Another old team mate had died. The man who was most suited for giving out commands; that was better at debating and thinking over ideas than going into battle.

Roissu; who was the young boy that Team Gurren had found in that underground village all those years ago had passed away in his sleep.

Nature was just doing it's job, Roissu was old; it had been seventy years since he left that village with the twins Gimmy and Darry.

He looked into the mirror, noticing that although it had been seventy years since he left his own village and he hadn't changed. No wrinkles – maybe that's because of his great skin care regime? No grey hairs and none of Roissu's aches and pains that he always complained about; albeit mildly.

He wasn't older.

Well, physically he wasn't; which was a good thing – all those cute men that was now coming out of the woodwork!

He needed to see an old friend, the one who might be able to help him… He should look the exact same as he did all those years ago! Even his brilliant skin care regime wouldn't halt the aging process to that degree!

He didn't want to meet him, but there was something not quiet right; and Viral could know what that was… If not, it would still be nice to see him again. He missed the beastman and the threats he came out with. The capital was so… Boring... Which hadn't changed since peace came.

He needed some spice in his life, something exciting to happen… He had his machines, and was the best at creating new things for the missions that was needed; but he wanted the adventure again.

Perhaps Viral thought the same….

The blonde haired beastman sighed, no war meant no fighting, and while he was glad for piece; after all he was trained since he was created to fight, he wanted to do something to get his blood going; and a battle always did that.

Instead he was on his way back to earth, to find some more soldiers's to recruit, see if they could handle it first. That was a price he would have to pay for being immortal; if he wasn't he would have died long ago, but now he had the human's revere him; just because he couldn't die.

Forgetting that I helped save the earth. Viral growled.

"My, aren't we grumpy!"

That voice, it hadn't changed in years... That odd mechanic… Leeron.

Green hair, pale skin, Leeron could easily be mistake for a woman if he really wanted to be mistaken for the opposite sex. Viral never understood the mechanic.

"Why are you here?" Viral asked.

Blonde hair… It had grown, now back to it's original length that it was when Viral first attack the Gurren team. Shark teeth just as sharp as ever, amber eyes sharp and focused, but weary of him.

His uniform had changed from the blue that he wore when captain, to red. It was almost like he had returned to where he started. But was he back to being just a commander? Leeron didn't think so, Roissu wouldn't have allowed it, Viral was the only one who fully knew how to win a battle, and after all he was created to fight.

"Business first I see," Leeron told him, starting to get a seductive look in his eyes; "Saving the best till last?"

Viral glared; "Blood bath,"

"I love baths!" Leeron exclaimed, ignoring the 'blood' comment; "But first," He batted his eyes at the beastman who growled; "Oh, not here,"

Leeron directed the other to a more private area.

Viral followed, still weary though he wondered why the mechanic wanted to see him of all people.

They went into an old office, the room hadn't been used for a long time; the desk had a thin layer of dust, the windows hadn't been cleaned for sometime… The room was almost just abandoned.

"Roissu thought I would need this place," Leeron explained to Viral, wiping a finger along the desk; "Eugh… This gets old as well,"

"It's normal," Viral reminded him.

"Viral, I haven't aged! Since I met Kamina and Simon I haven't gotten older," He looked out the dirt covered window as he spoke; his voice showed that he was worried about what was wrong with him; but that he couldn't figure it out.

Viral closely examined him, and realised that Leeron was right… He hadn't aged at all. He had noticed Roissu getting old, but he saw Roissu every time he came back to earth, he always noticed the differences. Now Roissu was dead… And Leeron hadn't changed.

He spent a lot of team in the team Gurren; when he finally joined them, threatening Simon, or even Leeron; but not as much as the team spent with each other.

Humans have found new ways to stop the aging process… Viral thought to himself, but dismissed that immediately. Leeron wouldn't come to him about that, he would probably boast about it. A lot of the times Viral thought of Leeron as being easy to read; but even then, the mechanic had a hidden side.

"Your village," Viral said, and Leeron raised an eyebrow; "Have you visited it recently?"

"Oh, no one lives in the village anymore Viral, they all moved to Kamina City when it was built up," Leeron explained, as he spoke he sounded disappointed.

Viral's ears picked up the tone; it was a disappointment to the villager's that he lived with. Did he miss his home? It wasn't likely; it had been seventy years since he left.

"We'll go there," He decided, as the mechanic just looked at him; "There might be something there that could explain this,"

"Maybe," Leeron said, not sounding hopeful; or maybe he just didn't want to get his hopes up; "But when?"

"I have some days off… To get readjusted," Viral told him, hating that fact that every time he arrived back to earth, he was told to take some days off to get used to the atmosphere of the climate.

"I could help with you're…" Leeron dropped his voice, and looked into Viral's amber eyes lustfully; "Adjustments,"

Viral just mentally kicked himself, he knew that Leeron could hold a serious conversation; but it would always go back to his flirtations.

He just let out a low growl, and saw Leeron smirk.

Damn it.

Viral waited at the hanger, his gunman was ready to leave… When ever Leeron would finally showed up.

He wasn't exactly sure why he wanted to help; he wasn't really friends with anyone on the team, and Simon was his rival, whom he respected. The rest… None of them were of any use to him; however there was a time when Yoko interested him; her skills at being a sharpshooter, and being the only one on the team who was able to hit the enemy dead on; although she couldn't hit him.

Leeron just fixed up the gunmen for battle, adding little extra's that could come in handy.

Seventy years had passed since Viral fought Kamina, from what he heard now, the majority of that team were now dead, or infirm.

Good thing Kamina's dead. Viral thought to himself; I can't see him being old…And the beastman couldn't picture the man that he had fought all those years ago, who was so alive and at time completely idiotic, yet always managed to defeat him.

Could it be that he wanted to help Leeron because the rest of the team were already dying? There was a chance of the old adventure that could be created, and he would get away from all the boring debates about every planet's well fair.

"Well, are you packed?" The mechanic walked over, and Viral looked at what Leeron had brought with him; "Just the essentials. I need to keep myself looking perfect,"

Isn't that the reason we're doing this? Viral thought to himself; but it was something that Leeron had done before.

Viral had growled at the mechanic who walked way, unfazed by the beastman.

"You know, Leeron is good at what he does… He's just a bit…" Simon tried to come up with the word that would best describe him.

"Female," Viral finished.

"Well… I never told you about how we met Leeron and Yoko did I?"

Simon explained it all; and then he said about Leeron coming with himself and Kamina.

"He brought a lot of luggage,"

Viral had shook his head; "Why?"

"It's Leeron," Simon said with a shrug.

The beastman never argued, since there was a trailer that his gunman would pull a long for them to sleep in.

"Among other things," Leeron winked at him.

Viral just glared; Pervert.