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The earliest memory I have is of my Father yelling at my Mother. I can't recall now what the fight was about or exactly how old I was, but I must have been young because Gavin was still a baby, just starting to crawl. We were still living in the villa in Italy, by the beach at the time and the sun had been shining brightly in through the windows. I had been sitting on the floor playing with my red and blue blocks when my Father stormed into the room and told my Mom to stand up.

I remember being confused, not knowing what to do. He was saying things to her that I didn't understand but his tone was harsh and she started to cry. I wanted to tell him to stop but I didn't know if that was right. If I was suppose to do that. I hated going against my Dad and a part of me still does.

"Can we do this somewhere else?" My Mom had said, flicking a little glance to me. When she noticed that I was listening, that I was staring at her, she looked away quickly and wiped her eyes. "Please, let's do this later."

He didn't look like my Father then, he looked like some cold, uncaring statue. I know now that when he reaches that state that we should avoid him at all costs. Mother always said he has the worst temper. "No, you will answer me now, right here."

She had looked like she was in pain then and I didn't understand why. He wasn't hurting her. Or pulling her hair like Gavin did to me all the time. "I don't know what you want me to say. I already told you I didn't."

"You're lying to me." I dropped my blocks.

"Draco, please... I didn't--"

"Stop fucking lying!" I shook then and started to cry. To make him stop and because I was scared. They both had turned to me then. I remember my Father's emotionless face and my Mother's sad eyes. "Go to your room, Ginevra." he told her coldly and she gave me one last look before doing what he said.

I hated him at that moment and even in my child's mind he was the monster. He sat there and watched me cry until I couldn't breathe properly, and then he broke. I saw the mask slip and a warm look entered his eyes as he walked to me. I flinched away from him and he sighed.

"Don't cry, little man." he had said, picking up my resistant body and holding me to his chest. His eyes, the eyes people always say I have, looked into mine. "Did I scare you, Cassius?" he asked softly. His voice so deep and different from before.

I wanted to say so many things to him but I was too young to understand. "Why did you be bad to mommy?" Is all I could manage. She was crying, that meant she was hurt.

He smiled a sad kind of smile to me and took me to his office where he taught me how to spell my name. When I hear the rumors about my parents I can't help but think back to that. My Dad is the Minister of Magic and he's from a very old, rich family. The press is always writing about him and books about his life come out every year. All the stories are different. That he was a repented Death Eater who went on to right the world by working with the Order. That he was some kind of angel that knew all along that the Dark Lord was wrong and he married my Mother to prove how noble he was. Then there are the other, darker, stories that weave a tale of murder, rape, and imprisonment.

Dr. Hermione Weasley Granger wrote a book about all those nasty things. She's my aunt by marriage but we don't know anything about her besides that fact that she hates my dad and feels sorry for my mom. Living a Lie: The Malfoy Family is the name of the book and it caused a sensation when it came out two months ago. I've never read it and I really don't want to. My father doesn't talk much about his past. He says he likes to focus more on the future then worry about what happened years ago.

Once he told me he was a difficult man to get along with because he had the Malfoy arrogance and conceit paired with his father's temper. He said that if it wasn't for mom he would probably be dead. I don't think he's that difficult. People bloody love him. He was the youngest minister to be sworn into office in over two centuries, getting voted in with over 85% of the vote. The press always follows him around and he makes speeches all of the time. He's great at working a crowd. The Daily Prophet once called him the most persuasive man in England. He laughed at the title, but mom didn't.

When I asked him about the allegations in Dr. Weasly's book he got really quiet for a long time and sighed before answering carefully. He told me that him and mom were really young when they were married, she was only nineteen when she had me, and mistakes were made, but they wouldn't change anything. If they did things wouldn't be as they are now and he left it at that. I didn't ask again.

