I hope that you enjoy the following story. Just so you know: this story takes place directly after James finishes up the dealings of QoS but before he tracks down Vesper's ex and obviously before Skyfall. James Bond resembles in looks the actor Daniel Craig.

Wicked Games

It's hard enough falling in love but it seems, given the recent trends in divorce rates and domestic abuse, you can never truly know whom to trust. There appears to be an ulterior motive in almost every action. Is this tendency to doubt others paranoia or is this just the result of betrayal in love?

Have you ever stripped away the armor around your heart only to be stabbed instead of embraced? Have you ever offered yourself to someone only to be deceived in the worst possible way? Have you ever loved only to lose, and bitterly as well?

If you answered yes to any, or all, of the above questions then welcome to the "Wicked Games" website, a place where embittered ex's can meet others with similar stories—thus proving that they aren't alone in the world of bitter disappointment. Sounds like a bundle of joy doesn't it? Well this website holds an arsenal of articles and information dedicated to the subjects of betrayal, resentment, anger, jealousy, and the basic desire to bring your ex to their demise—or their new fancy to his/her demise.

This website was designed to reach out and, well maybe not help, so much as let you, the ex, know that you aren't alone in your pain and extreme anger—it is also designed to help keep you from committing a great crime against humanity and the law if you're currently feeling any such homicidal desires. There are trained professionals who monitor a number of the blogs on this site and are more than willing to listen to your complaints and perhaps even offer advice if you are so inclined to listen.

So if after reading this introduction you are spurred on by a desire to have someone listen to your anger and perhaps maybe even understand and empathize with your great pain then feel free to enter and browse the chats, blogs, articles, videos, etc. If you have information that you would like to share—i.e. articles, videos, other websites—then please email me that information. If it is appropriate, meaning it pertains to the subject matter of this site, it will be put up. Reviews and comments to any of the material is quite welcome, and encouraged!

If you wish to contact the creator and mastermind of this site then feel free to email me at btrydnmr. The name is Frankie.