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It was going to be one of those days Nick Boyle thought to himself. All ready running late, his alarm hadn't gone off, now he was stuck behind an old man in an old car doing 15 mph.

Derek's going to kill me. The Legacy precept was waiting for him. The streets were busy or so they seemed to be because of the foot of snow that had fallen overnight slowing everyone down. Cursing under his breath, Nick tried to keep from letting his anger get the best of him.

Why did it always happen that they had a case in some far removed town in the middle of the biggest storm of the century? Shaking his head, Nick smiled. That must be one of Newton's laws.

The old man in the sedan tried to stop for a red light but continued right on through to the middle of the intersection. Horns blared as cars coming from the other directions tried to avoid the skidding vehicle. Behind the old man, Nick pumped his brakes in an attempt to prevent another accident.

The car coming from the right slid sideways on the snow and ice but managed to stop just short of the sedan. The car on the left wasn't so lucky. It caught the front end of the sedan causing them both to spin into the other car. The resulting crash was somewhat deadened by the falling snow but it was rather impressive anyway.

Gritting his teeth, Nick tried to will his Mustang to stop. Feet slipped by before the ex Navy Seal managed to get complete control. A quick glance in his rear-view mirror, however, squashed his sense of accomplishment.

The four cars that had been following him careened forward. Despite having his foot on the break Nick's car was pushed forward into the intersection.

Cars were everywhere. This could get really bad, Nick thought as he pulled on the steering wheel in an attempt to get out of the direction line of fire. No such luck. By the time cars, trucks and SUV's had finished impacting Nick's neck and shoulders were aching and his car was across the intersection sitting halfway up on the curb. The front and back bumper were crumpled as was the driver side door from a side impact.

"Damn it," Nick swore under his breath. He took a moment to take stock. Derek was waiting for him in a cabin ten miles out of town. There was no way the Mustang was going to make it that far. Sirens blared as the two police cruisers that patrolled the town pulled up.

Minutes ticked by as the general chaos was slowly reduced by the officers, two ambulances and the only two tow trucks in town. Nick had to slide to the passenger side to get out. He didn't want to take the chance that the workers would damage his car further by forcing the door.

"Are you all right?" the young officer asked. He'd been making his way from car to car to check for injuries.

"A little whiplash but I'm okay," Nick replied massaging his right shoulder with his left hand.

"I'm going to get the paramedics to check you over, just in case," the officer said. "Wait here by your vehicle until they can get to you."

"I'm actually in kind of a hurry," Nick interjected before the man could leave.

"Yeah, so is everyone else, sir," the officer sighed. "We'll get you out of here ASAP."

"Thanks." As far as Nick could tell his only injuries were his neck and shoulder. But he realized he couldn't go anywhere until his car was dealt with. Sighing, Nick sat down on the passenger seat and prepared to wait.

Three hours later, the storm hadn't let up much. Silently, Nick cursed under his breath as the car the garage owner had lent him slipped on the dense snow. This car had front wheel drive but was actually harder to drive because of its unfamiliar quarks. Nick was very used to driving multiple vehicles but this one seemed to have a tendency to pull and slide to the right.

The Mustang was at the garage with all the other vehicles involved in the accident. Tony, the garage owner, had quoted two weeks to get the parts and fix his car. Not sure they'd still be here in two weeks, Nick asked him to do it ASAP. Under normal circumstances the ex Navy Seal would prefer to do the repairs on his vintage car himself. There were not normal circumstances, however.

The road Nick was following was deserted. The shoulders were nonexistent because of the trees that closed in on both sides. The road itself was gravel which had saved Nick's butt at least three times so far. But he knew his luck maybe running out. The passenger side wheels lost their trip. Before Nick had a chance to react, the car was spinning toward the tree line. He wrestled with the steering wheel. Nick knew to not touch the brake but even shifting the car into neutral became a herculean task. Then it didn't matter. Nick was knocked unconscious by the forced of the impact as the passenger side of the car crumpled.

The first thing Nick became aware of was the searing pain through his temple. This was followed shortly by the cold and other pains. Other wounds and bruises were making themselves known. Groaning, Nick forced his eyes open to check out the damage. Another groan escaped as his eyes adjusted to the light.

The car was demolished. The passenger side was pushed into the driver's side by the massive tree trunks he'd slid into. His right leg was caught between the console and the seat, effectively pinning him.