My parents relationship confuses me. Sometimes weird things are said, sometimes things are broken, and sometimes things are awkward... but the people who write those stories don't get to see what I do. They don't see my dad sneak up on my mom when she's drawing and kiss the side of her neck, making her smile this perfect smile as she leans into him. They don't see the secret glances they share when they think we don't notice, and they don't see it when my Mom runs her fingers though his hair absentmindedly, like it was an old habit they both were comfortable with.

"This is lame." Gavin stands up and opens the door to the hallway. We just left our parents on the platform and we kept our word and made sure our little sister was taken care of. "You need to go make friends, Liv. I think my work is done here." He smirks at me, knowing I won't leave her alone and he struts out.

When he's gone I look to Lavinia. "He's right, you know. You should be making friends right now." She should make friends easily because of who our parents are. Famous by association works wonders to your popularity in school.

She looks up to me with her blue eyes still holding on to tears. She's pitiful. "Just stay with me for a little while, Cass." She says, like she thinks I would actually let her sit here alone. I relax my body and drop my head to the back of the seat as I stare at the rolling hills flashing by us out the window.

The Hogwarts train bustles on towards school and I look across at Lavinia as she chews on her nails and stares out the window nervously. She's Shy. Father says she's just like Mom in a lot of ways but he also once told me that mom was stubborn and annoying when they were in school. Lavinia looks to me, having felt my eyes on her and she gives me a quick smile before looking back out again. Some people think she looks like mom because of her hair, some say she looks like dad because of her sharp features, but I think she looks like Grandma Malfoy. She's so little and fragile looking. Dad spoils her, that's her problem. She can do no wrong in our house and Evelyn is the same way.

When I was ten years old I was standing by my father at our annual Malfoy Christmas party. I was watching all of the snow flakes fall onto the window from outside when my dad caught my attention. He was staring at my mother as she laughed about something. She was across the room, talking to my Grandma and he was just looking at her with this strange look in his eyes. He always stares at her, even now as the train left the station I saw him looking at her from the corner of his eyes. I asked him then why he was always looking at her and he smiled at me.

"Because, Cass, your mother is the prettiest woman I've ever seen." he said as he handed me a glass of punch. He stood up straight and smiled at her as she caught his gaze. "and she's my girl."

My girl.

That always stuck with me. At the time I thought it was sappy and gross, but now, with all the publicity on their marriage I just remember that line. My parents love each other, no matter what anyone says.

"Cass," I'm pulled from my thoughts again and I open my eyes to stare at my sister. "Do you think Gavin will come back?"

"No, he's not coming back."

She shifts nervously in her seat and fiddles with the silver watch that dad gave her earlier. He always gives us family heirlooms our first year. Mine was the family ring. I look down at the black stone on my ring finger and play with it as well. Gavin got a silver bracelet with snakes intertwining around the Malfoy family crest. We can never remove them unless he breaks the spells he had placed on them... which is highly unlikely. I was so pissed when I found out about it but mom told me that it was dad's way of protecting us and making sure we're safe. I still don't like the idea of a tracking devise on me.


Again she breaks my train of thought and I try not to seem too annoyed. "What is it?" I snap.

"You don't have to sit with me if you don't want to. I'll be fine by myself."

That did nothing but make me feel guilty. I uncross my arms and relax my frame again. "It's not a big deal." I tell her and she smiles at me like she was relieved. "School is going to be really easy for you." I attempt to reassure her. "You're really smart and you're a Malfoy. So people will like you no matter what." I found that out my first year. Everyone wants to be your friend when your family is rich and powerful.

Her smile falters and she looks at me seriously. "Will you really never talk to me if I was placed in Slytherin?"

I laugh at that. She is generally worried. "I promise not to hold it against you. Though, if that's the case I might have to murder Gavin. His gloating will be unbearable."

She opens her mouth to say something back but she's cut off when the compartment door opens. "I thought I smelled a no talent prat around here."

