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Kyle Broflovski was gay.

He had known this for about a year now, discovering it during swim season. Other shirtless boys were simply much more interesting than the barely anything bathing suits the girls wore. When he decided to test his 'Gay Kyle' theory by watching gay porn, he was pretty damn sure. It wasn't upsetting, it was just fairly important and personal.

He'd never told anyone this fact though. Not even his Super Best Friend Stan Marsh, who just happened to be standing next to him and waiting for the bus rushing to do whatever homework he didn't finish the night before. On Kyle's other side stood the Fatass, Eric Cartman. Cartman was leaning close to Kenny McCormick, both staring intently at the larger teen's iPod with a headphone an ear.

"What the hell are you two doi-"

"Shut up, Jew!" Cartman snapped, still listening intently. After a moment he looked at the blonde next to him. "Did you hear it?" He asked curiously.

"Uh uh," The blonde replied simply. His hood was down for once, in order to use the single headphone and his blonde hair was sticking out everywhere.


Kyle eyed the two suspiciously, "What are you guys doing, anyway?" He asked again, more suspicious than curious.

"For your information, Kahl," Cartman started with a snippy voice, "We are trying to hear the voices that whisper for teenagers to do dirty things in 'The Raging Pussies' new album."

The redhead frowned and glared at the two, "You do know that's just some lame rumor, right?"

Cartman snatched the headphone out of Kenny's ear before sending Kyle a narrow eyed glare, "Oh, its real, Kahl," Cartman replied, "While listening to it, Kenny started playing with himself the other night."

"Kenny always plays with himself." Kyle replied bluntly.

The blonde in question didn't reply but simply pulled his hood over his head. His friends didn't notice this reaction since they usually assumed that his ears were just cold or it was some habit. They also didn't notice the glares he sent them as they continued to bicker.

Stan suddenly straightened up, giving a slight stretch and looking very pleased with himself, "I finished!" He exclaimed, interrupting the argument.

"You wouldn't have had to do it this morning if you had done it last night when you were supposed to," Kyle scolded.

Stan gave a shrug, "It's done, isn't it?" He asked.

Kyle gave his friend another scolding look before turning to the other teens, "You guys did your homework too, didn't you?" He asked.

Cartman waved him off, "That's not your business," He snapped, "but yes, yes I did."

Kyle's green eyes flickered to meet Kenny's blue ones. They stood there, eyes fixed on each other for a long moment before Kyle quickly looked away, moving his attention on the bus driving up.

The boys climbed into the bus, Stan sitting next to Kyle and Cartman sitting behind them. Kenny sat alone in front of them, his gaze set to stare out the window. Kyle stared at the back of the blonde's hood for a moment, swallowing down the lump in his throat before sitting forward, leaning against the back of Kenny's seat.

"So, Kenny, did you finish all of your homework?" He asked, trying to sound friendly.

The blonde turned his face, blinking slightly at how close Kyle was. The redhead backed off quickly though. "I didn't do my homework," he replied quietly.

Kyle frowned, and quickly transitioned to sit next to Kenny, "What do you mean you didn't do it?" He asked, scolding.

"Why bother?" Kenny asked, "I'm always behind in classes because of the time I spend in Hell, and I'm not going to be successful or anything when I'm older." Kyle opened his mouth to argue but Kenny cut him off, "In ten years, you'll find me standing in my yard of dirt with a beer in my hand and flipping off my wife who's pregnant with our sixth brat."

"That's a really descriptive and…depressing prediction." Kyle commented, "But you know you can fix that, right Kenny?"

The blonde shot him a glare, "Its senior year and I'm practically failing all of my classes."

"There's still time," Kyle pressed.

"Kyle…just…fuck off, okay?" Kenny tightened up his hood slightly and turned his gaze back to the window and the passing trees.

Kyle's expression turned into a concerned frown and he transferred back to sit next to Stan. The other boy leaned close and whispered "Dude, what's Kenny's problem?"

"I don't know," Kyle replied, watching the blonde carefully.

"So are you going to the dance on Friday?" Stan asked, changing the subject to something he considered much more interesting. Stan was like that, if something started to get awkward or uninteresting, he'd change the subject. Simple as that.

Kyle always guessed this habit spurted from their many adventures. Stan simply decided to stop acknowledging the weirdness.

"I didn't really know there was a dance," Kyle replied. He'd been too into his classes to hear the morning announcements.

Stan frowned, fully aware of what his friend was doing instead of filling his social calendar, "Well, there's a dance on Friday, meaning we have only today, tomorrow and Friday morning to get dates."

Kyle frowned. He didn't consider going to a dance with a date. Shit, was he going to have to pretend to woo some girl? He certainly wasn't ready to come out of the closet. "Dates?" He asked, sounding wary.

"Are you fags planning to wear matching shirts?" Cartman asked, leaning forward against the back of their seat.

"Shut up, fatass, it's not like you have a date yet!" Stan snapped.

"Actually," the larger boy smirked, "I do. I'm taking Bebe."

They stared at him in shock before Kyle recovered, "You're lying."

"Nu uh," Cartman replied, "We had a bet, I won, and now she has to go with me to the dance. So ha!"

