Hey everyone! This is the last chapter; hope you liked the story!


I awoke the next morning to loud knocking at my door. Last night had been a rough night for me after I gave my letter to Nate. I rubbed my eyes before glancing at the clock… it was 7 A.M. I let out a small groan into my pillow before yelling for the person to come in.

"You ready to get out of that bed yet?" I heard Cindy's voice ring from across the room. I looked up at with a glare, "You have no idea." She smiled warmly at me.

"Well get changed and go take a walk around the hospital for a bit while I pull up some forms you should sign. Be back in about an hour?" she asked while she went to the closet in the room and pulled out some of my clothes. I nodded as I accepted them from her.

Cindy left so I could change into my normal clothes, and while I was getting dressed I could only think of one place to go…room 205. I had to see if Jason had left yet. Once I looked decent I quickly walked down the halls I knew so well.

I could feel the familiar knots in my stomach as I was getting closer and closer to Nate's door, but they seemed to be far worse today than they were last night. The fear of never seeing Jason again hit me the worst last night after I had returned to my room. I thought that I had cried all the tears I could for that man, but obviously I was wrong. I wasn't really expecting Nate or his brothers to be in the room still, but secretly I was praying that I was wrong.

I slowly approached the door and softly knocked…

No answer.

I knocked again, this time a little louder…

No answer.

Finally I worked up the courage to open the door. The scene shouldn't have broke my heart as much as it did, considering I was expecting it, but just to see that empty bed and to know that Jason was gone; out of my life…probably forever…it broke my heart as I fought back the tears.

I slowly walked over to the bed. I remembered my first day coming into this room and meeting Nate. I remember how pale and exhausted he looked; I remember how excited he was when I lent him my iPod, and how worried he and his brothers were when I found out exactly who they were.

I then walked over to the chairs sitting across from the bed. I sat down in the one Jason always use to sit in. I could feel tears freely falling now. I softly ran my fingers up and down the arms of the chair I was sitting in.

I thought back to the time Jason and I told Holly her bedtime story, and how later that day he asked for my phone number. I smiled as I remembered our date and how romantic he was; how he rented the entire ice rink just so we could enjoy our date without people recognizing him.

I couldn't take it anymore; I pulled my knees to my chest started to cry into them. I quietly sobbed to myself, as I thought back on the many amazing times that Jason and I shared together.

I had the most wonderful man and I just threw him away like he was nothing to me. I was such a stupid girl, and I hated myself for that.

"Are you looking for someone?" I heard a voice ask from the other side of the room. I took a quick second to wipe my cheeks before looking up.

I looked up to see Jason Gray standing across the room holding a bouquet of assorted flowers. I couldn't believe my eyes. I quickly rubbed them to make sure I wasn't seeing things before jumping out of my seat to run and engulf him in a huge hug.

"What are you doing here?" I asked in disbelief as we pulled apart.

"Do you not want me to be here?" he asked with one eyebrow raised. I smiled softly.

"That's not what I meant! I thought you were supposed to be going home today," I didn't even care that he was teasing me; I just wanted to know what was going on.

"Well it started when I got your letter last night," I blushed slightly at the mention of the letter, "I read it and I had a little discussion with my mom," he grinned at me.

"What was it about?" I asked, truly curious.

"I told her that there was no possible way I could leave someone that I love so much," he whispered as he gently caressed my cheek, before tenderly placing a soft kiss upon my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I deepened our kiss. Just a moment ago I thought I'd never see the man of my dreams again, so I'd be damned if I let him leave again without knowing how much I loved him.

Jason cleared as throat as we pulled away, "Um, these are for you," he said bashfully as he handed me the flowers. I quietly laughed at how my kiss had affected him.

"Thank you," I whispered as I took the flowers and smelt them. I could tell Jason was watching my every move. I gently placed the flowers down on the bed not too far from us as I looked up into Jason's eyes.

"So…um…when does your family leave?" I asked quietly, trying not to make the situation awkward.

He smiled at me again as he gently stroked my jaw line with his index finger.

"Alana, my family has left already. My mother said I could stay here for the rest of my vacation, until our tour starts up again," he finished with a proud smile. I couldn't contain my happiness as I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him close to me. I could hear him laughing as he gently hugged me back.

We slowly broke apart and I looked up into his gorgeous brown eyes, "I love you, Jason," I whispered sincerely to him.

He smiled down at me before tenderly kissing my lips once more.

"I love you, Alana," he whispered as our lips parted, "and I'll never leave you."