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Chapter 17 ... I think....

Deaths: Shinigamis: 12

Hollows: 25

VIzards: 0

"Where did he come from?"

"Who knows? I heard they found him in the forest – covered in blood!"

"Yes! Says he was just sitting there, in a pile of blood. What else? He was holding a sword!"


"Nope. That's the biggest mystery. All that blood, but no body it could have came from."

He heard it all. The adults thought they were so clever – hiding their true feelings behind their phony smiles.

But then again, they were Shinigamis. And true to their harsh nature, they didn't trust him. And this was fine with him. Why? He didn't trust them either.

Actually, he decided, there was one person he liked. Not trust, but liked.

While he was healing, they had put him into an isolated room. The only people who came to visit were officials who prodded him with question. Until the day she came.

She had barged in without a knock and had asked him right away if he was okay. Startled, he hadn't replied. She left as quickly as she came.

The next time, a guy followed her, and together, (mostly the girl) fussed over him. On a particular day, they visited together.

The guy faced the girl and said, "You know, I think you've changed."

The girl hit him hard, but she soon got solemn. She replied, "I still remember… This room…I would have died if not for you."

And ever since that visit, she came regularly to talk to him. Sometimes she was alone, and other times, she brought others along. Now, when he was alone, he began to crave her company, for he was attracted to her through her strongness. Her aura compelled him to like her, and he enjoyed the conversations he had with her. She was like the older sister – no – like the mother he never had, nor remembers.

Then came the day where he was completely recovered. He had put this day off in his head for a while now. Because, there was nowhere he could go.

He started getting ready to leave. He had known this had been coming. The officials were through with him, and he wasn't wanted anymore. He would see her one more time, though, but just to say good-bye.

That's when she announced, "You can stay with us."

That was his story. Simple and to the point. He became her 'son' and when she married, he also had a new father.

Rukia Kuchiki and Ichigo Kurosaki. To him, Mom and Dad.

Then, he had a younger sister. Rika Kurosaki. He was happy. He loved his family, but he knew, deep down, he didn't belong.

He was supposed to be asleep. Or so they thought. He had come down to get a drink of water when he heard voices in the kitchen. He decided to stop in the hallway and listen.

"It's already been three years."


"Your son… You know who he is. I know you have been hoping, but it is him. Rukia should have know – yet she still… Kurosaki, you know you have to do something. He could kill… thousands… millions! No, not could – he has. Remember what he did to your family and friends.

If you want to honor them… Kill him."

In the hallway, the person in question fell to the ground.

"Screw the Crystal and Yammoto's plans!" he heard his father say.

But he didn't want to hear the rest. He didn't want to know his father's reply, and he didn't care.

Anger flashed anew within him, rabid and uncontrollable. He was all alone. Useless, and no one cared about him. Not to mention, they thought he would… had… He was dangerous. His anger spread like an open fire as he began to believe: They would all see their mistake…

He stormed into his father's – no. He had no father. He stormed into Kurosaki's study. From there, he kicked everything in his line of sight until he found the two this he was actually looking for: the unfinished Crystal, and his sword. His sword he had with him when the Shinigamis had first founded him. His sword, or his only companion.

Rukia had heard the ruckus and she was now facing him. Almost panicky, she asked, "What just happened? Is something wrong? Why are you out of bed?"

"Like you care!" he spat.

Rukia stared at him, puzzled beyond reason.

And with the sword that had brought him to meet her, he drove through Rukia's chest. He pulled the sword out as his expression became disoriented. He saw the blood at the tip of his sword, and changed.


He didn't hear the rest. He covered his ears, half horrified and half…He felt it in his heart. He screamed.

In a flash, with the crystal and the bloodstained sword, he was gone.

Not far off, in a smaller room, a baby's cry could have been heard.

Rika was looking around to see where Hitsugaya was when she felt a splash of blood hit her cheek. Then she felt another drop. In horror, she slowly turned around.

An Espada had been sneaking up on her when Rukia had interfered. She had protected Rika with her own body.

Now, blood was pouring down from a small gap in her chest.

Rika turned pale, and as Rukia's body dropped to the ground. Rika froze.

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