Bunnies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Running towards him, Lavi held one up in front of him.

"Where the hell did they come from?" He glared at Lavi.

"I dunno but, their cute!"

"They're a waste of time." He grumbled eyeing the bunnies suspiciously .

"Yu! How can you say that?!" He said with a shocked expression.

"They should all die. Most likely planning to take over the freaking would with their so called cuteness."

"Yes! Bunnies shall rule the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lavi declared, the poor bunny in his arm just stayed there…wiggling his nose. (I have no idea of what bunnies do.)

"And I shall be their leader!" He started hoping around with the bunnies.

"Baka Usagi…"

"My loyal servants attack him!" He pointed at Kanda and to everyone surprise, the bunnies… did attack.

"Get the fuck off me!" Kanda shouted, roughly pushing the little creatures off of him.

"Lavi!!!!" He fell down to the floor as more bunnies came after him.

"Yes, my evil bunnies! Attack him! Muwahahahahaha!"

"Hey, whats going on?" Allen asked, walking into the room to only see Kanda being attack by…bunnies and Lavi laughing like a mad man.


Turning around to face Allen he smiled evilly.

"La-lavi?" He asked nervously.

"Attack!" Pointing at Allen, the poor exorcist was attack by the little creatures.

"Ahh! What'd I do!?" He shouted running away from the bunnies.

"Umm…Lavi?" Lenalee said softly behind him.

"Yes, Lenalee-chan." He turned around smiling sweetly with three bunnies in his arm.

"Uh…never mind." She laughed nervously at the awkward chaos the small little harmless creatures made.

Who would've thought that bunnies could cause so much trouble with Lavi around.

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