It was gaining. She ran, fast. But she wasn't fast enough.

It became a pattern. Run, look back, stumble, run. Over and over again.

Her raven, black hair was sprayed all over her face, drenched in the rain. She couldn't see anything except the road in front of her. Perhaps it was the rain, but it could have been her tears as well.

At last, she fell, but it wasn't to stand up again, Pain shot from her ankle as it laid there in an odd angle. She looked away, waiting for the final blow.

But the blow never came. Instead, the temperature began to drop a few degrees. She began to shudder, but she wasn't able to see the hallow being sliced in half, for she soon fell unconscious. She also didn't feel the gentle, but strong hands pick her up into the air.

Soon, she was on her way towards Soul Society.

Chapter 1

"Is she awake?"

"No, not yet. Be patient now, she is just about too,"

She heard voices. Who were they? Where was she? What was she doing here, and for how long? To answer these questions, last nights event came pouring in through her head.

The hallow. Was she dead? No, she could still feel herself breathing. Slowly, and painstakingly, she opened her eyes.

She was lying down on a soft, white bed, with a thin blanket covering her. The walls around her were painted white as well, and on her right, next to the door, was a medium-sized window giving her a full view of the clear, blue sky. She realized that the room was practically bare except for the bed, and a small, round table with a flower vase on top.

She turned herself to the left to get a better baring of the room. Instead, she saw a beautiful woman looking calmly down at her. She had long hair, as dark as her's, held in a simple braid.

"Where am I?" She flipped open the cover and tried to stand up; she failed miserably.

It was then she realized that she was covered in cuts and bruises. Her right arm and ankle were bandaged up as well.

"I suggest that you do not get up yet, child," the woman advised kindly.

"Where am I?" she repeated.

"You are in Soul Society, Division Four. I am Retsu Unohana. Now, your turn. You look human, but you can see us. Also, when the hallow was chasing you, you released a huge amount of reiatsu.

Enough to make you one of us, and enough to give the hallow a reason to want to eat your soul, yet, we have no records of you.

This is very much like the incident with Kurosaki-Kun, and if you have the ability to become a Soul Reaper, then be it. The war is not far off, and we need all the help we can get," she told her.

But, she didn't mention that her reiatsu was bigger that kurosaki-kun's. She also didn't mention she had and amount which could be captain level.

The girl smiled as her her hand went up instinctively up to her neck.

"Well, that would make sense. After all, I'm not from here... at least not in this time,"

Captain Unohana looked as calm as ever, but now, all her attention was focused on the little girl.

"My name is Rika. Rika Kurosaki, and I'm from the future,"

15 Years Earlier

"I'll go."

She was facing the once First Division Captain, Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusai. They looked each other in the eye, and a thousand understandings past by them.

The room was quiet for more than a minute till Yamamoto broke the silence.

"It will be very dangerous, but you know that, don't you? You also realize that you are also our only other chance. Unforutnatley, the Time Crystal will only let a kid travel through time. If we could we would wait till it can take adults, but we have no time,"

"Don't worry! I can do it!" Rika said eagerly.

Yamamoto nodded firmly as he slowly handed the little girl a glowing, blue orb. She turned it carefully around in her hands, feeling the smoothness, and finally, slipped it over her head.

"You must come back, at whatever costs, Rika. Kurosaki- kun can not bare to loose you as well,"

Rika nodded solemnly. "When I come back, mother will be here."

"Remember, before you go, that you have until one month to teach the the final release, or the war - both here and there- will start. We can not afford to..." he trailed off as a blinding flash of blue light filled the room.

Yamamoto shook his head. Sighing, he muttered, "Just like her parents."

"Get Captain Yamamoto – now!" she ordered her lieutenant.

Surprised at her Captain's urgency, she stumbled, barley managing to get out of the room without falling flat on her face.

Meanwhile, Captain Unohana got a better look at the girl's face. She was surprisingly short, a couple inches shorter that Captain Hitsugaya. She had medium length black hair, and warm brown eyes. She could tell right away that they were Kurosaki-kun's, but who was her mom?

The two didn't have to wait long fo the first division Captain Yamamoto soon joined them.

Captain Unohana bowed slightly as Rika attempted to do the same. She smiled as she remembered something from her own time.

"What is this urgent story I have to hear?" he asked as he seated himself down on a chair that Kotetsu-san had just brought in.

Rika began to retell her story, leaving nothing out. Captain Yamamoto looked grave as she got further into her story, but he listened in complete silence.

"In the future," she gulped, holding tears back, she managed to choke out, "People died in the war. Many people. Except you, father, and me, everyone is dead."

The three words hung in the air, creating darkness in the once bright room. Silence began to fill the room till Captain Yamamoto asked quietly, "Captain Unohana, will you kindly leave us alone for a moment?"

With that, she was gone.

"Retsu Unohana, alert all the captains and lieutenants. Call in anyone who you believe is skilled with their zanpaktou's."

"Yes, Captain"

Every Captain and Vice Captain was gathered around in straight rows in the meeting room. They all looked slightly puzzled, wondering what the emergency was. The lieutenants stood behind their captains and the captains stood facing each other. Behind them were Shinigamis picked by Retsu Unohana with good control of their powers. This group was made up of Ichigo, Rukia, Ikkaku, Yumichika, and a couple others.

They all straightened up as Captain Yamamoto entered the room with Rika by his side in her shinigami form. He said, "This is Rika, and she's here to teach you your sword's third release,"

Murmurs spread through the room. Ignoring them, she whipped out her zanpaktou as whispered softly, "Awaken; Third Release!"

Mist covered up Rika. People began to squint, trying to get a better view of the girl. Slowly, it began to fade away, and one by one, they began to gape.

Floating slightly in the air was Rika. Her hair had grown longer, and she was dressed in a simple, white kimono. Her face changed slightly as well, for she looked more mature. Her face had lost its cute edge, but that was replaced by beauty and elegance. Ribbons of ice and fire twirled itself around her, and finally reaching the back to form wings. The wings were from separates sets, though. On her right was a sparkling wing mad completely of ice, while her left, opposite like, was made of fire. In her hands, she held a sword with half the blade and hilt white, and the other completely black. Not to mention; her reiatsu had doubled, but her reiatsu was in control.

When she spoke, it was as if two were speaking, but then again, the voices were one. "The Third Release will allow you to become one with you zanpaktou's. It does not take long to master, but it takes much trust. You must learn to fight as one…" She began to trail off, her eyes closing….

"Catch her!" Ichigo shouted.

Swiftly, Captain Hitsugaya, the closest one to Rika at that moment, held his arm out, catching the now unconscious Rika. Both Ichigo and Hitsugaya's face streaked with concern.

Just than, a shinigami barged into the room, causing everyone to forget about the Third Release for a moment. Slightly out of breath, the shinigami said, "Captain! There is a massive attack of menos in Karakura! We are needed there now!"

Captain Yamamoto was now alert. He said, "Byakuya, Renji, Hitsugaya, Madarame, Yumichika, Rukia, and Ichigo, hide. Go, and learn the Third Release. You will be able to master it. The rest of you, head out to Karakura. Leave no menos alive. Got that?"

As soon as he fisnished talking, they were all heading towards their destination.


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