Jason Weasley, my cousin, and my worst enemy smirks at me like he thought his joke was funny. "You missed the prefect meeting. Tsk Tsk, not really setting a good example now are you, Cassie?" Damnit. I totally forgot about that. I narrow my eyes at him and his smirk gets wider. "Since I'm head boy this year I feel a responsibility to keep you in line."

Head boy and Ravenclaw idiot is what he is.. "Prick." I say under my breath.

"What was that?" he asks eagerly. "Insulting the head boy now? I'm sure that warrants some punishment."

I shake my head and try to ignore him. That's what Mom says I should do anyways. I watch him is his eyes shift to Lavinia and a wolfish smile graces his features.

"Another Malfoy spawn?" he says and she blushes. "My God, how many of you did my whore of an aunt pop out?"

I have my father's temper. I stand up and take out my wand pointing it at his throat. "Do not talk about my Mother that way again." I say dangerously.

He smirks and looks down to his shining head boy badge like it was a force field. "Aren't you defensive. Tell me, after Mommy's done spreading her legs for Daddy does he let you and your idiot brother have a go? After all, everyone knows that you Malfoys are nothing but inbred retards."

Anger blinds me. I hate him more then anyone in the world and I totally forget my wand as I punch him in his face. He stumbles back, out of the compartment and into the hallway as he clutches his nose. I'm on him in a second, pummeling him with my fists and kicking him with my legs. I get him on the ground and I'm straddling his waist when arms enclose around me and drag me off of him. He gets up on shaky legs and wipes his bloody nose on his sleeve.

"You all saw that." he says almost triumphantly as people poke their heads out to stare at us. "The Minister's precious golden boy just attacked me."

"You deserved it." I say in a flat, hateful voice as I throw off the arms that were holding me back. "Watch what you say or I'll bloody your nose again, Weasley."

"You are going to be in trouble." he says as he takes off his broken glasses and mends them with his wand. "Not even your Daddy will buy you out of this one." he laughs to himself and puts the glasses back on his broken nose. "At least my Father never had to buy my success. Tell me, how much did he pay to get you on the quidditch team, Cassie?"

That strikes a nerve with me. Because of who my dad is I have to work extra hard to prove myself because people think everything is just handed to me... and it's not. I nearly attack him again but Gavin steps into the hallway. I didn't even know he was watching.

"At lease our parents can afford to buy us a decent wardrobe, you ugly fuck." Every one laughs and Gavin crosses his arms. He's more like dad, everyone likes him. "Where did you get that disgusting shirt anyways? Frankly, I'm embarrassed for you, Weasley. I'm sure if you asked nicely Cassius here will buy you a new one for Christmas. After all, you are family and he's always generous to the poor and needy."

"Screw you, Malfoy." Jason says as he storms back to whatever rock he crawled out from under. I'm sure that was meant for the both of us.

I catch Gavin's eye and he smirks at me before going back into his compartment. The show is over and people return to their seats as I take a deep breath and smooth out my hair. As I'm tucking my shirt back in someone says my name and I turn around to find Sid Porter and Byron Flint. They're two of my close friends.

"Where have you been, mate?" Sid asks as he eats a handful of jelly beans. "We thought you might have missed the train."

"I was sitting with my sister." I answer. Still tense and upset about Jason Weasley. He is always a jerk to me. I don't know why I let him upset me so much.

I start walking back to where Liv is and they both follow. "What did he say to you?" Byron asks we all sit down.

I sigh and look at Lavinia. She's looking at me with wide eyes and she's pale. She was nervous to go to school. What I did probably didn't help. "What he usually says." I answer sharply.

Byron nods his head and takes out his journal. He starts writing but I know better then to ask what it is. He's weird and soft spoken. His father use to abuse him when he was little until his dad went missing when he was five. We've known each other since we were small so I feel some sense of loyalty to him. His mother is still really close with the Weasleys, my grandparents, so he knows them a lot better then I do. Our mothers use to be really good friends but no one will tell us why that ended.

