One Hundred Days

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Author's Note: This is different to my usual style of story so please bear with me; Tara this one is for you.

Chapter One

Shadows filled the alley way, footsteps echoed in the sudden silence, not a sound could be heard normally nothing to worry about except that the alley way was deep in the heart of city, there should have been noise, sound of some sort. Why was there no sound? The moonlight lit the night sky but the buildings blocked even this small sliver of help. He gulped for air, suddenly feeling claustrophobic he wanted to run and not stop. To wake up and to find it all a dream; a nightmare would be so much better than reality.

'Sam we've found him, we found Dean.'

Sam sat upright and stared around the small bedroom gasping for air his claustrophobia lurching to the forefront for the briefest of moments before he shook it off, instinctively his gaze searched the bed next to his, his panic rising as he realised it was empty. 'Dean?' Sleepily he pulled himself out of bed and started to search the room, when the acrid stench of urine permeated the air. 'Ah Dean.' The sigh slipped from his lips before he could stop it. He was just so tired.

'Dean s-s-s-sorry.' A whispered voice came from the corner between the bed and the window immediately he felt lousy; it was not Dean's fault. Sam went to crouch in front of the hunched figure: Today was the hundredth day since Dean returned to him.

'Come on dude let's get you cleaned up.' He spoke softly so he didn't upset his brother anymore than he already was, 'it's okay it was an accident.'

'Acc-accident?' Dean blinked and looked up at Sam with wet shiny eyes, 'Sammy?'

'Yeah it's me, let's get you cleaned up.' Sam helped Dean to stand up and then gently yanked his soiled pyjama pants down, 'want a shower or a bath?'

'Sh-shower please.' He whispered his reply.

Sighing Sam nodded and led Dean down the hallway to their bathroom, a morning ritual that was fast becoming as common as breathing. 'Shower it is, what flavour shower gel?'

'Hmm chocolate?' Dean grinned and stared up at Sam with wide and innocent eyes, 'please.'

'You gonna look like a chocolate one day if you keep this up.' Sam laughed, 'and then I'll call ya choky-Dean.'

'Eww Sammy.' Dean wrinkled his nose and giggled softly, 'oh, oh.'

'What's the matter?' Sam frowned when Dean stopped just outside the bathroom door.

'Dean …forgets.' Dean's lower lip trembled as tears started to fall again, 'Dean dumb.'

'No, no dude you're not dumb, you're just having a hard time remembering stuff that's all.'

Sam tried to reassure his brother and pulled him into a hug, yet another new part of their lives, constant hugging and touching, physical contact the therapists all said that it was normal that it helped Dean connect with Sam. 'Let's get you showered.'

'Okkies.' Dean nodded and wiped his runny nose on Sam's t-shirt.

'Eww Dean that's gross.' Sam protested gently as he listened to Dean chuckle, 'want me to wipe my nose on ya?'

'Eww Sammy.' Dean darted into the bathroom and waited for Sam, 'bet ya.'

'You sure did buddy, okay can you finish undressing while I get the water just right for ya?'

'Uhhuh, I'm a big boy Sam.'

'I know Dean, I know.' Sam said sorrowfully as he turned his attention to setting the water temperature and hid his own tears from his twenty-six year old brother.


One Hundred and Ten Days Earlier

The Moon Light Motel

Grangeville Kentucky

'Geeze Sammy come on already, I gotta take a dump.' Dean thumped on the bathroom door for a third time, 'what do I have to do? Bash it in?'

'Alright Dean, alright I'm out.' Sam held his hands up in mock surrender as he faced his frantic brother, 'you alright?'

'I will be in a few, damned chilli, damned beans.'

'Well I did tell you to stop after two helpings.' Sam tried to stifle his laughter.

'Yeah, yeah yuck it up ahhh geeze.' Dean slammed the door in Sam's face, 'freaking chilli.'

Sam shook his head and finished dressing, 'going to get coffee, I'll be right back.' He yelled as he picked up his wallet and headed for the door, he waited for an answer but when he only heard a pain-filled groan, he laughed and left, locking the door behind him.


