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Hermione was bored. It had got to the point in this particular double charms lesson that she had done the work required of her and she still had an hour to go. Ron and Harry were still struggling valiantly to conquer the correct swirl and point necessary when casting the spell, but Hermione couldn't be bothered to help them. With a sudden thought she raised her hand.

Professor Flitwick looked up from his desk in surprise. "You don't need help do you Miss Granger?" He asked in shock.

"Hardly." She smiled. "I've finished. If you were setting any homework this lesson, could I have it now and make a start? It would be preferable to sitting here bored out of my brain."

Flitwick disappeared behind a stack of books and emerged with an assignment. He sent it flying over to her and she caught it deftly with a flick of her wand, lowering it onto her desk.

"Thank you professor." She replied, and got started, much to the chagrin of those around her. She managed to get a tricky arithmacy question finished too, making sure Flitwick was unaware of what she was doing in case he just set her extra charms. She may be eager to learn, but she wasn't stupid.

"You could have helped us." Moaned Ron as they left the classroom when the bell eventually went. "We haven't even mastered the spell yet let alone started the assignment."

"Not my fault you rely on me Ron." She replied. "As for me I'm afraid I feel no guilt from your poorly disguised guilt trip, au contraire, I now have no homework to do tonight."

Harry gave her a look. "So what are you going to do instead? You always have homework."

Hermione was momentarily stumped. "I'll think of something." She rallied.


That evening Hermione was once again, bored. She'd thought about having that girly chat Lavender and Parvati were always bugging her about, but they were working. Ginny wouldn't stop to play cards, she was in detention for accidentally on purpose letting off a dung bomb Fred and George had sent her in the post, her excuse that she hadn't asked them for it falling on deaf Slytherin ears as Snape maliciously assigned her detention with Filch. Oh he'd set detention all right, just didn't like to actually spend time with the student in question unless he felt they really deserved it.

With a growl she checked her homework diary one more time, just in case she'd missed something that didn't have to be in for a while. There was nothing, she was completely and utterly up to date. What was the point in being so smart if it left her with nothing to do when all her friends took so long to do anything?

I need a hobby, a project of some kind to keep me from going stir crazy…

She gazed around the common room searching for inspiration. The knitting for S.P.E.W hadn't worked, so she disregarded that. Reading for pleasure? She did that enough anyway it wasn't anything new.

"I'm going for a walk." She told the boys, but they barely grunted in acknowledgement. Hermione swept out of the common room and down the steps in frustration. Ginny would have some kind of scheme to propose, but she wasn't around. Hermione walked around the castle for a while, greeting the various ghosts, students and paintings that spoke to her. After some time she found her steps taking her to the trophy room. With shrug she figured she'd never really taken a good look around it, and it would pass some time at least.

She'd been browsing for a while, snorting with indignation at Ron and Harry's service to the school awards like they'd have got anywhere without me when she came across a smaller cabinet tucked away in one corner. The shields in this weren't as dignified or official looking as the others, and she bent closer to read them.

Leonora Dirk and Adam Wills, for making the most use of the Room of Requirements more nefarious purposes.

Nathan Pews, for tickling that pear first.

Jason Peeves, most pranks pulled on a single member of Staff, a certain Argus Filch.

'The Marauders', for the creation of the Map of Mischief.

Bartholomew Jacobs, most detentions in a year.

Fred and George Weasley, most magnificent dropping out in Hogwarts history.

Fred and George Weasley, most pranks pulled on fellow students.

The last was tarnished, so she couldn't read the name on it. It was the award for most creative pranks

Hermione straightened up. This was perfect. She could spend all her free time thinking up various pranks to wrest an award out of this cabinet. As her services to the school were overlooked, her actions against it were bound to be noticed. She bent to study the list again, wanting to choose an award to win. Detentions in a year were out; she was bound to get loads for her pranks as it was. Pranks against fellow pupils would be a hard one to beat, the Weasleys were notorious throughout their school career, and she was in her last. Her eyes stopped on the last award, the nameless one.

"That would be perfect, I reckon I'm smart enough to think up some really imaginative ones. Plus I don't know who it is so I don't feel guilty about stealing their title."

There was a cough from the doorway and Hermione span round. Snape was stood smirking at her. "Wandering around the school alone and muttering to yourself? Tsk Tsk Miss Granger, perhaps 20 points from Gryffindor would remind you to keep your internal monologue to yourself. Back to your common room, now."

Hermione left and headed back to her rooms. The award for most pranks pulled against a single member of staff was looking pretty attractive right now too. Hermione ignored a confused Harry and Ron and spent hours making a list of all the original pranks she could think of that would confuse, anger and frustrate Snape. None were dangerous to either Snape or anyone nearby, she had made sure of that, but all were bound to annoy him considerably. After all, he's more than annoyed me in the past. She mused to herself.