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Deidara looked down off the freeway overpass. It would be quick. It would be mostly painless, if he did it right. And the pain he would endure would be nothing compared to the years of suffering he'd already endured. Just a jump. The cars were moving; he'd better get his act together and jump before they stopped and he was forced to go through more pain than he'd already gone through.

As he stood and stepped over the bar, he found himself remembering every happy moment in his life. It was a quick thought, nothing more than the one bright flash of hope he'd ever had. Once it was over, he found himself plummeting towards the traffic below.

Sasori watched the road carefully. "You're doing good, Sasori-san. Easier on the brake, the traffic is stopping up here," the driving instructor was saying. Sasori did as he was instructed, easing professionally on the brake. "Don't be so nervous. You're too tense." Sasori relaxed his shoulders, letting his hands rest loosely on the wheel.

"Am I doing well?" he asked.

"Yes. Oh dear, traffic seems a bit thick, doesn't it?" the driving instructor said. "Easy on the breaks. Wow, a complete stop! I wonder if there's an accident. . ." Sasori checked out all the windows, and was about to adjust his rearview mirror, when a sudden heavy object landed on top of his car. "What the hell was that?" the driving instructor cried, leaping from the car. Sasori did so as well, to find a very attractive teenage boy lying, and still breathing, on the hood of the car. "Oh my God!" the driving instructor screamed, grabbing the boy's arm and pulling him off the hood of the car. The boy groaned in pain.

"Here, don't move him too much," Sasori said calmly, helping move the boy into the backseat. Then they both got back in the car and managed to get over to the side of the road, parking on the shoulder. Both Sasori and the driving instructor got out, and Sasori handed her his phone. As she was calling, he crawled back into the car to take a look at the blonde. He looked like he was coming to. "Hello," Sasori said, leaning over the blonde, who simply groaned in response. "Does it hurt to breathe?" The boy nodded. "Hmm, I would think you cracked a few ribs, but luckily you didn't damage your spine. Don't worry, we're going to get you to a hospital." The boy did nothing, not even opening his eyes. Sasori assumed he had blacked out again.

Deidara awoke in a white room, with white walls, and lying in a white bed. He groaned, turning his head to find a shock of red hair. Still a bit drowsy from the drugs, he blinked until the face swam into focus. "Who're you, un?" he slurred.

"Akasuna no Sasori," the boy, Sasori, replied.

"What're you doing here, yeah?"

"You landed on my car, so we took you to a hospital."

"Why'd ya do that?"'

"You bruised your sprained your ribs and your left arm, and bruised a good portion of your body, but otherwise you're unharmed. Rather fortunate, after jumping off of a freeway overpass."

"Suppose you want to know why, yeah?" Deidara sat up a bit, feeling more alert.

"It's not required. But would you mind telling me your name so I can complete this form?"

"Deidara, un. Just Deidara."

"Ok then. How old are you?"

"Seventeen, yeah."

"All right. Date of birth?"

"No clue, un. I celebrate my birthday at new years, un."

"Oh dear. Well, why don't we just put January 1st, then?" Sasori suggested, filling in the respective numbers. "All right then. Cause of injury?"

"I tried to kill myself, and failed miserably, un."

"How about I put attempted suicide, with a new shot at life?" Sasori said. Deidara said nothing. "Do you have any family?"

"No, yeah."

"Who takes care of you?"

"No one, yeah."

"Where do you live?"

"834 Height Street, un," Deidara mumbled. They were busted for sure, now.

"I see. I've called my grandmother, and she's sure to be here to take us home. How are you feeling?"

"Fine, yeah," Deidara lied, not wanting to reveal his shriveled, eaten away inside.

"The doctors said you could leave once you woke up. Do you think you can stand?" Sasori stood up, being careful not to jostle Deidara's right arm as he helped the blonde out of the bed. Deidara found his pants and shirt slung over the back of the chair Sasori had been sitting on, and quickly put them on. He ignored the pain, gritting his teeth as he followed Sasori out of the hospital. "That's her car, right there," Sasori said, pointing to a sleek black car. Deidara whimpered slightly, but bit his tongue to keep from crying out in pain. "Are you all right?" Sasori asked concernedly.

"Fine," Deidara growled, grinding his teeth. Sasori opened the door for him and helped him in, conscious of the blonde's wounds. Once inside, Deidara sighed and rested against the leather interior. An old lady turned around and glanced at Deidara, before letting her eyes rest on Sasori. He shrugged, and as they began to drive off, he took out a small scrap of paper and scribbled a number on it.

"Where are we going?"

"834 Height Street," Sasori answered. Deidara sighed, the redhead had already memorized the address. His day was just going from bad to worse. Slowly the buildings outside the window grew more dilapidated, and just when it seemed they couldn't get any worse, they came to a positively horrid old warehouse. It was almost a miracle that the numbers 834 hung off the wall. "Is that it?" Sasori asked. Deidara nodded, getting out of the car on his own. Sasori followed him, handing over the piece of paper. "That has my address and phone number. If you ever feel like killing yourself, come by or give me a ring."

"Thanks, yeah," Deidara muttered, looking away. Sasori lay a hesitant hand on his right shoulder. Deidara jerked away, wishing only to be left alone. Sasori understood.

"Maybe I'll see you again, even if you don't need to call me?" Sasori suggested. Deidara shrugged, wincing in pain. "All right then. Take care." Sasori turned and left Deidara in peace.

Deidara kicked the door open and stumbled into the open space. "Hey, Blondie. Didn't expect to see you back here," Hidan said, grinning.

"It didn't go as planned, yeah," Deidara muttered, crumpling to the ground next to Hidan's lying form.

"Aw, don't worry. Everyone fails their first time," Hidan said. "I did." Deidara groaned in response. "So what happened?"

"I jumped off of a freeway overpass into oncoming traffic, yeah. Who would've thought it wouldn't work, un? But I landed on top of a stopped car, and they took me to the hospital, yeah."

"Oh dear," Kakuzu said. He had been sitting quietly in his little corner, not exactly caring that Deidara had come back at all. "We're lucky they didn't track us and send us the bill."

"What happens if we don't pay, un?" Deidara asked. Hidan and Kakuzu groaned in unison.

"Don't tell me they know we're hear!" Hidan cried.

"No one important, yeah. Just the guy who's car I landed on, un."

"You've got to be kidding me," Kakuzu groaned. "You know what'll happen if they find out we're here?"

"Jail, probably, yeah. Tried as adults, even."

"That's right. And there's going to be lots of explanations we can't give, a lot of nasty things we don't want to go through."

"Mmm," Deidara mumbled.

"Aw, little Blondie fainted. Well, we'd better let him sleep, that arm looks a bit swollen." Kakuzu said nothing, but Hidan knew he agreed.

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