Juggling two cups of steaming hot coffee and the room key Sam managed to unlock the door and sauntered in ready to stir up his brother some more. The coffee cups dropped unheeded from nerveless fingers splashing the scalding liquid on the already stained carpet. 'Dean?' Sam called as he stared around in shock. The room was literally destroyed blood splattered the walls and upturned furniture, the bathroom door swung lifelessly on one hinge, the stench of blood mingled with vomit and urine made Sam gag as he dropped to his knees in the midst of the chaos and screamed his brother's name. Claustrophobia started to slide down his spine and spread throughout his body, gasping for air Sam ran outside and vomited violently into the small clump of pathetic plants, he was dimly aware of the blare of sirens gradually growing louder and the group of morbid onlookers. He failed to see the pair of eyes glinting in the darkness, he failed to see the gun aimed at his own chest, and he failed to see anything but the devastation of the motel room they had called home for just a few nights.


Present Day

Sam and Dean's apartment

E 23rd Street

Sioux Falls South Dakota

'Ready to hop out yet dude?' Sam laughed as Dean poked his head around the curtain, shampoo suds piled high on his head.

'In a minny Sammy.'

'Whatcha want for breakfast?' Sam tried a different tact each morning to get Dean out from under the shower.

'Pancakes.' Came the excited answer and the next minute a very wet Dean jumped out from behind the curtain and shook his wet head over Sam. 'Funny Sammy.'

'I'll give you funny, Dean Winchester.' Sam threw a soft towel at his brother, 'do you still want pancakes?'

'Uhhuh Yeppers Sammy can I have peanut butter on em?'

'Yeah I guess,' Sam dried his older brother off and helped into clean clothes, 'okay dude you brush your hair while I get dressed and then we'll go down for breakfast.'

'You don't wanna shower?' Dean cocked his head to the side and stared at Sam in the mirror.

'I'll have mine tonight,' Sam said with a smile, 'come on we had better hurry up.'


'Bobby's coming over.'

'How come?' Dean asked suspiciously, 'where you goin?'

'I'm … I have an appointment a very important one and you have to stay here with Bobby.'


'Dean please I'll bring you back a treat if you behave for Bobby today.'

'Always behave.' Dean mumbled under his breath, 'm'not two.'

Sam sighed and tried to smile as he looked down at Dean, 'you can hardly see the scar anymore.' He said as he stroked Dean's soft, damp hair, 'you'll need a haircut soon.'

'No, wanna grow it like yours.' Dean chewed on his lip, 'no, I – I like it short don' I?'

'Yeah you do, suits you.' Sam went to leave when he felt Dean's fingers twist into his t-shirt back, 'Dean I'm just going to get dressed.'

'I know.'

'You wanna come too?' Sam asked and then without waiting for an answer led the way back to their bedroom. Dean sat quietly on the bed staring out the window while Sam quickly dressed and tidied their room, he'll have to buy an extra pair of sheets for Dean's bed and maybe a mattress protector, his accidents were becoming more frequent. Another thing to talk to Dean's doctors about.

'Let's go and make some pancakes.' Sam said as he gathered up the soiled sheets and clothing for the wash, 'and a pot of coffee.'

'okkies Sammy,' Dean nodded his head and quietly followed his brother downstairs to their small kitchen, 'Dean have coffee too?'

'Yep Dean can have coffee too.' Sam agreed as he dropped the washing in the basket and closed the laundry door, for later – much later, 'so pancakes and peanut butter huh?'

Dean chewed his pancakes slowly and stared at the table top; Sam kept glancing over at his big brother and knew that something was wrong. Over the last one hundred days, he had learnt to reread everything about his sibling. 'What's wrong Dean?'

'How come my head don' work prop-ly.'

'Properly, you had a bad accident and your head got hurt.' Sam tried to explain as simply as he could, 'your mind got all mixed up but the doctors said that you will get better.'

'I'm not a baby.'

'I know Dean,'

'not a baby Sammy.' Dean said louder this time, 'I'm not.'

'I know Dean; the doctors said that you hurt your brain and it's just gonna take some time to get better.'

'Not a baby.' Dean thumped the table with his fists, his eyes filled with fiery anger. 'Not a baby.'

'Dean calm down.' Sam tried to keep his own warring emotions composed and locked away but some days were harder than others to keep them at bay. 'Why don't you finish your pancakes…?'

