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Chapter 4: Eager Mischief

"How the HELL could this have happened!??!"

"You best check your tone with me, Dr. Riley—!"

"First you have the audacity to scapegoat the staff for your failures, and now you let this whole goddamned place fall into anarchy?! What in the hell were you thinking Bolton!?" Dr. Riley growled at the man he was standing nose to nose with.

"Are you questioning my methods Riley?! You better watch what you say before you

really dig yourself into a whole!"

"Gentlemen! I think this is an exercise in futility and not at all what I need for my investigation, so I suggest you check yourselves and sit down!" Commissioner Gordon managed to cajole sternly, taking a seat and gesturing for them to do the same.

When both men sat down, he continued in briefing them. "So all the inmates were accounted for, except for the Joker and this woman" he stated, the weary wear of exhaustion creeping into his eyes. "Is she considered to be in danger?"

Bolton snorted, "Huh, that woman is danger, Commissioner. Riley over here can vouch for that much."

Curtly nodding, Riley resigned himself to keeping mum unless directly asked.

Commissioner Gordon sat back in his chair with a terse sigh. "I'm going to need all her records. I need next of kin, aliases, former associates, everything you've got on her. It's imperative that I know what to expect from the Joker and any accomplices he has."

Riley raised a brow at the last part. "The records you can have, but I'm afraid they won't provide anything of use to your investigation."

"Well it's my understanding that you've been her caretaker for the last 10 years doctor, so surely you can provide some information on this patient." Gordon's scrutinizing stare was stern, earning Riley's reluctant nod.

"I'd like to speak with you in private about this case, commissioner."

Glancing at Lyle Bolton, the commissioner signaled that he was free to leave.

Once the two men were left in the briefing room, the commissioner glanced at the double-sided mirror as if silently communicating something to the inhabitants on the other side. The intercom buzzed twice, letting him know that they were leaving the room so that it was truly a one on one interrogation.

"Dr. Riley, is your patient connected to the mob?" Gordon spoke so abruptly and straight to the point that the doctor was disarmed by the inquiry.

"N-no, not at all! That isn't the issue…"

"Then what is?" the commissioner found his response troubling.

Looking up into Gordon's eyes from across the table, Riley set his jaw and gathered his hands from his lap to the top of the table.

"Gwen is very dangerous, commissioner. She is in no way susceptible to intimidation, but she is easily influenced by individuals she deems worthy of her time and loyalty. In the 10 years I've treated her, she has never abated in her mania or her desire to cause chaos. But that in itself is only part of the issue."

Scowling, Gordon leant over the table to ask in a tense tone, "You just told me she's a psychopath who can be manipulated by Gotham's most insane criminal. What else could be the issue?"

A tense silence hung over the room before Dr. Riley sat back in his chair. His eyes were cold when he stated, "Gwen is destructive, sadistic, child-like, provocative, and frighteningly intelligent. She's been here for 10 years, and not once has she ever tried to escape. She has gotten out of her cell dozens of times, and was completely capable of escaping the asylum, but she never did. Do you know why, commissioner?"

Gordon's expression grew perplexed. "I don't, doctor."

"Because she's been waiting for someone" he stated matter of factly before adding, "she could have escaped, but she chose not to. To her, there was no need to escape because there was nothing she wanted to do. She's been waiting for someone to spark her interests…and I'm afraid the Joker is the person who did it."

The ramifications of the doctor's statement sent a chill down Gordon's spine. Standing from his chair, he paced the room, contemplating just how the hell he was going to anticipate the Joker when he had such a dangerous pawn at his disposal.

"Doctor, I'm going to need those files" he finally stated before turning to give the doctor an intense glance. "If she is as dangerous as you say, I'm going to have to put out the warning to all my men."

"Of course, commissioner…I'll get right on it and please contact me if you need anything else."

As Riley got up to go to the door, he felt the tension in his shoulders creep down into his gut. He couldn't very well disclose everything, but he knew he had to cooperate or risk getting found out.

"Dr. Riley, one last thing."

Freezing at the doorway, Riley turned to look over his shoulder at the commissioner.

"Bolton mentioned something about birds of a feather hunting together. He seemed very irate about the fact that any prisoner escaped under his watch, but there was something about his reference…"

"I'm afraid I don't quite follow, commissioner."

Shaking his head in a dismissive way, Gordon replied, "I guess just too much stress and caffeine, doctor. Please, if you can think of anything that could be helpful, contact me."

"Of course, commissioner."

