Apartment on Shikon Ave.

A young man standing around 5'9" with raven black hair and blue highlights called from the kitchen table. He had a shaggy hair cut which needed cutting badly but he was too lazy to make an appointment or even walk in to a barber shop… He wore baggy sleep pants that were charcoal gray that had a brick red stripe down the side.

"Oh sis! Here's one. 'College student looking for roommate in a three bedroom apartment only minutes away from Tokyo University. Rent is $550 a month. Utilities and water are combined into this amount. Apartment building has weight room services and pool. For inquiry please call 739-835-1780.'"

A young woman was sitting on the couch watching the news while sipping at her morning tea. She was wearing a pink robe that was given to her for her birthday. Her wet hair fell haphazardly down her back and the sides of her face. When it dried, it was the same color as her brothers. She had blue eyes; a rarity in Japan. She stood around 5'4", had a supermodel figure, and flawless porcelain skin. She walked over to the table to see the ad her brother had found. She glanced down at the paper and thought, 'Hmmm….this sounds pretty good! Maybe it hasn't been snatched up yet!'

"Okay Sota. Give me that number again." She walked into the other room waiting for 'the college student' to answer. Two rings…..Three rings…..Click….

"Hello?" A male hanyou answered the phone groggily. His silver hair cascading down his back spilled out behind him as he laid in bed. His tan chiseled chest and abs showed where his sheets had fallen away during the night and early morning.

"Um…yes, I was calling about the advertisement concerning the rental room in your apartment." 'Ugh! I sound like I'm at work!...'

"Oh okay." He became very aware and awake at the importance of the call AND that it was a girl. He sprang to his feet and being disorientated from just waking up, he almost fell over when his feet got tangled in his sheets. Finally finding his balance, he responded.

"Yeah…wow. I didn't think I would have feedback this soon. Well, the room is in my apartment and like the ad stated, rent will be $550 a month and some of the bills will be paid for with this money. If you don't mind me asking, do you have a job that can support the rent?" 'Why did I ask that?!'

She giggled. "No, I don't mind and yes, I have a job as a personal assistant for one of the higher-ups in the business world."

'Hmmm…. interesting' "Okay…that sounds great. If we do become roommates, do you mind if there's a guy living in the same apartment with you?"

'Duh!' "It's okay. I'm a junior at Tokyo U. so I'm pretty busy. And I have a brother that doesn't believe in modesty. I came to his apartment a few days ago and he was strutting around in his birthday suit." A loud "Hey!" was heard in the background as her brother was greatly offended.

"So…you don't have to worry about a thing."

He blatantly laughed at that. 'This girl will be interesting indeed.' "I'm a junior as well. How would you like to come by and check out the apartment and meet? Your brother can come too, but he has to be dressed!" he said jokingly.

She laughed. "Yeah, that would be great. Oh, by the way, my name is Kagome Higurashi."

"Inuyasha Takahashi. Okay, how about be here in an hour and I'll give you the grand tour. My address is 1480 Shikon Ave. And I'll meet you two in the lobby."

"Alrighty then. See you in an hour Inuyasha. And thanks for your time."

"Oh, no, thank you Kagome. Bye"


She hung up the phone and sighed as a great weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She had only been with her brother a few nights and now, she was going to check out an apartment that was being rented out by a guy. Despite the situation she was in, things were looking up. 'Takahashi? Why does that name sound familiar? Maybe he was one of the RSVP's on Myoga-jijii's list at one of his parties. Oh, I don't know.' Finally remembering that she had to meet this 'apartment' guy in an hour, she decided to get ready.

"Hey Sota? You want to come with me to look at the apartment?"


"Okay, just make sure you dress decently. The apartment is on Shikon Ave."

"Oh really?! Wow! Sounds exclusive."

"Yeah, but the guy sounded really down to earth."

"The…guy…?" Sota inquired, obviously a little shocked, as well as concerned.

"Yeah, a guy happens to be renting out this apartment."

"Are you sure that that's a good idea considering…?"

She thought about it for a short moment. "Yeah Sota; I'll be fine. Now go get ready. We have to be there…" peaking at the kitchen clock, "in 45 minutes and I want to get there early!"

"Okay, okay. I'm going!" Kagome laughed as she watched him leave the room realizing that her brother had never been early for anything in his entire life. Well, his birth was the only exception, of course, but that was a different story for another day.