Sid offers some Chocolate to Lavinia but she ignores him. "Are you alright, Cassius?" she asks worriedly as she stares at me.

"I'm fine." If she hates this place anymore then she already does then it will be my fault. "You just have to ignore people like him."

Sid snorts. "Like you obviously did earlier."

I smile at that and realize how hypocritical I was. "Yes, well, I never said I led by example."


I laugh lightly and silence falls over us. I watch the moving scenery some more before my head snaps to Byron. "You are getting to be very pretty, Lavinia." he says and I narrow my eyes. What the hell? "You will be a very beautiful woman one day."

She's blushing scarlet and looking down at the ground, mumbling a small thanks to him. I know his dad use to beat him so he get's some leeway when he's been blunt and weird but he's talking to my sister.

"You have very interesting eyes."

"Stop it." I say to him. Half horrified and half angry. "Stop talking."

"Why?" he asks sounding totally indifferent to the whole matter. "You think my sister's pretty."

"That's different." I say fiercely. No one is suppose to know that. "Lavinia's eleven."


"She's eleven."


"Stop looking at her!" I finally yell and everything becomes quiet and awkward.

Sid clears his throat and every one looks at him. "So... how was everyone's summer?"

No one answers.



I'm changing into my plain Hogwarts uniform as the train gets closer and closer to the school. I'm still so very nervous about the whole thing and Cassius really doesn't help. As I'm buttoning up my shirt with shaky hands the light catches on to the silver watch Dad gave me. I look at it for a few moments as I chew on my lower lip, deciding what I should do.

I open the stall door to see how many girls are left in here. After a few moments the last remaining few leave and once I'm alone I close the door again and sit down on the wooden bench. I bring the watch up to my face and press the little button on the side as I whisper into it.

"Dad?" I say so softly just in case someone was left in here. It would be so embarrassing if someone heard me right now. "Dad, are you there?"

My watch suddenly glows and my Dad's voice booms into the room. Echoing off the walls and hurting my ears. "Lavinia?" I panic and cover the watch with my hand. "What do you need, sweetheart?" I open the door again to make sure I'm alone and then bring the watch back to my face.

"Will you stop talking so loudly." I whisper fiercely. I don't want people to think I'm a baby.

Everything is silent for a few moments and then my watch glows again. This time his voice is softer and not as loud. "Tell me what's wrong." His smooth voice reaches my ears and I close my eyes because I'm a coward.

"Cassius got in a fight." I say because I really didn't know what else I should tell him.

"What?" That's my Mother's shrieking voice and I cover my watch again. "Who did he get in a fight with?"

"Mom?" I'm annoyed. "Dad, you said I could use this to talk to you."

Another moment of silence. "Alright. Your Mother won't listen now tell me who he fought with and why."

I inhale deeply before I tell, knowing I probably shouldn't. "Jason Weasley was saying terrible things about you and Mom, so Cassius hit him. And then it became this big thing and even Gavin got involved..." I trail off.

"Did they get in trouble?"

"I don't know... but Daddy, I want to come home. Will you please come and get me now?"

"Gin, will you hand me my clothes?" He says and I furrow my brows.


"I'm talking to your mother."

"I thought you said she wasn't listening." I whine.

"She's not." he says dismissively. "Now, Honey, you're on the train right now so I can't come and get you and trust me, as soon as you're sorted you are going to have the time of your life."

I drop my forehead against the stall door and take in a shaky breath. "Please, Daddy?" When I say it like that he never says no. I want to be homeschooled.

He sighs again and I'm sure he's tiredly rubbing his face. "Listen, Lavinia. Give it a month. One month, and if you're still unhappy and then we'll come and get you. How does that sound?"

He's lying. I know he is but I will hold him to it. "Fine." I'm not use to him denying me something. "Maybe it won't be so bad." I say sarcastically. "At least Byron Flint thinks I'm pretty."

"Yes... wait, what did you just say?" I smirk down at my watch.