The commissioner of Gotham City watched the man leave the room. He sensed that he knew more than he was disclosing, but he hoped that the files would tell the story for the doctor. If not, he could only imagine how dark the woman's history was.

He had more pressing matters than this woman, however. The Joker was out and god help him he didn't know how he was going to stop him this time. With the anarchy he created only a few months ago, the Joker had been able to destroy any sense of hope and justice, and now with the Batman as an outlaw himself, Gordon was at a loss.

One thing he knew for sure was that at this very moment while he was doddling helplessly, the Joker was regrouping and preparing to turn Gotham inside out once again…


"…her up…little minx passed out…didn't even get to wear her out properly…"

"…think she's dehydrated boss…should I cut her loose?"

"…take care of her, Slappy…going to get into my Sunday's best…"

The strings of dialogue were edging into her awareness as she was coming back from her unconsciousness. She felt herself get hauled by the front of her straight jacket into a sitting position before the straps were sliced off one by one. The room echoed, and the floor was cold concrete. A faint scent of blood and decay hung in the damp room.

"Hey, you awake?" the henchmen asked as he shook her. "C'mon stand up for me." She was yanked up to her feet before the straight jacket was tugged off of her. When her arms were freed, she immediately gripped the taller man's shoulder to regain her balance as she shook her daze away. She looked up when she felt him flinch.

The clown mask with the mocking grin plastered in runny green paint greeted her. Arching a brow, she looked around and realized she was in some sort of meat-packing locker.

"The boss wants you to clean up" the henchmen muttered, snapping her glassy glaze back on him. "Strip and get under that spray…I'll snap the water on" he stated carefully as she eyed him stoically. Just when he thought she was going to tear his jugular out, she let go of his shoulder and wandered over to where cuts of beef would've been sprayed down and kept clean in the locker.

As she went, she stripped off her bloodied hospital tank top and yanked off her shorts, leaving her naked save for the blood stains that caked her mouth, neck and chest. Rowan noticed the clatter of little white gel capsules that had fallen out from between her cleavage once she stripped the shirt off. Picking up the straight jacket and inspecting it, he noticed the little tear just in the arm loop seam where she had been slipping her meds through.

Noticing how she looked up at the water sprayer in anticipation, Rowan tossed the jacket and turned the nozzle. The water slowly trickled down on her before becoming a steady spray. He watched as she wiped her mouth of the blood and proceeded to greedily guzzle the water. As she drank directly from the cascading spray, she rinsed her body off before running her fingers through her long hair to get out all the caked blood and tangles.

He watched her with cautious trepidation, not having been afraid of a woman ever before.

The heavy door leading into the room slammed and startled him. "Like what you see, Slappy?" He jerked his head around to face the Joker who was back to his trademark attire and war paint.

"She's crafty boss…managed to avoid taking her meds and hid them in her top, even with the straightjacket on" he answered instead and looked back at the woman showering off.

When the Joker didn't respond or quip back, he glanced at him and saw how he watched Gwen. Her eyes were closed as she let the water rain down on her head, turning to face them and wringing her hair out. The scar on her belly was jagged and prominent, a coarse etch on her tan skin that the Joker was currently fixatedly staring at.

"Leave us, Slappy."

He didn't have to be told twice. Rowan nodded and left the locker, leaving the Joker to stare at her before he shut the nozzle off and strutted over to her.

When the water stopped, she opened her eyes and blinked up at the sprayer. "Feeling better, puppet?"

Her gaze snapped to the Joker, as if she just realized he was standing there in all his glory. She blinked at him in awe at his rejuvenated canvas before she closed the distance between them and reached for his face.

Instinctively, the Joker grabbed her hand and frowned at her before brusquely pulling her against him. "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to stick your fingers in people's wounds, hmm?!" he snarled, his eyes flaring with hostility.

Not at all startled, Gwen looked up into his dark eyes and smiled. "But you have such a lovely wound, I don't think any mother would mind if I touched…"

Huffing through his nose, the Joker glared at her out of the corners of his eyes. "Be that as it may… next time, I might not let you keep these fingers, doll" he hissed as his temper quelled and he smiled sadistically at her and chomped his teeth together for emphasis before releasing her fingers.

She giggled. Giggled at him! The noise was so pleasant that it sent conflicting sensations down his spine.

His eyes wandered all over her naked body once more, watching as her full breasts quivered with her mirth and how her taut stomach tensed, making her scar ever the more alluring to him.