"Damn it," the ex Navy Seal swore. Absently, Nick wiped at the blood trickling down his face from a cut beside his left eyebrow. Now what?

It appeared from the position of the sun in the sky that Nick had been unconscious for quite some time. Checking his watch confirmed that 10 hours had passed. Mild surprise registered in his foggy mind. By now he would have expected Derek to come looking for him. Blinking against the bright light, Nick looked out his side window.

Light bounced off the fresh, white snow that covered the road, dazzling Nick. Tears sprang to his eyes, unbidden. I must have one hell of a concussion, Nick thought to himself. Shaking his head to clear some of the cobwebs, Nick ignored the faint spray of blood from his head wound as he looked again. The situation had not improved. There were no tracks in the snow indicating that no other vehicle had passed. No help was coming.

"Damn it," Nick swore again. Frustrated, he tried to pull his right leg free. Pain exploded taking his breath away. Darkness filled his vision then he felt nothing.

"Is he alive?" The voice was muffled and hard to hear. In Nick's subconscious mind he knew that it wasn't the first voice that he'd heard.

"Hard to tell," was the muffled response. Metal shrieked. Startled, Nick forced himself awake to blink at the dark forms outside his window.

A groan escaped as their efforts shifted the metal pinning Nick's leg.

"This isn't going to work, Sammy," the first voice stated.

"Get a crowbar. We can't just leave him here, it's getting dark," the second voice stated. Both voices were male but Nick couldn't make out details.

"Hey," the second voice called. "What's your name?"

"Nick," the word came out barely above a whisper. There was no way the man on the other side of the window could hear him. Nick's lips were dry and cracked from dehydration and cold. His mouth felt like it was full of cotton balls. There was no way he could speak louder. Marshalling his strength, Nick pulled the door release and pushed with his shoulder.

Pain flashed from Nick's leg to his hip and into his chest. Desperate, Nick ignored it as he felt the other man begin pulling as well. He knew what was in these woods at night. So far he'd been lucky that he hadn't been found unconscious and helpless by the predators that made this forest home. The ex Seal had no intention of pushing that luck.

The car frame was twisted. Initially the door didn't budge despite the other man having returned with a crowbar. After 2 minutes, Nick had to stop. Darkness was tingeing his sight as more blood flowed from his leg wound. The two men continued to fight with the door and with each other until the one with the crowbar lost his patience.

"You in the car, cover your head. I'm breaking the window," he instructed. Nick covered his head as best he could.

Glass shattered on the third try, showering Nick as cold air blew into the compartment.

"How bad is it?" the taller one asked as he reached in through the window. His cool fingers checked Nick's carotid pulse. Nick seemed to remember the man being called Sam.

"My leg's stuck and probably broken. I have at least a mild concussion. The rest I'm not too sure about." Nick tried to make his voice loud enough to be heard but a terrible lethargy was taking over his body. Hypothermia was another distinct possibility.

"How long have you been here?" The injured man's skin was cool to the touch. He was clearly exhibiting signs of exposure.

"Last night," Nick responded. Sam reached around Nick's torso and examined the twisted metal that gripped his leg. The other man stood within reach but still out of the way, allowing Sam to work.

"What's your name?" Sam asked. He hadn't heard the man's response earlier and he was trying to keep him engaged. The head wound had stopped bleeding but not before drenching the man's shirt and jacket on that side. The denim covering his trapped leg was similarly coated. How he'd managed to stay conscious and alive despite his blood loss was beyond Sam.

"Nick Boyle." It was getting harder to talk. Nick's eye lids kept closing of their own volition and the cold no longer felt so cold. The ex Seal knew he was in trouble.

"Well, Nick, we'll have you out of here in a jiffy," Sam said before turning to his companion.

"Are you lying?" the other man asked.

"No." The response was quick but didn't hold a lot of conviction. "Try using the crowbar. I think if you wedge it underneath and force it up we may be able to get Nick free."

"It's worth a try," the other man growled.

The voices were getting very dim as the dark hole Nick had fallen into became deeper and deeper. Pain ripped through his leg and hip. Nick fought against the urge to rise out of the dark. He didn't want to face the pain and cold he knew lurked in the light. Pain flashed again. Low moans came out of the light. Dimly, Nick became aware that the moans were coming from his own mouth.