A mist surrounded me. That's all I could comprehend. I floated, unsuspended, in the middle of a white space of more nothingness. I was still the same as I had been before I fell asleep. I looked around, hoping for another sign of life in this dream. Three other girls were there, their eyes closed. One had hair the color of the greenest grass, her long, flowing dress the same exact color. Green vines wrapped around her feet, forming shoes. The second girl had the blondest hair I had ever seen in my life--she was wearing a pale yellow dress that had a knee length skirt. Her shoes were much different than the first girl--they were knee-high, yellow four-inch heel boots. But the last girl was more frightening than the others. She had flaming red shoulder length hair that was cut at a strange definite angle. Bangs covered her right eye, and in her hands she held two large swords with flaming red handles. Her halter top was the same color as her hair, along with her pleated mini-skirt and four-inch heel red boots.

This girl, among all of them, scared the hell out of me.



She was fire.

The blond girl was lightning.

The green haired girl was earth.

And me?

I was ice.

I looked down, and gasped when I saw I had changed back into my "element". My Keyblades appeared in my hands, looking like they were formed out of pure ice. My body felt numb, but there was a deeper tingling sensation that overtook my mind.

The urge to fight.

A hissing sound reached my ears, and I found out that I was not the only one awake. Three pairs of eyes bore into my own, all of them conveying hatred and loathing. But only one pair wanted to kill me.

That pair belonged to the red-haired, fire-wielding girl whose swords had now fully burst into flames. The right corner of her mouth turned up into a smirk, and in the next second, she was charging towards me, weapons raised to strike me down. I raised my Keyblades to defend myself, and the sound of metal upon metal made me grit my teeth in frustration. Her power far outweighed mine. There was no way I could win. I was screwed.

"I've waited a long time for this, Princess."

Her voice was just as scary as her body.

Vines wrapped around my neck, cutting off my air supply. They dragged me backwards, and I struggled to break free. My Keyblades disappeared--I had been rendered defenseless. I could hear buzzing electricity just above my head and I squeezed my eyes shut as I waited for the pain. Sure enough, it arrived--in the form of five bolts of lighting that coursed through my veins. I screamed--I know I did--but it only died away as I felt myself slipping deeper into the nothingness I had first awoken in. The pressure on my neck loosened, and I was suddenly face to face with the red-haired girl. That same damn smirk from before was still on her face, and she raised her sword in front of me for the second and last time.

"I guess my wait is over."

I screamed and closed my eyes.

I was going to die.

The scream that escaped my lips in the next second was so loud that I was astonished that it even came from me. My breath came in long ragged gasps, the navy blue comforter clutched tightly in my hands. Raising a hand up to wipe the sweat off my forehead, I jumped off my bed, grabbed the snowflake covered book that King Mickey had given me and ran out my bedroom door to try and find my way to the library. There had to be something in that huge mass of paper and words that revealed something about my dreams. I couldn't go on like this. I'd end up going crazy.

After about seven minutes, thirty-five seconds, and five million stumbles later, I found my way to the rough wooden doors I had entered in only hours ago. They creaked open, and I hoped that I hadn't woken anyone up already. Knowing Riku, he was probably playing watchdog or something.

Closing the doors, I tiptoed over to a large comfy-looking mahogany chair that looked like it was made for me. Instead of the electrical lights that I was used to, candles lit up the space. Okay. I could live with that.

Settling down in the chair, I ran my fingers over the worn leather cover, the book's binding threatening to come loose from age. The snowflake, however, shined brightly, almost as if it had just been placed there. Taking a deep breath, I opened the cover and let my eyes scan the first page.

Elements are the source of all of the worlds' power. They breathe life into them, they are life themselves. There are various elements that worlds are composed of. These are, in no particular order, fire, earth, lightning, ice, light, and darkness. The last two elements play no active role in world borders; rather, they keep the forces of darkness--and light, for that matter--at bay. The first four, however, have always played a large role in peace...and chaos.


Fire is unmerciful, it consumes everything in its path with no discretion whatsoever. It destroys and creates, it lives and dies, but it cannot be trusted. No matter what it does, or how it acts, fire is always lethal. For the past three millennia, the spirit of fire has been embodied by a former princess of a long forgotten country named Adamina. She was once a kind and caring girl, until her castle home was destroyed--along with her family--in a terrible fire. Unable to escape the blaze, Adamina let herself be consumed by the flames. She became the spirit of the feared and well-known element. Her current whereabouts are unknown, but she is recently searching for the spirit embodying ice.


Earth is a lenient element, but is easy to underestimate. It may seem quiet and uncaring, but it knows every aspect of its opponent: whether it be a fellow spirit or a lowly human. For the past three millennia, the spirit of earth has been embodied by a peasant girl from the early form of Traverse Town named ChloƩ. (1) She was lost from the world during a terrible earthquake, from which she was recovered from by the earth spirit and granted eternal life. Not much else is known about this girl, except that she joins the fire spirit on her search for the ice spirit.


Lightning is unpredictable and holds much power over earth itself. It can strike anywhere, at any time, and one should always be on their guard against it. For the past two decades, the lighting spirit has been embodied by one of the two princesses of Radiant Garden named Chryssa. During a voyage across the ocean in another far off world, Chryssa's boat was caught in a terrible summer storm, and she was killed by a rare strike of lighting that hit the deck of the boat. Her sister, Arlene (2), was taken into darkness a short time afterwards, and has not been seen or heard of since. Chryssa was saved by the lightning spirit and also searches for the girl who embodies ice.

I looked up from the book, the light from the nearest candle flickering in my eyes. What was this? More importantly, what would the next paragraph say? Would I be able to read this? Should I?

"Damn it," I muttered. "Just read the stupid thing. You're gonna have to face it sooner or later."