There was no question. He was going to enjoy every minute he had with the little marionette until she bored him into homicide.

"As much as I'd like to keep you in your birthday suit, darling, I don't think you'd like the cold and the leers" he remarked convivially to her before tipping her chin up and cutting her giggles off. "I feel like window shopping and trouble making" he stated before chuckling at his own joke.

She started giggling again, as if she understood his meaning. Instead, she was just thrilled that he seemed to be planning all sorts of fun things for her to do…


With the holidays only weeks away, the Gotham City Mall was packed with shoppers hunting for the best gifts and burning off the stripes on their credit cards. The mall had every chain brand, boutique, and shop a shopper could need and an array of utterly unnecessary ones too. At this time in the afternoon, the sunlight was dimming from the dome glass ceiling above the mall's center and much of the rush was dying down to window shoppers and bargain hunters.

A few security guards were in charge of keeping perimeters, but nothing out of the ordinary was seen on the security monitors. That is, aside from the thugs that were suddenly chaining all the emergency exits closed from the inside corridors. Mack, the head of surveillance, went to call it in when the dull roar of gunfire began to ring out throughout the mall.

His door was kicked open and he was knocked unconscious before getting dragged out to the corridor and being tied up with some other security guards.

"All secure here" one of the clown-masked thugs wired back over his com. An affirmative response crackled in his ear before he nodded at the other thugs and went back into the surveillance room.

Quickly, the thug went to work on locking down the rest of the mall, tripping the panic system on. Disabling the alarm, he went to work on patching all the video cameras out to the parking lots and all the entrances, watching as all the lockdown gates fell and closed any escape for the mall hostages and thwarted the cops from getting in.

"We're locked down tight" he confirmed over his com, sitting back to watch the chaos on the dozens of monitors.

All the hostages were being corralled around the main plaza of the mall, which overlooked the elaborate fountain that sat just bellow the glass dome. Men in clown masks were shouting and terrorizing shoppers in all directions as the Joker wandered around the store fronts with his hands behind his back and a frugal expression on his face.

His carefree airs made him stand out in the terror and violence occurring around him as he stopped to look into a particular store window. The trinket and bobble store had all kinds of useless and decorative heirlooms, so he let his eyes wander over the meaningless crap.

"Can I window shop with you?"

The light-hearted tone caught his attention away from the store. He looked at Gwen with a wickedness that tickled the shadows of his eyes. Wrapped up in his long purple trenchcoat, her damp hair cascaded over the coat's shoulders and beyond, making her look like a comical wraith.

"Of course you can!" he drawled with a sweet drip in his tone, pulling her to his side and scooting her around to stand in front of him. "After all, you gave me the idea, sweets" he continued against her ear as he propped his forearms to hang over her shoulders. "I saw something in the back of this store that screams you, doll. If you're a good girl for me I might pick it up for you."

Smiling against his arm, she smelled his scent before turning to face him suddenly. "I don't have any money, though" she chirped up in doubt, her brows arching in a child-like way that took him a minute to distinguish as genuine.

His tongue darted out to lave the corner of his mouth before his glassgow pulled into a wide smirk that didn't quite reach his dark eyes. "Ah, don't worry about it-uh. The city's footing the bill. Just go on and pick out whatever you'd like. I suggest you grab a wardrobe or two. Something cute and tight would be nice" he grinned at her before turning them both to the chaos.

He signaled Rowan over and shoved Gwen into his chest. "Escort my puppet to get some clothes. I've got some more window shopping to do" he instructed to Slappy and watched him nod and lead Gwen away.

She looked around Slappy to give the Joker a heated look that sent a jolt down his spine. He chuckled to himself and waved her away with an encouraging expression. Reassured, she latched off of Slappy and ran ahead of him, darting from one store to another. The Joker hummed to himself as he continued down the shops, spotting just what he'd been looking for in a home appliance store.

Meanwhile, Gwen ran into one store and another, looking at all the things like they were too expensive to even breathe on before quickly snatching up the things that caught her eye. Rowan had to stuff his handgun in the back of his jeans when she started accumulating bags upon bags of things that were hastily made by the few store clerks he found hobbling in fear in each shop.

Most of the shoppers, however, were corralled and zippy-tied together in circles where they were forced to clench live grenades into their shaking hands, deterring many from making any sudden moves or trying to play hero, let alone escape. When Gwen skipped into another store, Rowan glanced around quick enough to spot the Joker among the hysterical crowds and henchmen, a digital camcorder swinging around in his hand.

