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CHAPTERRRR TWO GUYS!~ My finals are over, and so is school, and all that mad holiday shopping, so I decided to make this a couple chapters long, each chapter to a different song. So R&R, It helps. :]

This chapter is what's happening with Meggie right after Farid leaves to go on his trip with Dustfinger.


We tried so hard to understand
but we cant
We held the world out in our hands
and you ran away

Pieces of fair blonde hair fell in Meggie's eyes as she climbed into the tree that her father had pulled her down from just three mornings before. He'd only been gone for three days, but Farid had managed to seep into Meggie's mind every chance he got. They had grown so close after the war had ended and the Adderhead had been killed. Farid had adorned the traditional black and red clothing of fire eaters to perform for her ugliness besides Dustfinger, and for the children of Ombra in the market place. She had a job in the castle, reading new medicines and solutions to the Inkworld. Everyone of Ombra, Mo and Resa included, had given their approval, or at least their acknowledgment of the relationship to the couple. Had he really wanted to throw that all away?

It takes some time to let you go
and it shows
cause all we know is falling
remember how cause I know that we wont forget at all

She tried to wipe the tears away from her eyes, but they fell faster than she could rid her face of them. She had allowed him to choose – her, or the trip – and he had chosen the trip. Was it supposed to hurt this bad? Was it supposed to feel this wrong? Meggie shifted her weight on the tree branch beginning her decent down the large willow, she needed to talk to someone. The tan cotton of her skirt made a horrible tearing noise. Meggie cringed as the noise and swore, in Arabic. Farid had taught it to her. Oh god, Farid. She groaned, why couldn't he just leave her thoughts alone?

Now we can follow you back home
but we won't
Is this what you had waited for
just to be alone

Meggie ran through the forest, and back towards her home as fast as her legs could carry her. She didn't stop when the ends of her skirts caught on thorns, or when low brush scratched at her ankles. She didn't stop until she hit something quite solid, knocking her backwards. A hand slipped around her waist to her lower back, catching her before she hit the ground. Her savior pulled Meggie up and set her back on her feet in front of himself.

"What are you doing out here all on your own, Meggie?" Doria asked brushing a stray leaf from her wild, wind blown hair. It hadn't occurred to her until just then – she was all alone, thanks to Farid.

It takes some time to let you go
and it shows
cause all we know is falling it falls
remember how cause I know that we won't forget at all

"…what?" She mumbled, looking past Doria's shoulders.

"Come on Meggie, there are wolves and bears in this forest. It's not safe to be out here alone, for anyone. Come back with me to the Bluejay's house." He suggested, his fingers still brushing her hair.

She looked around, and sighed, "I don't, I don't want to go back there, Doria." Her voice was so low the boy could barely hear it, but he still managed to her that Meggie's voice was strained.

He let his fingers fall to her hands and laced them in hers. "Then, let me stay out here with you."

You never
you never said
this wasn't what you wanted
was it
was it

She let him pull her down beside him in the brush, and stroke her hands. The moment they sat down it was as if there was and unspoken agreement between the two. He wouldn't say anything and neither would she, but he would sing songs of the Bluejay and the strolling players, and she would listen. She laid her head against his chest and inhaled his scent – lemon grass and cinnamon – as she listened to him sing, and let her thoughts lull her into much needed sleep. It had been the first time in three days she hadn't thought about Farid for hours at a time.

this isn't what you wanted
this isn't what you wanted
cause all we know
is falling it falls
remember how cause I know that we won't
forget it all

Doria smiled down at the girl, who had fallen asleep about an hour ago. It was getting dark, and the forest wouldn't be safe for either of them soon, even if they were together, but he didn't want to wake her. He slid an arm under her knees and laid her head against his chest. He continued to sing while he carried her bridal style through the trees. The moonlight licked through Meggie's hair and lit her face in a way that gave her pale cheeks a soft glow. The sight of her made his heart give a slight tug. He sung louder, in hopes that if the girl woke up, she wouldn't hear how loud his heart was really beating at that moment.