It was amazing to see you so relaxed after everything that we had all been through. We have had years and years to perfect our masks, but not you. How you were able to put on such a brave face will always astound me. My only possible reason is that you had Edward by your side.

I'm glad.

Which brings us to today…



Your parents hit the mark when they named you, my dear. The actual definition for your full name means beautiful, and that could not possibly describe how you looked today. Beautiful is akin to an insult.




None of these could shine a light to you today, my dear. I kept away for most of the day as I wanted to play the perfect hostess for this incredible event in all of our lives. My precious son was committing the rest of his existence to you, his true love. There are days when I regret not being human so I could cry tears of joy. This was one of those days. When I saw you upstairs with your beautiful dress on, ready to begin the rest of your days, my still heart skipped a beat – of that I am absolutely certain. You were so incredibly nervous, and I can imagine anxious to see Edward that I didn't want to stay for long so you could get down those stairs and marry him. Everything about you was gorgeous, and made you look angelic. Everything about the way you looked was perfect, and you were the true definition of a blushing bride.

I rushed down the stairs to sit beside Carlisle, and as soon as we heard the music I looked at my son, standing in front of us all waiting so very anxiously to see you. I don't know if you heard it, but there was an audible gasp when you walked into the room. It could be because of our acute sense of hearing, but everyone in our family and extended family turned to the back of the room immediately. As soon as we saw you with your father we all stood, with pride in our eyes. I took my eyes off you for only a brief moment to glance at my son.

He looked like he had come home. You were only a few steps away from him, and if it were possible for him to glow, he would have been.

The ceremony began, and it was short – as you had both requested. You were pronounced husband and wife, and the moment Edward leaned in to kiss you I knew there was going to be no way either of you would let go. Just so you know, Bella, the throat clearing to get you both to end that kiss that I could have watched forever came from Emmett and Jasper. I think Carlisle may have added a little to that as well, but it was beautiful and full of love, hope and promise just as I had always imagined for my son.

Your reception is going on as I conclude this series of letters, Bella, and your first dance together was a thing of beauty. You had both chosen the perfect song to have as your first dance - "At Last" by Etta James. The words in that song were so fitting for you both, and it made me so full of happiness for both of you listening to the words describe your lives to a tee.

Well, my dearest Bella. I hope that the words that I have written for you over the past few days will be ones that you will cherish. I know that you are not one for frivolous gifts, and that gifts from the heart mean so much more to you than anything else. Bella, this is a gift from my heart to yours.

I am so proud to have you as a daughter.

Welcome to the family.

With all my love,



I folded up my letter and wiped the tears from my eyes as my wonderful husband kissed the top of my head.

"What's wrong?"

I smiled up at him as I leaned towards him for a kiss.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing."




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