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I was too afraid to look back. Sweating and panting to the point of hyperventilation, I ran as fast as I possibly could away from the man behind me, who seem to gain tremendous speed with each lithe movement he took towards me. I slid and tripped over rocks and even the slightest changes in the pavement as I sprinted down the darkened city streets. I could faintly hear Charlie calling my name in a panic, somewhere far behind me in the distance, closer to the light and traffic of the crowded streets of Phoenix. The man had gotten me right where he wanted me – away from the public eye, deep into the night of a few scarcely wandered back roads.

I thought I heard him chuckle as he suddenly bounded in front of me at a lightning pace. I skipped to a stop and fell backwards, never once tearing my horrified gaze from his bright red eyes. My mouth opened into a scream, but the sound was lodged in my gut. All I could do was stare at those eyes.

"No use running from me, darlin'," the man said, edging towards me with every word that seemed to roll off his tongue like silk. However, the soft, musical voice only increased my dread. I shook wildly and I struggled for a coherent thought, only managing to choke out, "Wh-who are you? Why…"

He suddenly knelt down in front of me and my muscles instantly responded – I jumped up from the cement and pressed my back against the fence behind me that blocked my escape. He simply smirked at this, flashing a row of painfully white, glistening teeth that looked almost pointed.

"You want to know who I am, little girl? I'm an old friend of your daddy's. A real special friend," he grinned, "that went along with old Charlie for a long time 'til one day we got in a fight and weren't friends no more," he took a step forward, "and that's what brought me here, honey. Your daddy took somethin' nice from me and now I'm just returning the favor." The man was now standing only three inches from my face, which felt as though all the color had been drained. His eyes pierced into my own with blazing ferocity.

He wanted to kill me.

I gripped the chain links of the fence pressed against my back and, trying to breathe steadily, stared at the man in front of me. I had to distract him. Anything, I had to do anything I could to keep him from killing me until Charlie got here.

"H-how…" I gritted my teeth to stop them from chattering before I spoke again, "How did you find us?"

The man licked his lips hungrily as he studied my poorly masked expression of terror. "I'm the best damn tracker in my coven, darlin'. I could've found you two if you had been hidin' in an underground bomb shelter."

My thoughts became frantic. Coven? Tracker? Who was this man? But before I could respond, he grabbed both my wrists from the fence in an icy deadlock and hissed, "Now," his voice a whisper as he licked his lips again, "quit the small talk, little girl. We don't want your daddy finding you a mess... if he ever finds you." His lips curled up into another frightening grin. "Damn, girl, you smell real nice…"

I was shaking uncontrollably at this point. Where was Charlie? I knew he had been chasing after us, he heard me yell for him before we rounded that corner… I felt desperate now. I was going to die at any second and nobody was here to save me.

"CHARLIE!" I screamed hopelessly, "CHAR…"

The man quickly covered my mouth and bared his teeth. "Hush now. No need to start the screamin'. Now," he crooned, "this won't hurt a bit."

He suddenly pushed me hard against the fence and ripped the scarf loosely tied around my neck in half, casting it aside, and with a stab of shock and fear I saw a flash of teeth as he dove into my neck, piercing the thin layer of skin at the base of my throat and to my utter horror, began sucking the blood from my veins.

The dark night sky became fuzzy and spun above me, my eyes rolling back in my head as the man stole the very life from my body. I felt myself losing consciousness, the world becoming dark around me as my entire body screamed with burning pain. In my mind's eye, I saw Renee and Charlie's sunlit faces, smiling at me with love and affection and my whole being cried out to see them one last time before…

The last thing I remembered was my heart skipping a beat at the sound of Charlie's horrified voice so close to my ear, screaming, "NO! BELLA!" and something being pried loose from my neck. And then all went black, and for what seemed like an eternity, when I was conscious, there was only ripping, searing pain shaking me to my very core and fire all though my veins…