A shout of pain caught his attention back to the store Gwen had gone into. He rushed in to find her kicking a security guard they had missed in the sweep down to the floor after snapping his wrist in three places. He glanced around to find a few goth-punk sales girls cowering behind the racks and register, and realized he was in the trendy emo-kid store. Gwen left the guard crumbled next to the cosmetics wall as she picked up his handgun and effectively dismantled the gun by ejecting the magazine and sliding the upper barrel case off. She dropped the useless firearm to the ground and wandered over to a rack of lingerie.

Her brows knitted together, utterly confused at what was what and how to wear it. She glanced at Rowan the way a child would silently ask 'how do I do this?'

Tossing the shopping bags down, Rowan went over and grabbed the closest goth girl with a nametag and yanked her up. "Do me a favor and help her out? I barely know how to unclasp a bra" he said and walked the girl with violet streaks and red/black eyeshadow over to where Gwen was.

"S-sure, as long as you don't blow me away" the girl stammered up at him and tried not to shake to pieces.

"Just be smart and do what you're told. Oh, and be nice to her. Treat her like she's the only customer you've got" he instructed, wanting to kick himself when he realized she WAS the only customer in the store.

Nodding, the girl walked the rest of the way and smiled as hard as she could. "Hi, I'm here to help. Do you see anything you like?" she managed through her nervous stammering.

Gwen looked relieved to see another woman. "This thing is as big as my head!" she said in awe, holding up a bra with a double D cup.

"Ahaha, yeah, well you look more like a medium C cup. Here, I think these would fit you" the girl, Harlow according to her nametag, grabbed a few bras and showed her.

Smiling, Gwen nodded and shrugged out of the heavy trenchcoat to stand completely nude.

Everyone, including Rowan, was taken aback as she pointed out the panties she liked and the clerk handed her a fitted size in shock. Soon enough Gwen was in a push up bra and platinum pink boy shorts, reaching for all kinds of clothes and then pointing and asking about the fun clips she liked for her hair.

Harlow snapped up a couple of makeup cases and eyeliners she thought would work best for her while Gwen tossed a few bottles of brilliant hair dye she liked into the bag with the rest of her things.

Rowan was a bit shocked at how she was behaving. The last time he saw her, she had been covered in blood and looking stark raving mad, and now she wandered around like a feminine novice. Gwen laughed when she saw a shirt she liked and tossed it with the rest, then was struck with a sudden worry. She grabbed Harlow and whispered to her, and the girl nervously nodded her head and led her into the back where the fitting rooms were.

Rowan inwardly tensed at what she could be doing, but after a few minutes, he was calmed when Gwen stepped out completely dressed and done up like a punk-chic princess, her hair up and glam up with pins of little red and white skulls holding her long bangs out of her face. She wore platform black boots with a thick heel and fishnet stockings that went to her mid thigh, an embellished skirt with little belts crisscrossing along the high waist and a tight long-sleeved neon green fishnet top that her red and lacy push-up bra could be seen through. The clerk even did her make up, exaggerating the shape of her almond eyes and rouging her full lips.

Turning to look at herself in the full mirror, Gwen made a little noise that indicated she was pleased before wandering along to find the trench coat and clutch it to her chest as she wandered out of the store.

Rowan hurried to grab everything and rush after her, when a series of screams began echoing from the mall's fountain.


"A-tah-tah-taaah!" The Joker hushed at the woman as she cried and whimpered into the camera's lens. "Don't you want to be strong for your husband? Hmm? I think you're scaring him with all your yelling" he cooed before yanking her by the zippy tie around her wrists and dragging her over to the bloodied man who tried to pull himself out of the fountain.

The woman screamed the whole way and finally choked on her cries when he fished out his pocket knife from behind the camera and dangled it over her face. "Aww, c'mon Sandra, don't you think Carl deserves an apology for getting him all beat up?? I mean here he is, trying to be brave for you, and you try and run when Dopey tries to tie you up! I mean, doesn't seem like you're showing much gratitude for him taking your place, now does it?"

The woman cowered against the ledge of the fountain, shaking with sobs and trying not to look her husband in his swollen face.

"Shhh, shhh, c'mon, don't blubber. You look so ugly with your make up and nose running all over your face" he snickered and panned the camera over at Carl, who wheezed to keep breathing. "All I wanted to do was take a Holiday census, but you scoffed and declined my questions. That wasn't very nice, Carl" he dragged the third consonant out before slurring his tone. "I mean, really, where is your holiday spirit?!"

