Snow Angels

By: Natilie Sawada

I am continually inspired by all the snow we have around here.

I just can't stop writing.

(Although, that's not necessarily a bad thing ^_^)

Because of what Bella is going through during the time of this fic, I decided to try out a new style that would reflect how empty she is, how meaningless her life seems to her, and how she has to kind of instruct herself to get through the routine of daily life.

Tell me if it came out insightful and creative, or just awful

Bella's POV during the December of New Moon. About two weeks before Christmas.



And I'm here by the ocean

Just looking for proof that there's sunsets and silhouette dreams

And my sandcastles fall like the ashes of cigarettes

As every wave drags me to sea

I could stand here for hours just to ask God the question:

"Is everyone here make believe?"

With a tear in his voice, he says

"Son, that's the question."
Does this deafening silence mean nothing to no one but me?


-You Be the Anchor that Keeps My Feet on the Ground, and I'll Be the Wings that Keep Your Heart in the Sky

By: The Mayday Parade



No words.

Walk. Keep walking.

Cold, isn't it? I can't tell.

End of the day. Parking lot.


"Hey Bella!" I know that voice. Turn your head.


"Mike." Lips moved. Could he hear that? "Hi." There. It sounded loud inside my head. He must've heard that.

"What's up today, Bella?" Too loud. Too close.


Walk. Keep walking.

Voice doesn't follow me. Good.

Open the car door. Climb in the truck.

Careful, don't slip on the ice and hurt yourself.


Start the car. Drive home.

Everything's fuzzy—out of focus.

Snow on the windshield. Maybe that's it.

Hit the windshield wiper button. No. Still can't see.

Drive. Keep driving.

Pull in the driveway.

Stop. Turn off the car. Put the key in your pocket.

Charlie's not home. Hm.

Get your stuff, get out of the car.

Careful, don't slip on the ice and hurt yourself.


Slip anyway.

Face blank. Oh well. Did you feel the impact? No.

I'm in the snow.

Get up and go inside. No.

Get up and go inside. No.

I want to lay in the snow.

Lying in the snow. It's not that cold. If it is, I can't feel it.

I haven't felt cold in a while.


Swipe my arm upwards. Drags the snow.

Swipe the other arm. Drags the snow.

Both arms above my head.

What am I doing?

Straighten out my legs.

Swipe out. Swipe in.

What am I doing?

Right arm and right leg.

Left arm and left leg.

What am I doing?

Everything. Swipe. Swipe. Swipe.

Swipe. Keep swiping.

Get up and go inside. Dinner to make. Charlie.

Get up and go inside. Close the door behind you.

What was I doing?

Put your bag down and go in the kitchen.

Dinner to make. Charlie.

What was I doing?

Give it up. Your snow angel's long gone.


Hear the door shut.

Put the plate on the table.

Careful, don't trip and hurt yourself.


"Hey Bells, I'm home." Walks around the corner. Blink.

"Hi." Cough. Try. All for him. Try for him. "Dinner's on the table." Watch him through fuzzy eyes walk to the dining room. "Upstairs if you need me."

Walk. Keep walking.

"You do anything interesting today, Bells?"

Stop. Pause. Halt.

What was I doing?

"Bella?" Blink. Eyes are burning. Wonder why.

Try. Try for him.


Walk. Keep walking.

Give it up. Your snow angel's long gone.


I don't know… I'm not sure about the style. I'm taking a risk. Tell me how you liked it and if I should do another one from her blank days.