I sighed as I walked into work for the day. Yes, it's true that I'm only a volunteer here a couple days a week, but it still feels so much like work. I don't really need this "job"; I'm not even a pre-med student. Although I am majoring in Elementary Education, so I guess working at a Children's Hospital will end up helping me in the long run. Since I'm not very busy this semester I volunteer at the hospital on my university's campus every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Most of the time I just go around to rooms to visit the children, you know, be the "older sibling." I give the kids someone to talk to, play with, stuff like that. Sometimes on special occasions I am allowed to dress up like a cartoon character and put on a show with some other friends of mine who work here as well. Other times, such as today, they use me for "special cases."

I walked into work a couple of minutes early.

"Hey, Alana! I am so glad you're here early!" I watched as the head of the volunteers walked over to me.

"Hi, Cindy. I'm nervous. You only look like that when you want me to do something different." She grinned.

"Lena, you know a lot about music and the pop music entertainment, correct?" She asked me. I gave her a confused look.

"Um, I guess you could say that. Not so much pop, more rock-ish, but I like variety." She knew I was in a garage type band so why would she waste her time asking?

"Good. Come into my office." She asked. Oh great. I'm fired. How can they fire me? I'm a volunteer! They can only ask me to leave, right? Or maybe she wanted my band to perform for the kids! That had to be it. She likes me too much to ask me to leave.

I walked in and she shut the door behind me. "Lana, we got a very important patient in last night. He seems to be suffering from Hypoglycemia, which thank the stars above, is something I know we can take care of. Not many people know that he is even here; only some of our best doctors, myself, and now you. We placed him in intensive care so only staff members with certain passes are allowed in."

"What is so special about this guy?" I asked still confused.

"Well, he and his brothers are rock stars. Their mother says they have been working themselves sick. That is probably why this poor boy is even here. Anyways, I called you in here to let you know that he will now be your only patient."

"What?! You can't do that! What about Holly and Colt? You can't just take me away from them! They need me…… I need them" I finished in a whisper.

Then it hit me! "Sherry! She's due any time now. Cindy, I told you I might need to take a break soon. If Sherry goes into labor while I'm working you know I'm going to have leave right then and there. Sam and I are all she has."

I could hear Cindy sigh. "Fine, but this new patient comes first until Sherry goes into labor. After the he is taking care of then you are allowed to go spend some time with Holly and Colt."

I sighed in defeat.

"He is in room 205. His name is Nathan Gray." I closed my eyes, trying to think clearly. Hmm, that name sounds so familiar. Maybe when I see his face I'll know who he is.

"Go check on him now. See if he would like some breakfast. Remember Lana, I trust you. No freak outs or asking for autographs. Also, do not let anyone but his family in his room when you are with him. Got that?"

"Yes ma'am!" I stood up and saluted. Cindy did not find it as funny as I did, so I got out of there as fast as I could.