The shot rang out in the mall and Sandra screamed in horror, lunging over to grab Carl as the Joker kicked her dead husband back into the fountain. The camera panned at Carl's body as it bobbed in the fountain and red spread in the clear water.

The camera crouched down and then the Joker's face came into view. "I think, Sandra's New Year's resolution should be not to be so stupid, otherwise, she might have to scratch another person off her Christmas gift list next December" he remarked and unleashed the fit of laughter he'd been holding back throughout the whole display, panning the camera over to Sandra's catatonic face as she went into shock. "Now, say Merry Christmas and Happy Rocket-grenades to everyone in Gotham, from you and me" he stated convivially and burst into a cacophony before the camera's lens went out of focus and her scream tore through the mall once again before the camcorder was shut off.


"See that this gets passed on, will yah" the Joker instructed smoothly as he tossed the digital camcorder to the closest henchmen and left the mess by the fountain.

He smiled cheekily at the cowering hostages, wiping his gloved hands on someone's scarf before tossing it away.

"You started the fun without me!" the surly cry made the Joker pause before turning to regard its owner. Her appearance gave him pause.

She practically materialized in front of him she was so fast, her red lips pursed in a displeased expression. He eyed her from the top of her combed and ponytail-ed hair with the little clips adorning it, pausing at her push-up bra visible through the mesh shirt and working his way down and back up to her face. Even though she was slim from her prolonged dehydration and starvation, she looked like a punk school girl with the body of a burlesque dancer. It took some convincing to collect his usually sharp wit from the scatter-brained mess it had become…something that didn't happen often.

"Well" he leaned in and smiled at her, an expression vacant of malice but revealing a hint of allure. "You look feisty, doll. Hope you didn't get done up only on my account" he teased, grabbing his trench coat and shrugging into it before snaking his arms around her waist and playfully waltzing her around. "I loved your old look, but this one is all sin" he hissed in her ear, making her giggle with joy as she swung around in his arms. The hostages looked on in terror, not understanding what was going on, while the boys tried not to stare too hard.

Swinging her hard, he let go of her and watched as she spun around and stopped herself effortlessly before she would've plowed into Rowan, who looked like a harried clown with all the bags he held. The whole time she giggled, as if unaware of the tension in the air. When she stopped short of bumping into Rowan, she simply looked across to the Joker and smiled before spinning her way back and grabbing him as she led their waltz this time.

Surprised, the Joker whooped in laughter. She was so vivacious and eager that it was becoming hard for him to decide just what he wanted to do with her. Since the minute he saw her at Arkham, the sexual pull had been their, deep in his gut. He wasn't normally very carnal, but with every interaction that pull increased and made the knot in his gut tighter. The fact that she was dressed like an adorable trollop when she was a murderous maniac intrigued his attraction. Well, the fact that he was even attracted to her was enough to give him pause. But then again, his celibate spell surely wasn't helping matters.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Gwen nuzzled the collar of his shirt, earning a grunt of amusement from him as his hands snaked to the small of her back.

A loud crash blew the scene apart as plexi-glass began to rain down from the sky dome over the fountain, creating even more hysteria as gun fire began to pop off and people were screaming all around them. Crouching with their arms over they heads, the Joker glance up to see the Batman practically fly down from the mall's ceiling to the ground, taking out two of his henchmen in the process.

"Well well" he gritted between his teeth, grabbing Gwen's arm and jerking him up with him as he dodged the commotion behind a flank of his men. "Bout time Batsy showed up" he mumbled to himself comically and crashed to the ground with Gwen under him when more loud pops went off and a smoke bomb plumed around them.

He heard more than saw some of his men get launched and pounded every which way there was, glancing up long enough to see many of the hostages hightailing it out any direction there was the least chaos.

"We gotta go, boss!" Slappy roared over the gunfire and hysteria, crouching down by the Joker and aiming a few shots into the smoke cloud.

Gwen wiggled under him, her stomach rubbing against his crotch and causing heat to awaken beyond the zipper of his trousers. She barely heard the interested grunt that emanated from him before he hauled her up again.

The smoke dissipated, but before it did he saw the black mass of Gotham's protector as he fistedcuffed with some of his boys, one of which crashed into Slappy from a roundhouse kick to the head, leaving the Joker to stand with a crooked hunch to his shoulders. He submerged a grin when the Bat turned to set his glowering glare on him, loving how it shifted from rage to stiff concern for the woman he pulled against him. The Joker chuckled against Gwen's temple as he held his favorite blade against her throat while the other arm firmly pinned her against him.

