The wind flies through my hair, little brown wisps floating in front of my eyes, my nose, my mouth. I stay still, my chocolate eyes closing on the sight around me, on the beautiful meadow around me, taking in the unusual warmth of the day.

If I stand very still, keep my eyes closed so tightly almost creating tears with the pressure…I can feel him.

He is next to me. All around me. Above me, below me, in me.

If I stay incomprehensibly still, I can even feel him touching me. Hugging me. His arms around my shoulders. Breathing.

I turn my head to the side keeping my eyes closed, keeping this lovely hallucination going. I lean my head back, feeling his shirt as my head comes in contact with his chest. I sigh, content with this feeling of complete warmth having nothing to do with the sun beating down on my figure.

Slowly so as to not break this spell, I lift my arms and wrap my tiny hands around his, intertwining them together in front of my chest. His grip tightens around me and I wish this could never end.

I stand there in his grasp for what seems like hours. I do not move, for if I do, this dream will be broken. I can not lose him. Not now. So I stand there. Completely still. Taking in his wonderful embrace.

Until it becomes night. And it grows cold. Rain begins to fall from the angry sky. The warmth can only last so long. I sigh as I very slowly open my eyes and let go of his hands, leaning my head forward off his chest. He lets go and I turn around wishing against everything that he was there, standing with his arms open to hug me tightly once more.

But he's not.

There is no one there.

I am alone.

The wind whistles as the rain pelts down on me hard, hurting me. I blink once…twice. I shake my head dispelling every thought of hope I had previously had.

And I walk away.

This is dedicated to my grandfather who passed away at the age of 63 almost one year ago. He was like a father to me. I miss him every day I go on living.

For Twilight purposes, this is Bella imagining Edward is with her in New Moon.

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