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Gusts of rain buffeted the shutters, and a cold draught swept through the narrow gaps in the wooden slatting, but the hearth fire still smoldered well enough and the peats gave off a fine, red flow, sufficiently warming the room. Not that Maerad needed the fire to warm her; not this night.

A rapturous, languid heat spooled through her veins as she examined the man beside her. In the days following his revelation of love, she had lost all coldness towards him; as quickly as it had come upon her in her hurt, it left her body. Now, in the softness of dark, yearning swirled through her, a wanting that Cadvan must have felt, for he stirred in his sleep.

Grinning, Maerad placed a delicate hand to his bare arm. "Are you awake?"

A brief moment passed before he tightened his grip around her waist. "Mhmm," he whispered lazily, still enthralled in sleep's intricately woven web. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," she assured, breathless at the pressure between their two bodies. The frown relaxed from his brow, and he seemed almost to grin as she traced his jawline.

"You worry of tomorrow," he stated softly. A sigh filled his lungs as he rolled onto his back, his hair roughed against the pillow.

In the dim light, Maerad fancied his lean torso covered in a thin sheet of sweat, a clue into the night past. Blushing, she was grateful he didn't look at her as her eyes brushing across him, enjoying the portrait painted before her. "Well?" he asked.

"Sorry," she mumbled, her face growing Crimson under his observation; how could she have forgotten his question? "I was just-"

"I know," he replied, laughing quietly. "Honestly, Maerad. You needn't fear rejection to your curiosity; I find it perplexing," he grew serious. "I enjoy your lack of reserve."

She made no effort to conceal her bewilderment; everything was so new, exciting to her. In place of fear had blossomed a passion that nothing could staunch save Cadvan. It was an odd feeling, one that Maerad jumped at each time it crawled into the deepest recesses of her heart, but it did not frighten her as it would have long ago. She enjoyed it.

"How long will you be gone?" she licked her lips, preparing herself for the inevitable.

"A fortnight at most," he explained, wishing to drift back into comfortable sleep next to Maerad. "A mere second in the great scheme of life," he smiled brightly, exhaustion draining from his face.

"But one second can change the future," she reminded; he seemed to know what she spoke of.

"Aye, it can," he agreed, stroking the hair away from her face; lulled into a daze, she rested her head against his chest while listening to his even breathing. Her touch worked wonders as she held him close.

"I love you," she whispered, the tempo of his heart increasing when he embraced her tightly, the only answer she required as his hot breath tickled the nape of her neck. "Wait for me, Elednor," he tempted in seductive tone that sent a thrill down her spine. She wanted to do so, yet never before in her life had she been so afraid. She'd found her love in the midst of hardship, and she feared losing him so soon after knowing him completely. Mirroring her thoughts, he gave her a reassuring smile, forcing all the love he felt for her into the expression. His eyes burned suddenly as his lips formed the words, "I love you," and she had all she could do to keep from pulling him back into bed as he sat up.

Her innards burned with destitution as he dressed, knowing how lonely she would be without his company. He took one last moment to scry her beautiful face, bidding her a momentary farewell as he slung a pack over his shoulder. "Light stay with you, my Firelily," he ended, closing the door quietly behind him.

To Be continued...

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