"Ah-see how quick you sober at the presence of such a fetching creature" he remarked more than asked in his mock-jovial tone, silently communing with Gwen as she pressed her round backside against his groin and feigned fear by gripping the sides of his trench coat. "I guess you're still carrying a torch for the dearly departed, aren't ya" he mused sinisterly as he pressed his hips against Gwen and smirked. He knew she was in on the game when one of her hands slipped over the back of his and eagerly squeezed when he pressed the blade firmly against her jugular, a gesture that could've been perceived as anxious fear when it was something wanton and playful.

"Let her go. This has nothing to do with her or the others" the gravelly growl was clenched as Batman made a gesture that he was stepping down for the woman's sake.

"Oh, I plan on taking this little minx with me. Boys" he growled mischievously, "get our things and bring the cars around."

"Dammit Joker—!!" the Batman growled wearily and took a step forward.

"Now, ol' buddy, you wouldn't want to get her pretty throat slit would you?" the menace was an undertone that glazed the mocking fun his voice rose to.

When the Batman halted and stiffened from the hero conflict, the Joker smiled wide, his scarred cheek brushing against the side of Gwen's face as he effortlessly dragged her, backstepping with his men out to the nearest exit.


As soon as the Joker was in the van with all the bags and what was left of the guys, Rowan slammed the door shut and hopped into the passenger seat just before the van peeled out of the parking lot. He didn't know how the hell they had managed the escape, but once he looked into the back of the cab he knew the boss' new playmate helped considerably.

The two other vans split up to lead whatever cops on a wild chase while they assimilated into the rush hour traffic heading into the Narrows. Rowan pulled off his clown mask and ran his thick fingers through his jet black hair, combing any rogue strands off his temples and forehead. A hushed giggle took his attention off the road traffic ahead, leading him to glance over the head rest at the boss and his plaything.

The boss was whispering in her ear, his eyes cunning and sharp with sadistic glee, with Gwen practically in his lap and nuzzling his shoulder and murmurring responses to him.

While it was a weird fucking sight, Rowan had to admit that if the boss was out of his get up, scrubbed clean and pressed into civilian wear, they'd look like any other horny couple flirting in public.

Couple of what!? The thought scared him slightly. What was in store for everyone now that the two looniest of deviants were playing together?


Once they entered the compound, everyone was back on edge. The Joker's mood had sobered and he was expecting people to move onto the next order of business. Rowan had dutifully gone to set up his end of the orders, leaving the Joker to his own devices. Most of those devices were honed in on Gwen, who he led to the private quarters of his hide out. Her things were left in the warehouse for whoever was balsy enough to take them up without instruction to do so.

As the compound seem to buzz around them, Gwen was ushered up the stairs pass a set of stained and dingy windows looking into the warehouse below towards a more commercial wing of what used to be Gotham City's manufacturing sector along the Narrows' now abandoned waterway port.

Gwen gazed avidly all around her as she was pulled along by the Joker. He had fallen into a tense silence after she had unabashedly climbed into his lap and sheltered herself from the cold by burrowing against him, relishing in the warmth of his coat and his torso.

Gwen searched his profile, looking for any discernable twinge, but only saw the swipe of his tongue as it laved his scarred bottom lip.

They rounded a corner and came to the sky office of the warehouse, furnished with a cluttered desk, one old lamp on said desk, a wardrobe, and a large bed covered with a grimy comforter and sheets. A few pillows were propped against the broken headboard and books were littered in piles and stacks all around the right side of the bed. To the left of the bed was a small bathroom with the sparse ammenities.

Gwen stood over the desk and heard the door slam shut as she trailed her curious fingers over a stack of blueprints. "Peering eyes usually get plucked for their curiosity" the growl came over her shoulder as his hand gripped her wrist, pulling her away from the desk and shoving her to sit at the foot of the bed.

Her gaze lowered from the dark smears of his eyes to his hands as he pulled his purple gloves off and tossed them into the open wardrobe, his trench coat already in a heap on the floor over some scattered books. When he pulled his jacket off and tossed it over to the wardrobe, he saw how the innocent flicker disappeared from her auburn eyes. Instead, it was replaced with a slow-creeping seductive gleam that seemed to transform her deameanor.

She began to radiate an almost coquetish lust as she watched him take his green vest off. He watched her, sizing her up as his tongue idlely tugged on the corner of his scarred mouth.

