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The next morning found the Winchesters feeling more like themselves. The swelling had started to go down in Dean's eye so he could almost see out of it again but his ribs still hurt like hell. Rachel had examined his leg the night before and did what she could for the claw marks. While they still itched, Dean was able to put it out of his mind while he took a nice long shower.

For his part, Sam had slept deeply. His shoulders were still a little uncomfortable but for the most part he felt more like his old self. More like himself since finding out about his demon blood. Lying on the bed he knew Dean was gone, probably taking a shower. They might as well enjoy the full extent of the facilities while they were here. Sam had never used a shower with more than one faucet, it was really quite wild.

Stretching his too tall frame before climbing out of the bed, Sam decided he was going to take a shower too. While he waited for Dean to come back, Sam prowled around the room. It was the first time he'd actually had the chance to do so. The room was larger than most of the motel rooms he and Dean stayed in. It was well appointed, very tasteful. Clearly the Winchesters were in the wrong line of work. Sam chuckled lightly at the thought. Like they'd have it any other way.

"Morning, Sam," Dean said as he came in drying his hair with a too fluffy towel. "How are you feeling?"

"Good. How about you?" Sam replied. Dean had a pair of clean jeans on but no shirt. The angry bruises along his ribs were very obvious against his skin. While Dean tried to hide it, Sam knew from experience that they must hurt like hell. He winced in sympathy when Dean turned his back to him to find a clean shirt.

"Good," was Dean's response. Casually he pulled a t-shirt out of his bag and then slipped it over his head. If Sam hadn't been watching for it he would have missed the slight hitch in Dean's movements. "I met Nick in the hallway. I guess breakfast will be ready in a few minutes."

"More food?" Sam almost groaned. He was still partially stuffed from the meal they'd had last night. If he kept eating like this, Sam was going to put on a significant amount of weight.

"Yeah, apparently the butler is back," Dean responded. "Are you really feeling okay?"|

Instead of throwing out a flippant answer, Sam paused a moment to take stock. "Yeah, I may be a little off my game but not by much."

"Good. I was thinking maybe we should head out after breakfast. As much as Nick insists it's safe here, I'd rather not take the chance," Dean said. His shirt settled into place, Dean quickly put the clothes he had been wearing back in the bag. Sam realized that Dean had all ready packed everything he'd taken out.

"Sounds good to me," Sam responded. "I'm just going to take a shower. Then I'll meet you in the kitchen."


"Are you sure?" Nick and Derek asked almost simultaneously. The Winchesters had walked into the kitchen and announced their intentions while their breakfast was being served. Dean wasn't sure he'd ever get used to that.

"What are you, our father?" Dean growled.

"Sorry. I just wanted to make sure that you're ready," Nick said. Unconsciously he ducked his head in embarrassment.

"That's okay," Sam responded. "And yes, we're sure. We've been your guests for too long. We need to get back on the road and help people."

"Yeah, what he said," Dean muttered as he forked food into his mouth. The sooner they got out of here the better. The last thing Dean wanted was to have this all turn into a chick flick moment.

"By the way, Rachel, have you gotten the test results back?" Sam asked trying to sound casual. He couldn't quite look at the blond lady at the end of the table. He was too afraid of what the answer was going to be.

"Yes, I finished them this morning," Rachel said. "The blood came back negative. The serum worked, you no longer have demon blood in your system." Rachel smiled brilliantly at the last statement.

"Really?" Sam breathed, relief flowing through him. It took nearly all he had to keep from slumping in his seat. In that instant he knew his whole world had changed. His fate was now back in his own hands.

"Yes, really," Rachel said, the smile still brightening her face. She was greatly relieved to find that the serum had worked too. It was part of the reason that Derek was no longer worried about the Legacy trying to take him again. He'd told the other Precepts about the results and upon receiving copies of Rachel's tests had backed off.

"Wow," was all Dean could come up with. He was stunned. The food suddenly tasted like ash. He took a quick gulp of water to get it down. He ran a hand over his mouth as he looked up at the Legacy members surrounding him.

"Do you feel any different?" Nick had to ask. Sam was looking considerably healthier today than he had since Nick had first met him.

"Um, not really," Sam responded.

"Congratulations," Derek stated, holding out his hand for Sam to shake. Thinking nothing of it, Sam put out his own hand and pumped energetically. He was human again, completely, totally human!!

The exchange wasn't lost on Nick though. Carefully he watched Derek's face looking for any indication of what he saw or felt. Before he could really get a read on what was transpiring, Alex walked into the room. "Hi everyone!" she said, a bright smile on her face.

In the general tumult of her return the Winchesters found themselves on an island of quiet and calm among the maelstrom. Sam was still grinning a little stupidly while the implications sank in. Dean was finished his plate of food and was looking at his kid brother.

"What?" Sam asked upon realizing that Dean was staring. He turned to face his older brother, the smile still playing on his lips.

"I think that's our cue to leave," Dean suggested. The Legacy members were busy swapping stories of the last day and a half. They were completely oblivious to the brothers. By the time Rachel got to the part about removing Sam's demon blood and turned to look at the younger brother, they were all ready gone.

It was then that she noticed that Nick had slipped out as well.


"Going somewhere?" Nick asked. The Winchesters had gone to their room to get their bags before heading out to the garage where the Impala was parked. Opening the side door they found Nick leaning against the side of the vehicle, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Yeah," Dean said slightly embarrassed to be caught. "We just didn't want this to be all blown out of proportion."

"I can relate to that," Nick said, a smile playing on his lips. He had all too much in common with Dean. He knew exactly where he was coming from. Standing up, he pulled something out of his pocket. "Here."

Sam and Dean looked at his hand to see a cell phone.

"We both have one of those all ready," Dean stated.

"Yeah, I know. But this is a satellite phone. It should work no matter where you are. Besides, I've put my cell number in it. If you ever need anything, give me a call," Nick said as he handed the cell over to Sam. "Have a safe trip."

Expecting the others to arrive at any time, the brothers loaded their gear up in the trunk. Then they climbed into the familiar seats. Dean was most gratified to hear the roar as he turned the key in the ignition. He'd momentarily thought about letting Sam drive but he just couldn't resist the feel of the engine thrumming through his fingers on the steering wheel. Now this was living.

Nick pushed the button to open the garage door. He followed the Impala out and stood against the door jamb as they did a three point turn before rolling down the driveway in the direction of the ferry. Nick didn't bother to tell them that under normal circumstances they would have spent the next three hours waiting for said ferry to come across. But, since Alex had just brought it across they would be in luck.


"Are they gone?" Derek asked when Nick came back into the kitchen.

"Yeah. Dean'll be made as hell when he finds the credit cards I slipped into the glove box. I'd rather their bills were sent to the Luna Foundation than to some poor schmuck who threw out their credit card application," Nick replied.

"I doubt that he'll use them," Alex said from the table. She hadn't bothered to stop on her way home for food and was enjoying the fair left over from breakfast.

"Well, he might. By the way, what did you see?" Nick asked, turning his attention to his boss and mentor. Derek was standing by the fridge trying to be unobtrusive.

"Even with the demon blood gone their lives aren't going to be easy," Derek replied cryptically.

"I don't think they'd have it any other way," Rachel stated from her seat beside Alex. Nodding in agreement, the Legacy members set out in multiple directions, intent on getting things back to normal. Well, as normal as things ever were for them.


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