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Chapter 22

Tony had been right, they were gonna be ok, and now a month later they were.

They had been to court, and the guy was going to jail for life.

Tony remembered the satisfaction when they took the bastard away in handcuffs, and the rather public display of affection he and Ziva had shared they had got out of court. They had crossed the road to get a coffee, the relief they had felt was immense, and when Ziva had seen him and he had caught her eyes and had that sick, spine shilling smile on his lips, but she just broke eye contact and flung her arms around Tony and kissed him.

Tony hadn't looked to see if he had stopped smiling, he didn't care.

He understood what this meant, it meant the nightmare was over they could both move on.

They were happy.

And a month on they were still happy, things had practically gone back to normal after Ziva's insistence that they did.

And Tony couldn't remember being happier.

He was practically moved into Ziva's apartment, and he loved her so much it almost hurt.

"Tony?!" Ziva's voice, full of curiosity brought him back to the wonderful real world.

"Yeah sweet cheeks?"

She glared at him, "What are you doing?"



"You." He smiled at her, and she laughed at him.

"Well you can stop thinking and start doing, today you are making breakfast, and we have to be at work soon, so you'd better hurry up!"

"Fine, not that it'd matter if we were late for work, cases have been so slow lately."

"Yes, but Gibb's would kill us if we were both late, seeing as we've been coming into work together for the last couple of weeks."

"True, and then McGee would be a pain, not that he isn't normally."

"You are so mean to McGee." She said disapprovingly.

"Ah, the probie, he has come so far, but he will always be probie, look at Gibb's what does Franks still call him?"

Ziva frowned, "You still don't have to tease him quite so much."

"Ziva David, how can you say that? You participate in the teasing activities almost as actively as I do! You are not one to talk."

She smiled, but said nothing.

"You know, it's a wonder I last at work, looking a you all day and all I want to do is-"

"Enough!" she slapped him gently on the arm.

He gave her a look of shock and hurt. She smiled at him evilly.

"You are completely irresistible, and also very evil. That hurt!"

"Oh I'm sorry," she said fighting the urge to laugh at him.

"You could always kiss it better?"

She flung her arms around him, and kissed him.

"Is that good enough for you?"

"I'm not sure it'll last me the day…"

"Well in that case…" She leant into him and kissed him passionately.

"That just made me want more!"

"Tough, there is not to be a repeat of the elevator incident."

"It wasn't Gibb's and McGoo probably couldn't tell…"

"Three of my buttons were undone!"

"Ok, so maybe he noticed…"

"Even McGee would notice that."

"At least it wasn't Gibbs."

"And that is exactly the reason it's not happening again, it would be much worse if Gibb's caught us." She said, and the subject was over.

Fifteen minutes later they had had breakfast, "We'd better go." Ziva said, reluctantly, breakfast had been nice, just having Tony around was nice. No matter how much she complained about his constant jokes and movie references, she loved him and loved spending time with him.

"I love you Ziva." Tony statement took her slightly by surprise, but she didn't show it, and it that pleasant kind of surprise.

She smiled at him, "I love you too."

He put her arms around each other, and looked into the others eyes, and slowly Ziva tilted her face, heads moving together an inch at a time, until their lips touched.

When they broke apart, Tony spoke, slightly dazed, "We are gonna be late for work now."

Ziva smiled, and then they sprinted out the door laughing.

They arrived to work, three minutes late but luck was on their side, because Gibb's was not in the bullpen yet.

There day went well they got a case, and it was an open and shut one. They caught the bad guy, and it was days like these that they loved their jobs, and the satisfaction was the biggest reward.

They were all sat at their desks, plus Abbey and Ducky, and were eating take out, and having a conversation about the case, when Tony got up and walked over to Ziva's desk.

She eyed him suspiciously, but he gave her an honest, just purely happy smile not a cheeky, I'm-up-to-no-good one.

Everyone had quietened down and were watching Tony and Ziva.

Then Tony got down on one knee, and Abby squealed.

Ziva's mouth dropped open, which made Tony smile.

He felt in his trouser pocket, and got out a small black box and opened it showing a ring, "Ziva David," he started, "I know we haven't been together for long, but I've known somewhere inside me that I've loved you for a very long time, and I'm nervous as hell to hear your answer - but I'm asking because I love you more than anything in the world but, will you marry me?"

There was silence in the bullpen, and it looked like Abbey was going to explode.

"Yes." She said quietly, her voice full of emotion.

"What?" He asked in awe, making Gibb's smile.

"I said yes, yes I'll marry you."

Tony's face lit up with pure joy, and she jumped into his arms, tears of happiness streaking her face.

Everyone around them was smiling, happy for the couple.

And in between the kisses and the laughter and joy, Tony whispered in her ear,

"I love you."

"I love you too," she whispered back softly.

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