Our Winged Spawn of Satan

Total's Gone

Max POV:

"Maaaxx! Total's gone!" Angel sobbed. I turned towards her, seeing her tear-stained cheeks and reddened eyes.

"Oh, sweetie, he's here somewhere," I said in my oh-so leaderly way. Her sad eyes looked up at me, giving me a lump in my throat.

"I checked everywhere," she said, fighting back another round of tears, "he's gone! He must have run away. I…" she started to say something, but tears welled in her eyes, and she collapsed into my arms, sobbing. I stroked her hair, as I always did when Angel was like this. I came to a decision. One that I would really regret.

"We'll find him, honey," I said, just as Fang walked by me, surprise in his eyes. I mouthed "Total" to him. He nodded. If he would just talk sometimes, the world would be a simpler place. Nudge ran over to Angel, hearing her cry.

"Ohmygosh, what's wrong? Is Celeste gone? If she is, we can just go back and get a new one, and you won't even know the difference!" Angel came out of my arms to face Nudge.

"Total's gone!" she cried. Tears welled in Nudge's big, brown eyes, but she still went to hug Angel, just like a big sister.

"Well, let's go find him then," I said, resisting the urge to just let him die. And dance on his tiny grave. Haha…

Max that winged dog is important to Angel.

Is there no time when the Voice will tell me something important, like, oh I don't know how to save the world?

I wouldn't do it in front of her! I would…wait until she was asleep and…bam! Tiny puppy grave dancing. Oh that would be nice. I inwardly smiled at the image in my head…I don't think I'll tell you what's going on in there.

Would you really hurt Angel like that?

I would hurt Total like that. I think I would have taken that penguin. It wouldn't talk or eat pretzels. Or talk in French to Malamutes. I thought.

The Voice was silent. Shocker.

We gathered the Flock and set out to find our talking winged spawn of Satan.

Ace POV:

"ALRIGHTY THEN!" said Ace, to the new winged dog that had appeared on his doorstep. "You are a strange species. A cross between a…" he looked closer at the dog. "Scottie and…a raven. Am I mistaken?" The puppy looked up.

"Yes. I'm just a Scottie. I was in a spring in Antarctica and I grew wings. I smelled this Malamute I fell in love with and came over here. Do you have any coffee? I just can't wake up without it." the Scottie said. The unfazed Pet Detective looked down. For a minute, he said nothing. Then…

"I see! I only have tea. Coffee ruins the senses and desensitizes the mind! It also goes right through small puppy bowels, as I see you have." The Scottie cocked his head.

"Who are you?" he asked. A smile spread across the man's face.

"I'm ACE VENTURA!" he yelled, then whispered "Pet Detective."

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