'Don't need babysitter.' Dean ground out as he pushed away from the table and knocked his chair over.

'Dean calm down please.' Sam stood up and went around the table to his brother, 'please just take a breath and…' His head snapped back when Dean's fist connected with his jaw the punch coming from seemingly nowhere.

'Ah sorry Sammy, so sorry.' Dean sobbed, stuffing his fist in his own mouth, his eyes widening with horror when he saw the red mark already start to bruise and the blood leaking from the split on Sam's lip. 'Dean bad.'

'No, no Dean not bad, you are not bad.' Sam ignored his throbbing jaw and pulled Dean into a hug, together they dropped to the floor and Sam wrapped his arms around Dean and held him tightly. He rocked his brother gently and whispered soft meaningless words in Dean's ear to calm him down.


One Hundred and Ten Days Earlier

The Moon Light Motel

Grangeville Kentucky

Sam stared down at the sweating detective, an air of barely contained fury emanated from the younger man, 'what do you mean exactly by that detective?'

'Simple where were you when your brother was allegedly attacked.' The detective tilted his head up and managed to match glares with Sam, 'standard procedure and all that.'

'I went to get coffee if you care to look the cups are right over there where I dropped them … I was gone maybe half an hour at the most.' Sam seethed the strain showing as he tried to reign in his temper, 'Dean was in the bathroom, I locked the door and decided to walk down to the diner, I'm sure that Stacey the waitress will verify that, I was her only customer and we chatted like we have for the past couple of days.'

'Fine, fine, so have you a recent photo of your brother?'

'Yes here,' Sam pulled the one of the two of them just after they had reunited; someone had taken it the day of Jess' funeral and gave it to him in remembrance. 'I ah need it back though it's the only copy I have.'

'I'll get it scanned and copied and then rush it back to you.' The caustic reply came as the detective stared at Sam from head to toe, 'so mind tellin' me whatcha doin' here in the first place?'

'Like I have already told you, Dean and me we're on a road trip, my girlfriend died recently and I needed time away from college so we decided on a road trip across the country.'

'And which college is that?'


'Very prestigious I must say.' The sweaty little man sniffed as he looked at Sam again.

'I got a scholarship a full ride,' Sam ground out, 'look what does this have to do with finding Dean?'

'Just gotta get some back story, makes it easier … so you and your brother either of you working?'

'No like I said we took time off to take our…'

'road trip yeah I got that. So why here? Why Grangeville?'

'We were tired, it was the first town we came across after deciding to stop and sleep, the car needed a little work done to it so we decided to stay for a few days. Something I am so regretting now.'

'Hmm, and do you know of anyone who would like to hurt your brother?'

'No, why do you?' Sam quipped before he could stop himself.

'Sammy boy?' A familiar voice came from the doorway and Sam's shoulders slumped in relief, as he turned and faced his friend.

'Hey Bobby thanks for coming.' Sam said the relief palpable in his voice.

'No trouble kiddo I wasn't far away.' Bobby patted Sam's shoulder.

'And who are you?' The nasally voiced detective demanded his eyes narrowing as he took in the scruffy clothes, the beard peppered with grey, the ragged baseball cap and the craggy face glaring back at him.

'Bobby Singer, Sam called me when he found Dean missing, I'm their uncle.'

'Detective Willard Jones … so Sam was there anyone else you contacted before you bothered to contact us?'

'I actually called you first; Detective Jones, and then I called Bobby.' Sam felt ready to snap and turned to his 'uncle' for help.

'I think that's enough for now, the boy's clearly upset about his brother's disappearance, why don't you go and oh let's say look for him.' Bobby said as he squared up in front of the detective and effectively placed Sam behind him.


Present Day

Sam and Dean's apartment

E 23rd Street

Sioux Falls South Dakota

'Sam? Dean?' Bobby stood in the doorway and stared at the two brothers worriedly. He took a long look at Sam's haggard appearance, bruised jaw and split lip, and then he focused on Dean's tearstained face. 'What's going on boys?'

'Nothing just a little meltdown.' Sam managed to grin, 'we ready to get up now?' He whispered to Dean who nodded slightly and let Sam him up, shyly he smiled at Bobby before ducking his head and hid behind his larger but younger brother.

