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Chapter 1

Jo Mills grabbed her carry on luggage and exited the airport lounge and swiftly walked toward the gate to board her plane to Australia. As she approached gate number 6 she saw a pale and nervous looking John Deed pacing back and forth with his head in his hands in front of the gate. Jo quickly turned around and took in a deep breath before taking on the toughest challenge of her life, saying goodbye to John for the last time.

"Jo, please don't leave," John begged looking up as Jo purposefully strode towards him.

"I have to John, this has to end between you and I. We just go in this never ending circle and I'm the one hurt every time. I can't get hurt by you again John. I don't want to end up hating you."

"Jo, I love you please, I never wanted it to end this way," John said stammering for words.

"How did you expect it to end John? What with you always go for the short skirts, you always have. Do you not remember when we first met?" Jo said as if it was common knowledge, which it was.

"Of course I do, but things have changed, I want to commit to, I want to marry you. Jo, you're the only woman I've ever truly loved," john said straight from the heart.

"I know and that's the reason you just thought that you could do whatever you wanted and I'd always come back to you. You never saw the pain that you've caused me," Jo said with tears brimming her eyes.

"I….I….I never meant to, all I ever wanted to do was love you," John bumbled through the beginning of genuine tears. Then an announcement over the airport intercom interrupted their goodbye 'final boarding call for flight 681 to Melbourne, Australia.'

"That's me, I……. have to go," was all Jo could say through a pool of tears.

"Please don't, I'll do anything, anything just stay and give us one last go, I love you," John sincerely pledged. Jo could see the honesty and pain in John's eyes and she couldn't help but think what if he changed this time? No she wouldn't and couldn't think like that, not again, it's what she did every time and even though John always really wanted to change he never did. Jo would end up forgiving him and then he'd lie and they'd up but at the start.

"I can't John, you only want me when you can't have me and every time I forgive you, the pattern repeats itself again. I need to leave, for me, if you really love me John then let me go," Jo croaked through her tears.

Jo leaned in and passionately and deeply kissed John for the final time, with all the unresolved and never spoken emotions bubbling between them. Jo pulled away and whispered "I love you," as she turned to board the plane.

"One last thing John, was it worth it? Were they worth it?" Jo said just audibly, referring to John's affairs and all the women he had been with and lied about to Jo. She just couldn't stop her anger and curiosity from over taking her and the aching in her heart from all the broken pieces that John continually broke and put back together. Though every time he put it back together a couple of pieces wouldn't fit and Jo knew that eventually her heart would be incapable of healing. John stood glued to the spot speechless, unable to comprehend what he had just lost and as he saw Jo turn around to briefly look at him for the last time before she disappeared out of his life forever he whispered

"I love you."