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Ziva sat at her desk, her glance absent mindedly wondered towards Tony who was sat across the bullpen, as she fingered her Star of David that dangled around her neck. Her mind wandered back to the time it was given to her. It had been a gift, a gift from her beautiful sister Tali. They had been sat in Tali's room – one of the rare moments they had to spend time together, they'd been laughing. Tali had reached behind her and got it out. The chain had felt cold around her neck, she had felt honoured to be given something so special from her sister. Then they'd hugged and Tali had laughed again. Her eyes would light up when she smiled; it filled the room with warmth and comfort, somewhere that felt like home. Ziva missed that, if she closed her eyes and imagined she could almost smell Tali, and feel her sister in her arms again. It was one of the happiest and saddest memories Ziva had. It had been just a few days before the explosion that her, Ziva's eyes filled with tears at the memory she had tried so hard to forget. But what each second of each day she remembered. She turned away and reached into her drawer, smiling slightly as she felt the edge of a very old photo, one that felt like it was taken several lifetimes ago. Ziva had been just thirteen, and Tali eleven. Before everything had gone wrong, before Ziva had killed someone. Before she knew of Mossad. They were on a beach with gorgeous white sands and turquoise seas. Both girls were in bikinis laughing. Ziva knew every detail of that photo, but she looked at it again anyway. Unfortunately Tony looked up at that moment; Ziva's eyes were again filled with tears at the happy memory that photo brought.

"Zi-va, what you got there?" Tony asked.

"Nothing Tony."

"That's funny cos it doesn't look like nothing." She hastily put it away in the drawer, reaching for the key to lock it, and then she put the key in her trouser pocket. Smiling sweetly at Tony, who retorted by giving her evils. She kept everything that meant something to her in that drawer. She had that photo, a letter from Tali, a Christmas card from Tony, a bracelet she had as a Christmas present from Tony, a photo of the team, plus Abbey, Ducky and Jenny, from Abbey and a book Jenny had given her in Europe. A strange collection of things to keep in a drawer, but she treasured each and every one of them. Se kept it locked because she knew if Tony was being anything like Tony he would find them and ask awkward questions and would most probably tease her. It was a personal thing.

However she'd been day dreaming for the past half an hour and only just realized that it was late Tuesday night and she'd finished all her paperwork and could go home. She was tired and it'd been a tough case – they'd been working at it for several months and hadn't got anywhere. They had been working a serial killer case, which was possibly a copycat case, but with slightly different details. Kyle Boon, was the one he was copying, except he was better, because they hadn't caught him yet. Over the last four years he has been suspected of killing fifteen girls, with about a dozen more missing fitting the profile. Thirteen bodies had been found, two more missing girls DNA had been found at the scenes. A few months ago a petty officer went missing and, and they had tracked the body, but not the killer. He had left nothing. It's been eating them all away ever since, as far as they knew he hadn't killed again yet. According to Tony's probably exaggerated stories, back then the case had changed Gibbs, all of them. And the same thing was happening now. The killer puts girls through physical and mental torture, before cutting there tongues out, killing them and carving a cross in their back. He gets himself familiar with his victim and watches them for up to a week before he kills. And the fact they haven't even come close to catching him scares everyone.

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