"Byron told me I was pretty. He liked my eyes too."

"He is sixteen years old." he says in a flat voice he usually uses with my Mom when he's cross with her.

"He's Cassius' friend." I say innocently, trying to make him feel bad. I am my father's daughter in some aspects.

"That boy is sixteen years old and you are eleven. I want to talk to your brother. Get Cassius right now."

"Sorry, Dad. I have to go." I press the button to turn the watch off and let a little smile come to my face. If I have to be miserable then so should he.

I make sure my hair is in place and my uniform is perfect before stepping out of the stall and into the hallway. I don't know anyone here, and I'm too shy to just go up and talk to people but I feel like I'm a drag on my brothers so I take my time going back to the compartment. I start chewing on my nails as I walk towards my seat, but I stop myself. Dad said Malfoy ladies never chew their nails.

"Oh. My. God. I can't believe this. You're Lavinia Malfoy!" I stop and have to look down at the curly haired girl who just put herself directly in front of my path. She's clutching a book to her chest she makes this weird squealing noise. "Oh, my god. Oh, my god, Oh, my god." she repeats as she fans herself with her hand. I think she might be having a seizure.

I look around to see if there's anyone I can flag down to help her but when I don't see anyone I turn back to her. "Um, are you alright?" I ask the red faced girl as she bounces on her toes.

"Oh, I am perfectly fine!" she says loudly and I flinch at the noise. "I knew we'd be in the same year. The paper said you'd be going to Hogwarts. I was so excited about it I couldn't sleep last night." What? I look her over again. She's really short and her hair is a puffy ball around her head. I look down at her shiny red gym shoes and I furrow my brows. I have no idea who this is. Should I? "I just love your family! I've read all five books on your Father and I finally convinced my Granny to take me to the Westbrook Gallery this summer. Your Mother owns that, of course you knew that, being her daughter and all!" she inhales deeply because she said that all in one breath and she smiles up at me, blinking her big hazel eyes.

I look around again to see where everyone is. This person is crazy. "Do I... Do I know you?" I ask nervously.

"How stupid of me." she shakes her head and jets a hand out for me to shake but I just stare at it like it was diseased. "My name is Twyla Fimble, we both know who you are, and I am your biggest fan."

"I haven't done anything, though?" I tell her as I watch her smile a creepy smile at me.

"But your family is just..." she makes that weird squealing noise again and I nod my head... she is most definitely insane.

"Alright. I'm going to go sit down... bye." I said it slowly like I thought she was slow and as I walk past her I hear footsteps following me. Reluctantly I look over my shoulder and see her there. "You can go to your seat too..." I say softly.

"Oh, no, that's okay I'd much prefer to sit by you. I can't wait to tell my friends back home that I really did meet the Minister's daughter. Is it true your dad calls you his little apple?"

"Well, no... he calls my sister his strawberry because of her hair color. It's strawberry blonde..." As soon as I said that I knew I shouldn't have. She looks way too happy to have that knowledge.

"That's just great. So are you going to be in Slytherin like Gavin or Gryffindor like Cassius? You have to tell me so I can tell that ratty old hat where to put me and we can be roommates."

I gulp loudly and shrug my shoulders. I'm not brave like Cassius or snarky like Gavin... so I do nothing as she follows me all the way back to my compartment. She never stops talking about my family and then she does this really weird thing where she says my full name. First, middle and last, when she addressed me. This is just great. The first friend I make is a crazy stalker. I try to ignore her but she talks so much, spitting out facts about my dad, that she doesn't even notice I'm not talking.

When I step into the area where my seat is Cassius looks up to me and when his sharp silver eyes take in Twyla he smirks. God, this is embarrassing.

"I see you made a friend." He says lightly.

I give him a weak smile and sit down heavily in my seat. Sid is asleep with his head against the back of the chair and Byron Flint is writing something down in a book. I blush when I look at him and quickly turn away. Twyla sits down next to me, so close we're touching and I wish I could bang my head against the wall.

