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Graduation was…amazing for Kenny. He'dve been happier if he were still with Kyle but the overwhelming pride he felt from his family, friends and himself. Stuart and Carol had given him an old secondhand truck for his present and even invested in getting several disposable cameras, which they greedily used. They were fairly disappointed that they couldn't get a picture with Kenny and Kyle together but he'd hastily explained, and convinced them, that Kyle was simply too busy with his own family.

Unknowingly to Kenny, his parents had seen every time he'd glance at the redhead with a hopeful and longing expression on his face. They noticed how, over the past week, he'd been moping about and not as social as he usually was. Generally the young McCormick would always be out but he stayed in for a vast majority of the time.

During this moping period, though, he'd convinced himself that he simply couldn't give up. Kyle said, after all, that he loved Kenny and Kenny knew damn well that he was in love with the redhead. Despite the fact of course that he couldn't get that out verbally.


Kenny fidgeted in front of the Broflovski door, bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet. It was the day after graduation, the fight from earlier that week had finally gotten to the point where his mind told him he was a fucking idiot who needed to go and do something about the issue. He brought up his fist and rapped his knuckles against the door. After waiting a few moments, the door slowly opened, revealing Sheila Broflovski.

"Kenny! So good to see you!" She greeted, stepping aside for the boy to enter.

"Hey Mrs. Broflovski, is Kyle home?" He asked cautiously.

"I'm sorry, dear, he's not. He actually-"

"I'm in love with your son." As soon as he said it, Kenny's back straightened and his eyes widened fearfully. Oh God, he was going to get bitch slapped. Sheila looked absolutely shocked and Kenny's mind was screaming at him. THIS is why he didn't talk much. Because he'd blurt something like the idiot he was.

"That's…well…I'm sorry, Kenny, but Kyle left for New York this morning. For some reason he insisted on leaving a week early." Kenny could feel his heart drop. "Also, Kyle is straight, but I'll keep this between you and me." She reached out and patted the boy's shoulder.

Kenny stared at the floor, looking highly embarrassed. Of course Sheila wouldn't know about the relationship, she'd freak. Kyle told him time and time again that his parents would disapprove of his sexual orientation. Goddammit.

And New York? Really?! Why did fucking Kyle have to be such a fucking douche and leave for fucking New York a fucking week early?! God-fucking-dammit!

"Yeah, thanks Mrs. Broflovski." He muttered, moving for the door.

Sheila kept a grip on his shoulder though, "I do have something for you though, Kenny." She said, leading the boy towards the couch.

He sat down on the couch as she went to the closet, pulling out a box. Walking over to the couch, she sat down next to Kenny and opened the box. The blonde eyed it cautiously; unsure of what was going on.

"Remember during the holidays when we invited you over to spend Hanukkah with us?" He nodded slowly, watching Sheila shuffle through photos before holding one out. "Here's a copy of that picture we took when you boys were playing, I figured you'd like a copy of it."

Kenny took the picture, staring it for a long period of time before looking at Sheila. "T-Thanks, Mrs. Broflovski." He managed, internally hitting himself when his voice cracked slightly.

"Oh, anytime Kenny," She replied kindly while she rubbed him back in that comforting way only a mother could do, "And don't be afraid to visit us. Especially during the holidays, Kyle promised me that he'd visit from New York."

"Yeah," Kenny replied with a slight nod, "I'll visit."

"I really appreciate you driving me to the doctor's, Kenny."

It'd been about a month since his meeting with Sheila and though he was still rather pained about the breakup, he visited Kyle's mother three days a week and talked to her. It was actually rather refreshing, like talking to a therapist without having to pay a fortune. For being a crazy bitch, Sheila Broflovski was actually a pretty cool woman.

Kenny flashed his mother a smile as he parked his truck in front of the click and cut off the engine. "Hey, no problem. It's not like I've got anything better to do. Thanks for understanding the whole 'year off' thing…"

Carol McCormick reached over and patted her son's leg lovingly, "Just as long as you don't end up like your father," She replied lightly.

He snorted and opened his door, hopping out of the truck and meeting his mother halfway. Following Carol into the building, he looked around curiously. "So, what exactly is this appointment for?" He asked casually.

"It's a gynecology appointment," Carol replied as she signed in at the counter, smiling at the doctor who was waiting for her file.

Kenny stopped dead in his tracks, "It's a whatnow?" He asked.

"Gynecology," The man replied, "The branch of medicine that deals with women's health, especially with the health of women's reproductive organs. What I'm going to do is have your mother take off her pants and underpants and have a little looky-loo up her who-who and make sure everything is working in tip-top shape."

