"ITS TIME" a large Shadowish being said. its been Eons since Mata nui has Sealed him in his Water Prison those years ago when he tried to destroyed the others spirits and take there power for there own. he sense his cage wakening and unleashed a powerful blast of energy destroying his prison and began swimming in the oceans.

He knew the first time his plan failed was because he was overeager. so he shall wait and use the element that sealed him. he then unleashed energy that began to warp to various fish and crustacean like creatures, plants, and rocks. In there places were demonic like creatures.

"MY CHILDREN, GO FORTH AND SPREAD ACROSS THIS VAST OCEAN, INFECT WITH EVERY INCH OF MY DARKNESS" the Mysterious Deity bellowed, the creatures nodded before separating. The terrible deity smirk sensing that nothing will stop him this time.

"SOON ALL SHALL FEEL MY WRATH" the Diety roared in demonic delight


We then see a Ethereal being who was over 700,000 feet tall, this is Mata Nui.

"So he has broken out of his prison" the Great spirit murmured in worry, he know that's the being was as terrible as Makuta but was more ruthless in his goals.

He knew that the Matorans and the Toa had there hands battling Makuta, if they face this new beings than there a good chance they be defeated, and if he teams up with Makuta or worse absorbs him, than theres nothing that could stop his goals.

Mata Nui Gaze harden as he knew what to do. He began gathering his energy, he knew this plan may not work, but its his best chance to stop him.


My friend WX told me that he and Mantis written prologue for two of X's fic, and I decided to0 help out by writing one myself,, it may not be a prologue for a AF, but from what I read from 'X Prodigy Productions Presents' it seemed like it's a good fic that deserves a prologue.