"That," he drawled coolly as his calloused fingers trailed over her jawline before gripping her chin. "Reminds me…" as abrupt as his caress begun it ended when he stepped towards the door and left her in the room to blink at the doorway.

Huffing through her nose, she tossed herself onto the bed, feeling an unrequited lust burn down her. Pressing her thighs together, she felt her cheeks burn as she realized how riled up she was from the whirlwind day. So many snapshots bombarded her, making her shake her head clear of the mess so she could sit up and pull her legs free of the platform boots. Leaping up towards the pillows, she buried her face into the musky scent that clung in her memory and on the pillow.

She was so eager to see what her friend had planned for them. The more she cuddled his pillow, the more her mind wandered over the possibilities. Her mind honed in on the tingly sensations he had managed to stir in her, her thighs to rubbing against each other absently as she remembered the hard ridge that had pressed into her backside when she played the hostage. It had persisted in the ride over to this hide out while she sat in his lap, the memory so fresh it made arousal throb to her loins.

Her hand trailed down her stomach and ventured up her skirt, too eager and tantalized by her animal attraction to her new friend. Pressing vigorously and rubbing herself into a heated passion, Gwen closed her eyes and imagined the Joker's calloused fingers were touching her instead. She hadn't realized how long she had gone without someone else's touch tickling her skin, so when he had touched her she had relished the sensations. Those sensations were all she focused on now as she drove herself to a desperate frenzy.

Panting, she arched when she felt herself growing feverish with need. Then a flash lit up the back of her eyes and she made a soft cry of ecstasy, enjoying the quick relief as it washed over her. As she began to relax over the musty sheets, she stretched her tired body out and went to curl up on her side.

"It's been a while since I saw anything so scrumptious" snapping her eyes open she saw the Joker leaning against the doorframe, a long shadow from the hallway spilling over his frame while the lamp drenched the side of his face with light.

He'd been watching her for the last few minutes. It had taken a lot of his patience not to join her before she was finished, but he found something alluring in the fact that he had been only gone at least 10 minutes and she'd gone ahead without him. She was deliciously uninhibited and fixated on nothing but her baser impulses. It was a breath of fresh air, if there was such a stupid thing.

Walking into the room and kicking the door closed behind him, the Joker tossed the shopping bag he'd retrieved onto the desk, his previous intentions falling to the wayside as he stalked over to her with a shameless smirk tugging his ruggedly scarred features. "Damn darh-ling, you look good enough to eat" he funnily husked to her as he grabbed her ankle and dragged her to the end of the bed.

Gwen exhaled in excitement, her skin still tingly from her previous self gratification. She sat up and grabbed a fist full of his shirt, tugging him down to the bed with her. His grunt of surprised turned into a cackle when he rolled on top of her and began to rough house with her. She giggled warmly and arched against him, trying to align her hips to her so she could grind against him. Her hair became tussled and her lipstick smeared on his throat when he grabbed her ass and forced her to grind down on his hips.

"Can I…kiss you?" she breathed sultrily against his throat, her tongue brushing against his skin and tasting him.

The Joker snorted as he relaxed under her and let his hands fondle every curve. "Kiss at your on risssk" he drawled hungrily, sitting them both up so he could snake his hand between her thighs.

She gasped at the contact, grinding down on his hand and devilishly gazing into his dark burning eyes. His fingers rubbed against the damp cloth of her panties, the friction exquisite under his touch. She gripped his shoulders, pulling herself in close and surprising him once again with her initiation of the 'kiss.'

Pressing in close, she laved her tongue across the scar along the right side of his face all the way to the corner of his mouth before suckling down on his bottom lip and working up his left scar. Ho-lee shit!! The Joker inwardly gritted and felt his cock strain against the confines of his trousers. Just when she was going to pull back, he dove forward and devoured her lips, kissing her with such abandon that it took her a few seconds to reciprocate with equal gusto.

As the kiss grew hot and frantic, they began tugging on each other's clothes. She fumbled with the buttons of his custom dress shirt while he roughly unzipped her skirt and began yanking the mesh shirt off her lithe body.

Growling with predatory desire, the Joker tossed her onto the bed and yanked the skirt off to be discarded with the meddlesome shirt. He sat on his knees over her as he tugged the open shirt off, kicking his shoes off and reaching quickly to the front of his trousers. Before his fingers could fiddle with the buttons and zipper, Gwen's tapered digits came up to make short work of his pants, freeing his hardened shaft after shoving the intrusive confines away.