Kenny blinked at the doctor, an expression of shock and awe on his face, "Wait…so you're telling me that…you get paid to finger women?"


"It's quite alright, Mrs. McCormick."

"No," Kenny put his hands up as if to stop the conversation before looking at his mother, "I found my calling, Mom."

Carol looked at her son incredulously. "What?"

Kenny grinned, grabbing her by the shoulders and looked her in the eyes, "I'm going to be a gynecologist." He said, feeling slightly giddy, "You have to admit, the job was practically created for me!"

She glanced at the doctor helplessly and sighed, "That may be true…" She allowed, knowing full well of her son's antics throughout his childhood. It was either this or he was going to be a porn star. At least a gynecologist was a respectable job. "But a doctor? No McCormick has ever made it through college."

"Then I'll be the first."

Carol sighed again, "Kenny, we'll talk about this after my appointment," She replied before pulling away from the blonde and following the doctor into an examination room.

"You're really serious about this, aren't you, boy?"

Kenny nodded, looking up from the paperwork he'd printed out from Stan's computer before the raven haired boy went to start college in Chicago. "Yup. And thanks to the fact that we're poor as shit-"

"Watch yer language, young man."

"I'm qualified for all kinds of financial aid. I might even get a scholarship."

Stuart sighed, taking off his hat to scratch his head before tugging the hat back on again. "Well, if you say so. But don't expect us to help you financially."

"I know." Kenny replied as he leaned against the kitchen table and gnawed at the end of his cheap pen.

Time seemed to fly by as Kenny worked on the stacks of paperwork he needed to apply for school and financial aid. Now that he found his calling though, he wasn't going to procrastinate. He recalled his mother kissing him on the top of his head as she and his father decided that they needed to go out on the town. His little sister was at a sleep over and he pretty much had the house to himself and his thoughts.

So of course he was going to jump when there was a loud persistent knock at his front door and it was a quarter to midnight. He stood up, grabbing a rusty old pan from the counter and he moved into the living room and cautiously approached the door. He tugged the door open just as the knocking started again and yelled a battle shout, holding up the pan so he could swing.

"Ah! Kenny! Don't hurt me!"

Kenny lowered the pan, looking at the other boy in complete confusion, "Butters?" He asked.

Butter looked up at him with large cautious eyes before flinging his arms around the blonde, "I'm sorry for barging in so late like this but my parents kicked me out and I didn't know where else to go!" He bawled.

"Hold on, Butters," Kenny started, pulling the other boy in and closing the door. Kenny locked it and dragged Butters to his room, planting to blonde on his bed before squatting down to stare at him, all while Butters was crying, "Why did your parents kick you out?" He asked gently.

"Th-They…cause I might be…"

Kenny gave him an annoyed look, "You still don't know if you're gay, huh?" He asked. Butter's shook his head, "Butters. Trust me. You're gay."

"But how can I know, Kenny?! I've been tryin' to leave you alone 'cause I figured out why you started avoidin' me and I figured Kyle wouldn't appreciate if I tried to move in on his turf so I've been living clueless an-" He blinked when Kenny clapped a hand over his mouth, the less naïve blonde's face looking a bit pale.

"You knew about me and Kyle?" He asked. Butters nodded his head slowly. "We broke up."

"I…I sorta figured that too…before graduation, huh?"

Kenny looked up at Butters. "You want me to help you figure it out?" Butters nodded slowly, studying Kenny's face further, "Okay, but first some ground rules."

"Ground rules sound good." Butters agreed meekly.

"First of all. No emotional attachment. I don't do relationships anymore." Kenny started in a serious, business like tone.

"No relationship; got it."

"And secondly, after you realize that you're gay, you're going to find that Bradley guy and tell him." Butters looked confused now and Kenny sighed. "He's gay for you." Butters' mouth formed an 'o' and he nodded shyly, his face blushing ever so slightly and Kenny stood up, "Got a condom? Or lube?"

"Gee, I didn't really think about it…"

Kenny reached over to his drawer and glanced at Butters with a reassuring smile, "Just don't forget it next time you think you're going to have sex. Just because we're both boys doesn't mean we can't give each other diseases."

Butters nodded, clearly absorbing this information and watched as the other blonde leaned toward him and gently grasped his chin, "Thanks Kenny."

"Just don't forget. No attachment. No relationship." Kenny replied in a hushed voice before he brushed his lips against Butters'.

The End

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