'We're having one of those mornings.' Sam sighed, 'Coffee Bobby?'

'Can I have some too please?' Dean asked so softly that Sam almost didn't hear him.

'Yep you can … but can you pick your chair up please Dean?' Sam pointed to the fallen chair, 'and I'll get our coffees.'

'Kay.' Dean mumbled and picked up the fallen seat, 'whatcha doin' here Bobby?'

'Sam asked me if I would like to do something with you today.'


'Coz I haven't seen ya for a while and Sam has to go to an appointment.'


'Coz we can have some fun today without Sammy being a wet blanket.' Bobby winked conspiratorially at Dean, 'whatcha think?'

'Hmm okay guess.' Dean sat down and waited impatiently for Sam to bring his drink, his left leg bounced without conscious thought. 'Mmm thanks Sammy.'

'No probs bro.' Sam smiled as he placed the milky and extra sweet coffee in front of his brother, another change to their lives, no longer did Dean drink black coffee strong enough to stand the spoon upright in, now it was weak, milky and filled with sugar.

He put another cup in front of Bobby and then sank down in his own seat and nursed his, 'so how's things going Bobby?' Sam finally broke the silence.

'Still no news Sam sorry.'

'I left him so many messages since …' Sam broke off his sentence and looked at Dean who sipped his coffee happily, humming Enter Sandman between sips. 'It's not right Bobby he should be here.'

'Ya know he would if he thought it was safe.'

'Stuff the hunt, his son needs him … no his sons need him.' Sam tried to stay calm for Dean's sake although it was getting harder each day.

A day, twenty-four hours precisely, a concept of time meant to drive him insane this Sam was sure of. He kept a count of the days, one hundred days and still counting. 'It's been nearly three and half months Bobby and no word, nothing. One hundred days.'

'One hundred what?' Bobby frowned, 'Sam … you alright?'

'Yeah I'm fine, I have to be.' Sam smiled ruefully and wiped the coffee foam from Dean's upper lip when he announced that he was finished, 'we're okay aren't we Dean?'

'We're okkie-dokkie.' Dean nodded his head, 'watch TV?'

'Yeah the cartoons should be on.' Sam said, 'you okay in there?'

'You stay here wif Bobby?'

'Yep we'll just sit here and talk while we finish our coffee.'

Dean considered what Sam had said for a few minutes and then nodded his head and made his way into the lounge room. Once he was gone, Bobby took a good look at Sam's face, 'so what happened?'

'We had a small episode.' Sam sighed as he started to clear the breakfast dishes. 'He just gets frustrated.'

'Is he getting any better?'

'The doctors said that it would take time, that he might just snap back to his old self one day but the longer …'

'Does he know where you're going today?'

'No and I don't think that I should tell him, I don't want him to get upset unnecessarily.'

'Sam I know I can't tell you what to do and I aint your daddy but please think about this.'

'I have Bobby, I've done nothing but think … I have tried everything I know to get in touch with dad, I have left so many damned messages on his voice mail. Someone has to protect Dean legally Bobby, I'm trying to be … he may never snap back Bobby and I need to make sure that I can look after him.'

'Yeah I understand all that, but son what about you?'

'What about me?'

'This is … you're taking on something that could turn into a lifelong undertaking are you sure?'

'Bobby … I may not be sure of many things anymore but I am sure of this. If this was reversed Dean wouldn't hesitate, God he has already given most of his life up to care for me I'm just returning … I'm doing what I have … no what I want to do.'

'You have to look after yerself too Sam, if you get sick then …'

'I know Bobby and I promise…'

'Sam you've lost weight, you look like you're barely sleeping, at least come back to my place for a while and let me help. Hell it might even do Dean some good get him into familiar surroundings, tinkering with some cars…'

'We can't impose…'

'Boy do I have to throttle you to knock some sense into that head of yours? Go and see yer lawyer and get Dean's guardianship worked out, Dean and I will pack and we'll head back to the yard together.'

'Bobby I …'

'Yeah, yeah now go and git yerself to yer appointment.' Bobby waved Sam off, 'Dean and I have some mischief to get into.'