Kyle and Stan gave each other looks. Of course the only way Cartman could get a date was through some form of manipulation. Stan glanced over towards the front of the bus, where Bebe sat with Wendy. He nudged Kyle, who moved back into the seat next to Kenny and quickly made his way to the seat behind the girls, wincing as he was screamed at by the bus driver.

Kyle glared at the note that was just flicked onto his desk. Stan had sent it from across the room and the redhead had a pretty good idea it was nagging him about getting a date for the dance. Warily, he reached for the paper and blinked when it was suddenly snatched from his reach.

Kenny opened the paper up; his hood pulled down due to the school's newly established dress code and read the note. Kyle watched, silent and completely stunned, as the blonde then took his pencil, scribbled something down, rolled the paper into a ball and chucked it at Stan's head.

The black haired boy jumped in surprise and quickly picked up the note, thankful that the teacher's back was turned. After taking what felt like forever, he finally got the note unraveled. He frowned when he got the reply and wrote something down before shooting the note back to Kyle's desk. The redhead snatched the paper as soon as it landed.

First he read Stan's first message.

'Dude, try asking Red. She's nice and sorta hot. And I heard she's single! It'll be a blast!'

Kyle frowned as his eyes drifted down to Kenny's reply.

'Hey, fucktard, can't you see that Kyle isn't squirming his ass off to go to the stupid dance? Leave the guy the fuck alone.'

Kyle shot a glare at Kenny. Though the blonde was completely right about his feelings, Kenny had no right to write that to Stan. And it seemed the next message was actually meant for Kenny and not Kyle.

'Since when did you take an interest in Kyle's feelings, Kenny? Lately you've been snapping at everyone and being a bitch in general. So why don't you back the fuck off and stay out of our business until you start acting like our friend again.'

Kyle winced and noticed Kenny watching him curiously. Reluctantly, he held out the note and the blonde took the piece of paper, his eyes quickly scanning over the page before his eyes narrowed.

He abruptly stood up, making it a show in front of the whole class to rip up the paper. He tossed the fragments in Stan's direction, pulled his hood over his head and stomped to the class door. He looked at Stan again, a muffled 'fuck you' exiting his mouth before he slammed out of the room.

Stan and Kyle glanced at each other in confusion. Kyle glared slightly. Kenny was acting off; he'd noticed that as well as Stan and Cartman. The blonde was more of a recluse and when he did come out or try to be social he was bitter and had nothing but negativity.

It was starting to worry him actually.

And, he blamed his mother's genes for this, he had to do something about it.

Kyle raised his hand, standing up, "I have to go to the bathroom!" He declared, running out with his belonging and without his pass.

He couldn't find Kenny anywhere on the school grounds, so he headed for the blonde's home. Crossing the railroad tracks, Kyle noticed that the McCormick truck was missing, meaning that Stuart or both parents were out. Kyle wasn't sure what to think about that, seeing as Kenny's parents were unemployed. But that didn't mean they didn't have places to go.

Stepping around the house, Kyle peered into the half open window. The site was…interesting to say the least. Kenny sat on his mattress, back facing the window and hand resting on the small stereo next to him. Words playing softly as Kenny harshly sang along with Alanis Morrisette.

"I'm a sinner, I'm a saint, I do not feel ashamed…"

Kyle folded his arms across the window sill and leaned forward, listening intently to Kenny's light and, Kyle was guessing because the blonde's voice was relaxing, therapeutic singing.

Idly, the redhead glanced around Kenny's room. The posters of half naked to completely naked women striking sensual poses that covered the walls were ripped. Corners sticking to the tacks as the middles littered the floor. Among the ripped posters on the floor were Playboys, some ripped, others helplessly flung about. Kyle's gazed stopped when his gaze caught a photo of a naked man staring up at him.

Kenny had switched songs now, still trying to calm down it seemed. Kyle bit his lip, tempted to speak up and make his presence known, but the idea of how Kenny would react upon his friend seeing his room didn't make it an appealing thing to do.

Instead, Kyle carefully backed away from the window, staying silent and making his way back around the house to the porch and front door. He the cleared his throat, straightened up and brushed his clothes off before rapping his knuckles against the thin and worn wooden door.

The faint music stopped and the sound of steps creaked down the hall. Kenny opened the door, looking worn down and stared at Kyle, somewhat surprised to see the redhead there.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"You ran out on class."

"So did you apparently."

Kyle pushed past the blonde and sat down on the old couch, "…Do you…wanna talk about it?" Kyle asked carefully.

Kenny moved and sank down into the couch next to his friend, running his hands down his face, "Not really, no."

"Sorry Stan's such a douche." Kyle stated quietly.

Kenny glanced at the redhead, "Sorry? For me?" He asked, "You're his best friend. I'm the one who should be feeling sorry." He offered a grin.

The first grin Kyle had seen from the blonde in some time.

Kyle shoved Kenny playfully, "And you're not a douche?" He asked.

The blonde snorted, shoving back, "Nah, I'mma dick." Kyle laughed, pleased when Kenny laughed with him. The blonde stood up and waved for his friend to follow, "C'mon, I stashed some Toaster Tarts we can snack on."