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"Demons, Jutsu"

A/N Does anybody else hate it when the plot bunny attacks? I read some fics for Naruto that included dragons. The pisser is that almost all of them are European dragons. This story is last in my order for my updates. Enjoy

Update: Sorry, I didn't realize this system underlined it. Fanfiction's system has done that to me a couple of times. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.


A blond man stop on a giant toad stood on a giant toad holding a small bundle to his chest as he struggled to complete his Jutsu. An angry Nine-tailed fox was struggling to get to him, and it was getting closer.

"Dammit," he whispered, feeling his energy slowly webbing away, "Boss, we almost out of time. How much has been taken?"

"Only two tails brat," the giant toad hopped back, keeping distance between them and the fox.

"Fuck," he struggled to stand; he could see the effigy of the Shinigami smirking at him hungrily.

"I will level this pathetic village," the Nine-tailed fox rasped out with an insane smile.

The man pushed more chakra into his Jutsu. The fox returned the gesture with an enormous blast of power.

The man felt the hold weaken on the demon, "No..."


Deep underneath the warring village, a giant creature stirred, it's emerald eyes slowly creaked open.

"What is this thing I feel?" it mumbled getting on it's short stubby legs, it's three, taloned toes digging into the earth.

It stretched almost leisurely, it felt another blast, "Dammit, I'm tired. It's time for me to pass my gift, I don't want this anymore."

It let loose a mighty roar, the roof of his home shook, several pieces falling off

It almost slithered out of it's home, weaving around intricate caverns it had built for himself.

It got to the surface to look at the carnage outside his cavern. A white haired man was outside his home. He looked at it and screamed before running into the brush, away from the fighting.

"Coward," the creature yawned. It felt another blast.

"I should probably stop this," it looked to the east and saw a giant figure, the figure of the Shinigami.

"Stupid, fucking MORTALS!" it screamed.


Everyone on the battlefield froze. It heard a giant roar of a beast that sounded scarier than this damn fox they trying to fight off. Even the giant fox froze.

The bundle in the man's arms screamed, "How much more, Boss?"

"It's only up to three," it ground out, shaking, than man on him struggled to keep his balance.

"What is in Gamabunta?" he asked.

"I hope it's backup. If it's not, the village will burn," the toad said, "Minato, take care of yourself."

The man only nodded, though the toad couldn't see it, it understood the silence.

"I have you now mortal," Minato turned to see the fox right on the side of the toad.

It slowly lowered his head at him, savoring his kill, it stopped hearing the voice, "You arrogant beast."

The beast turned ever so slightly, frozen with his maw open, just inches from the man, "This doesn't concern you, Juri-chan."

Slowly, a serpentine creature raised above the forest, well over a thousand feet long, it silver scales glinting in the moonlight, "You may never call me by that name. You may be the lord of your kind, by mine surpasses yours, beast."

"Just leave, Juri, you have no place here," The fox turned to face the dragon in front of it.

"Don't tell me that you intend to battle me, Yuji," the dragon had an almost human smile on it's face, as if amused.

The fox barked at her before growling, "I gave up that name over a millennia ago."

"You filthy beast," the dragon coiled on herself, "That is why demons like you are worthless. You forget that at one time, yourself was like them. You forget your place."

"I want this village leveled. I intend to take away the gift I gave them, that they dared to try and turn on me," the fox hissed.

"I will not let you slaughter them," the dragon whipped around the fox, faster than it could move, coiling around it like a snake.

The man and toad just watched the scene stupidly, trying to register the fact that this dragon was on their side. Then the toad did what the man had never witnessed, it bowed and a resounding crack was heard through the battlefield. The demon fell broken.

"Return to your home and your vixen, you filthy dog," the dragon whispered before the fox melted into nothing.

The man felt a sudden pull on his soul as the Shinigami, started to try and feast.

"Shinigami-sama," the dragon said as it whipped passed, slapping it's hand away with it's tail, "This is the one feast I will deny you."

The effigy frowned, but nodded. It let go of it's meal, and the man slumped, breathing heavily. The child's scream intensified, slowly getting to an unbearable pitch.

"Stupid mortal," the dragon leaned down in a motherly way, "Yuji had an infinite amount of energy, and it was much more potent than the rest of the Bijuu. You've doomed the child, he's dieing."

"NO!" Minato screamed.

"Hm, there is something I can do," the dragon said quietly.

"What?!? I'll do anything!" Minato yelled out.

"Watch yourself, brat," the toad said, "She's up to something."

"Gamabunta," the dragon whispered, "Hush."

"I don't care, Boss," the man said quietly, "I want my son to live. I'll pay any price."

"The price isn't for you to pay," the dragon leaned down next to the bundle, nudging it gentle, "It's his."

"What's the price," Minato whispered.

"If I give him this gift, he will have a great destiny, for good or evil. The price," the dragon nudged the small bundle again, "He will have to take my place."

"What?" The man said.

"Simply put, I have lived to long, and I wish to ascend to Inari," the dragon said, "I'm willing to give him my place."

"He will be a dragon?" Minato whispered.

"Yes," the dragon said, "Do you accept to give this burden to your child?"

"I want him to live," the man said.

"Minato!" Gamabunta called.

"Be silent, Toad," the dragon said harshly, "The choice is Minato's."

"I accept," the blond said without a second thought, his gentle blue eyes meeting the fierce gaze of the dragon.

"So shall it be, mortal," the dragon exhaled a slow breath that only seemed to reach the child, "On the eve of his twelfth birthday, he will be visited. By whom is unknown, but that is who his patron shall be. Mine was Inari-sama," the dragon's form began to haze, "It will take many years, until he reaches my size, and he will always have some trait. It is impossible for a dragon to hide their nature. He shall be marked, his true body locked away for now. This is my gift to you, Minato. The chance to have him as your son rather than have him taken from you. My warning, he will play a large part in times yet to come. The Kyuubi will return, more terrible than before, but he will be leashed. Raise our child well, Minato."

"Wait, our child?" Minato started, the dragon's form nearly gone.

"You have accepted my gift, that make him my own as well as your wife's. Raise him well, Minato-san."

With that the dragons form blew away, as if on a gentle breeze, almost as if it hadn't been there.

Minato looked sadly at the child in his arms, it looked at him and he gasped. The child, blond like him, shared his blue eyes. The eyes were reptilian, no white, a solid mass of blue with a black slit run down them.

The child snuggled into him, his pain forgotten, yawning and savoring his father's warmth. Minato hugged the child close. Slowly he heard a sound, quiet at first, but it grew in volume. It was clapping.

"I'll take good care of you, Naruto."