Cassius tries to be nice and he extends his hand out to shake hers. "My name is Cassius." he tells her and she slowly puts her hand in his and holds on to it while doing that weird noise again.

"I can't believe I'm touching Cassius Malfoy." His face changes when he realizes she's insane and he flicks a worried glance to me as he snatches his hand back. She doesn't notice... of course. "I have to say you are better looking in person then you are in all those magazines... of course you look perfect in those magazines as well I'm just saying you just look so.. good..." she sighs dreamily like he wasn't right across from her, cringing as she continues to speak. "You have beautiful skin."

"Yea," he says uncomfortably. He gives me a ' what the heck look' and coughs before standing up. "Right, so, um, I'm going to go to the trolley and get some food.

I watch helplessly as he leaves me there with her and his two preoccupied friends. They warned me about people like her. Who will act this way because our family is so high profile... but I'm the fool who let her follow me.

"Livie." she says and I hope she's not referring to me. "Have you read this book yet?" She thrusts a hard back book in my face and I take it from her with an annoyed breath. I look down. It's that terrible book Hermione Weasley wrote. The one my parents were so angry over and made the press hound our home.

"No." I say, handing it back to her.

"You really should. It's quite interesting." she tells me like it wasn't a book dedicated to destroying my family and vilinizing my dad. "You can borrow it. I want you to read it and tell me what's true and what isn't." She throws the book back on my lap and hands me a highlighter. "For the important passages." she explains as I look at it.

I want to hit her with it. She's looking at me, blinking her bug like eyes and letting a comfortable smile play on her lips. I'm not strong like Cassius, or witty like Gavin... so I take the freaking things and put them in my bag. She claps her hands and gives me a side hug that I recoil at. She tells me she's going to go get her things and bring them here but she reassures me she'll be back in a jiffy.

When she's finally out of the room I let my head drop to the window and I shake my head. I'm such a loser. I wish Dad would just come and get me now. I feel eyes on me and when I look up I notice Byron's cool blue eyes staring at me. I blush again as his dark hair falls around face. He is cute.

"Don't read that book." he tells me in a quiet voice. He looks back down at the book on his lap and writes something with his quill. "It will do nothing but upset you."



"Don't touch my hair." I snap angrily as I throw Daniella's hand off of me. "I already told you I don't like it when you do that."

She brings her hand down and rests it on my lap. She always has to be touching me somehow. I look at her from the corner of my eyes as she uses her free hand to apply more lipgloss. I hate kissing girls when they wear lipgloss. I think I'll break up with her soon.

"Malfoy, what do you think?" I look away from my girlfriend and stare at the three guys across from me.

"What do I think about what?" I drawl lazily as I cross my legs and relax more into my seat. I haven't really been paying attention to them.

"Our chances of winning the house cup this year?"

I scoff at that. "Like that really matters anyways. You can't put 'won house cup' on a resume, now can you?" I say and Daniella laughs and agrees with me. She always agrees with me. It's annoying. "If I had to put money on it, though, I would bet it all depends on the new Defense teacher." Professor McDoogal left last year after having his arm blown off by a way word dueling curse. I crack my neck and put some hair behind my ear. "It's probably a Gryffindor."

"If your precious 'Golden Boy' brother keeps getting in fights with the head boy I imagine the Gryffs will be in negative numbers by the end of the year, though."

I watch Terrance as he laughs at that. I know people think Cassius is the son my Father should be proud of. He's top of his class, he's the best seeker in school, and besides the occasional fist fight he's pretty laid back. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes with all the pressure he has thrust on him. No one would really care if I got in a fight but when he does it's news and he'll probably get an angry letter from Dad tomorrow because of it. People expect me to mess up so I can basically do whatever I want. Once Mom told me that Cassius is a lot like dad when he's older and I'm more like him when he went to Hogwarts. One time I overheard her telling him he was an arrogant prat when he was in school so I don't know if it's a good thing.