Taking a deep breath, I focused on the last paragraph, biting my tongue as I read each and every word.

Ice (Winter)

Ice is a very beautiful, yet deadly element. It is considerably more powerful than the Earth spirit, or even the Lightning spirit. But its powers are equally matched with that of fire; she is her single opponent. Recently, the Ice spirit has been granted the ability to wield a Keyblade, but how this came about, no one knows. The Ice spirit is currently embodied by the Princess Aislinn Carine (3), who was the original Princess of Heart for Destiny Islands. Her parents were killed by the fire spirit was she was only five years old, and Aislinn was sent to an entirely new dimension in order to escape her wrath. She has the power to wield Ice and Darkness, and is one of the few people who are able to walk in Twilight. Her power contains many different forms, but these can only be unlocked using the power of the Keyblade.

"...face it sooner or later...."

"Power sleeps within you..."

"Whatever you say, Aislinn...."

"I promise, I'm not gonna hurt you..."


"I'll be there to catch you..."

"An entirely new dimension..."

"Princess Aislinn Carine..."

"Do you trust your own heart, Aislinn?"

I shot up from the chair, the tattered book falling to the floor with a loud thud. Tears clouded my eyes and my hands were shaking. What other things did hell have in store for me? I remained motionless for about another ten seconds, my hands stretched out in front of me as if I were trying to hold onto something. Suddenly, I knew who I needed. Strangely, I didn't want to need him.

"Riku..." I whispered.

I took a few steps toward the door and with cold hands, I pried it open.

"Riku." My voice was stronger now; it faintly echoed down the hallway.

My feet took me to places that I didn't know I was going to, and the walls seemed to be speeding by. Huh. Was I running?

"Riku! Ri--!" In the next moment, I collided with something and felt a strong hand wrap around my waist. I took in a sharp breath, my heart pounding with the fear that the man with blue hair and demented yellow eyes had come for me again. I whimpered softly, sounding like a complete and total loser, and cussed myself out again for wishing Riku was there.

"Aislinn?" Two things occurred to me simultaneously. One: whoever had caught me obviously wielded a Keyblade, due to the sound of electricity that reached my ears. Two: that person was Riku.

I looked up at him with stunned eyes, my mind swimming with the thoughts that had been occupying it only moments before. I tried to speak, but my throat was thick with tears. He looked back at me with a worried and confused expression, and those damn gorgeous eyes of his weren't helping my emotions at all. Before I knew it, both of my arms were wrapped tightly around his torso, my hands digging into his back. My head was pressed against his chest and I was crying. I was crying real tears of anger and pure fear.

"What's...wrong?" Riku whispered. His arms wrapped around me hesitantly, like he wasn't sure what to do. I couldn't blame him. He didn't even know why I was crying.

"The--the damn b-book! I r-read it! I'm n-not A-Aislinn! Not the one y-y-you know!"

"What are you talking about?" His grip around me grew tighter.

"She's g-gonna kill me! She'll f-find m-me!"

"Who?" Was it just me, or was there a sense of urgency in his voice?

"A-Adamina, damn it!" My sobs were quieting now and I let go of Riku as quickly as I could. His arms, however, stayed on my hips. He stared at me in shock and I averted my eyes from his. Had I made any sense at all?

One of Riku's eyebrows arched up in confusion. "The fire spirit?"

My mouth fell open in shock. "You knew?"

Riku's eyes grew wide. He had obviously said too much. "Well, I--"

"If you don't tell me the truth right now, I'll kill you. I swear I will." Ice spread through my veins again.

"Come on. You didn't expect King Mickey to leave me in the dark, did you?"

After about sixteen seconds of silence between us, I slapped that stupid, egotistical, spiteful sixteen-year old boy with those beautiful aquamarine eyes in the face. I backed away from him slowly, heading towards my room. I was no longer sad. I was angry.

"And you didn't tell me? You left me to find out on my own?"

He didn't answer, so I continued.

"How could you? Why would you make me suffer like that? Do you just want to see me die at Adamina's hand? Do you want to let her ki--"

I didn't complete my sentence because in the next second I was flat on my back, rendered immobile by a sudden blast of darkness.

"Don't ever say that. Ever. Especially when you have no idea what you're talking about." Riku's voice was hard and cold, and suddenly, he was gone. I was alone.

I got up, brushed myself off and refused to let anymore tears fall from my eyes. I had cried enough for the day. I was done feeling sorry for myself. When I got back to my room, though, that promise faded. The last thing I remember was the smell of roses from my comforter and seeing Riku's angry face when I asked him if he wanted to see me die.

[a u t h o r ' s n o t e s]

(1) pronounced chlo-ay. I looked this name up. It means "green shoot". See? Earth. =]

(2) Arlene. L a r x e n e. Haha. Like my little twist there? =P Note: This is only one possible combination, but it's my favorite.

(3) Aislinn Carine, when translated, means "beloved dream". I really like her name. =]]

Adamina even freaks me out! And she's my own OC!!!

Oh, and it's not just ChloƩ's name that I looked up. Adamina means "red" in Scottish (I liked this name better than any of the ones for fire.)

Chryssa means "golden flower", which is an English pet (=]) form of the Latin name Chrysanta.

Well, that's kind of a depressing place to leave off on. Sorry for the long wait between chapters. I recently had a broken finger, and after that, more school. I've also been busy with video editing, so I've kind of had my schedule full. If you haven't read this already, my other story has currently been discontinued due to disappointment in the plot and a lack of time. Don't worry, I'll rewrite it again. I just went back and read it recently...and I sound like a third grader. So. I'm going to fix that....but don't expect it back until MAYBE summer. I don't know what I'm gonna do with it yet. In the meantime, please continue to read and review this story!

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