He panted raggedly through parted lips, watching as Gwen trailed her tongue down his hairless navel down to his member, leaving a wet slick of saliva in her wake. Just before her mouth would've pursed over the tip of his swollen erection, he grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her up into a starved kiss, his hands tearing at her bra and freeing her heavy breasts to be cupped in his calloused and hot hands. Her fingers dug into his hair as they kissed, his hands snapping the fishnet stockings from the sexy boy shorts before shoving his fingers in their waistband.

Slamming her against the headboard, he pulled off her panties and left her with only her stockings. She was watching from under the canopy of her disheveled bangs, her hair completely tousled and free. The wild look burning in her irises made him smile crookedly at her as he kicked off the last of his clothing. Her eyes were unfocusedly raking over his body, over every taut muscle of his belly and his sun-touched skin.

"See anything you want" the comment was mocking but scintillating in tone.

Her hand came up to rest flat on his chest palm flat, her long fingers splaying over his skin, her nails looking capable of slashing someone's throat out. Suddenly she shoved him back onto the bed before she quickly climbed on top of him and ground down on his lap. He looked up at her, his hungry stare lingering on her long and jagged scar along her womb before his hands grabbed her breasts. Squeezing hard, he rolled his hips and ground his hard cock along her wet and eager womanhood.

She breathed a gasp and sighed, "Joker…"

He chuckled darkly up at her. "I didn't think you even knew my name, puppet." In no rush to conquer her, he let her rub against him until the sensations drove him to pant and groan raggedly.

Leaning down she licked the corner of his mouth, as she'd seen him do so many times already, and said, "I'm not that out of touch."

He laughed against her jaw before tossing them both to roll over so he could be on top. "No, no you aren't" he growled as he began to guide his cock into her. She stiffened and cried out heatedly as he penetrated her with a firm thrust into her.

The feeling of her sheathing him was electrifying. He reveled in her tight heat as he began fucking her wantonly, loving how she clung to him and rocked back against him with his every thrust.

"Goddamn—!" he groaned as he sat back and pulled her up into his lap with him. She laughed melodiously before gasping with his next thrust, his drive becoming more pounding and focused on curving a bit to hit the bundle of nerves inside her. She fit perfectly against him, their mouths ripe for each other's hunger.

They kissed as they ground against each other, her mewls of pleasure trapped in his mouth and distorted by the twirling of his tongue against hers. Breaking the kiss, the Joker leaned her away from him so his mouth could fall upon her hearty breasts. He didn't really know why he was taking his time with the little minx, but her eagerness to be devoured was just too exhilarating to ignore.

Her hands gripped his arms, the tips of her nails digging into his skin as his mouth slurped one of her studded nipples around his tongue, laving at the heated flesh as she cried out in drunken ecstasy. His hands pressed against the small of her back were the only thing keeping her suspended and taut like a bow as his mouth worked her into hypersensitivity.

She arched against his mouth when she tried to ride his cock in and out of her. Instead, she began to writhe, feeling herself near the edge to mind-altering bliss.

Unable to ignore her imploring motions, let alone the trembling and engulfing heat that his member was basking in, the Joker finally slammed her back onto the bed and began pounding into her with abandon. Before long, her entire body began to clench and spasm around him as the knot in his apex began coming undone.

She abruptly cried out in the most lovely way, arching and clinging against him as she was overtaken by her orgasm. She mumbled his name over and over again, as if trying to keep a grip on him and on her sanity.

"Oh yess" he seethed and drove into her several more times before he came undone inside her. He pounded into her desperately, riding out his climax until he felt all sense go out of him. When he could finally regain his breath, he realized he had collapsed on top of her and was panting against her neck.

Sitting up slightly, he licked the sloping muscle that connected her slender neck to her shoulder before rolling off of her. She trembled once the heat of his body pulled away, causing her to roll on top of him seeking his warmth.

The Joker was too sated to frown at her, but he did arch a brow as he muttered, "I don't cuddle, doll."

She looked into his eyes, and he could see a smile in the darkness of her auburn gaze. "I guess I'll do so at my own risk" she purred and settled her head over his shoulder and relaxed on top of him. He blinked, turning slightly to look down at her closed eyes and whimsical expression of tranquility. Tossing his head onto the crumpled pillows, he snorted inwardly and just knew he'd been too…accommodating with his new plaything.

Next time, he'd break her in properly.


Author's note: I think you all know what store I'm talking about lol And yes you'll have to wait until next installment to find out what the Joker got her~ =p