"Jason Weasley deserves whatevers coming to him." I say seriously and the three idiots across from me nod their heads and agree.

I'm not like Cassius. He has a few really good friends that he would fight with to the death. I, on the other hand, like to surround my self with 'yes' people and I have shallow friends all over the school. And that's the way I like it. I yawn and stretch out my arms and when I settle back down again Daniella touches my arm. I narrow my eyes at her. We will definitely be breaking up soon.

When we arrive at Hogwarts after forever on the train I smile as we step into the carriages. It's good to be back. In the great hall things are always as they are every year, with the night sky clear on the ceiling and the place is nosy with voices and chatter. When the first years finally make it in everything quiets down and it doesn't take me long to spot Lavinia's head of red hair as she nervously follows the crowd up to the stage. She looks like she'll be sick as she stares at the stool and hat in front of her. I know this is killing her. She hates being singled out for things but she better get used to it. It's one of the cons of belonging to our family.

That ugly fucking hat starts to sing it's stupid song that I could never bring my self to listen to and I drink my pumpkin juice as the kid beside me tries to engage me into a conversation about his Father's winery. When the name Malfoy, Lavinia is called I tell him to shut up and I stare at her intently. She's a bright red and her hands are shaking as she walks up the stairs. She looks so small and breakable. I almost wish she didn't have to go through with this.

On the second to last step she trips a little, but recovers quickly and makes her way to the stool as fast as she can. A few people around me snort and I glare daggers at them. "Don't you dare fucking laugh." I tell them dangerously. They don't make another noise and I look up and see Cassius do the same at his table across the hall. I'm sure he didn't use such colorful language though.

Lavinia sits up on the stool and unties the ribbon that was holding up her hair. Her red locks come tumbling down her shoulders. She reminds me so much of mom sometimes. I use to love Moms hair when I was a boy... She places her hands on her lap and like the proper lady that she is she crosses her legs and keeps her back straight. Proper posture was important to my father and he made sure we knew it. It takes a full two minutes for the hat to make up it's mind and then it yells out over the hall.


I stand up with the rest of the house and clap as she makes her way to our table and sits down by the other first years. She finds me and gives me a lopsided smile as she raises her eyebrows to see if I'm pleased with her. I wink at her and sit back down. Across the room I find Cassius again and lift my glass to him in mock salute. He shakes his head and shrugs his shoulders in defeat.

He now owes me twenty sickles.

After everyone is sorted the feast begins and I fall into my old habit of joking around with the people around me while eating the delicious food that served. Not much time passes before the Headmaster stands up at the podium and taps his wand against the wood to get our attention. I roll my eyes as he coughs dramatically. He's a tool.

"I have a very special announcement." he says, smiling a crooked smile around the hall. "I bet you're all wondering who your new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher will be this year." he waits for the crowd to reply and I glare at him. He talks to us like we're children. "We have been given a special opportunity this year that will be great for our educational development." Again with that stupid smile. "Because of a few pulled strings and a wayward curse we were able to persuade one of the top Aurors in recent history to fill the spot for the time being."

I nearly choke on my drink. There is only one Auror I know who fits that title.

"Ladies and Gentlemen it is my great pleasure to introduce you to your new Defense Professor... Harry Potter."

The hall basically goes crazy with cheers and jeers. A few people like me are sitting down, looking utterly disgusted and upset. For the third time of the night I look to Cassius. His eyes are narrowed as he coolly takes in the man with wild black hair and glasses as he enters the room from the right of the teachers table.

Cassius always says that his very first memory is of our parents fighting over something. Something that made our mother cry and our father cold, but my first memory was totally different. My first, solid, memory was of Harry potter. A very drunk Harry Potter who cursed my father into a coma for a week and declared his love to my sobbing mother as she tried to revive him. I feel a scowl upon my face.

This will be an interesting year.