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"Is everyone ready?!" Kagome asked. Everyone replied, "Yeah!" She opened the doors to the room and exclaimed, "Welcome everyone! To the grand opening of the Shikon Bistro!" Everyone yelled in excitement. Patrons started filing into the new restaurant; finding seats as they went. Kagome could already see her waitresses taking orders and people admiring the menu.

She sighed a smile. It had been long year to say the least. After the birth of her two little monsters, she graduated college a year ahead of schedule, Sango and Miroku welcomed a baby girl, Chou, three months after, and planning her wedding. She and Inuyasha were set to be married in the human tradition next month. Raiden and Takara were growing like weeds and Ichirio was growing just as fast. Speaking of Ichirio, he was going to be a big brother soon; Rin was almost ready to deliver a baby girl. Sesshomaru has always been busy but he seemed busier than ever; especially since Toga announced his retirement last year at the Christmas party. So Sesshomaru took his role as successor and Inuyasha to be partner.

She smiled as she greeted more customers into her restaurant. She still couldn't believe that this eatery was hers! She took what her father said to heart; she finished with her degree in Business Management, but told Myoga-jiji that she would be following her dream. Myoga was, of course, disappointed that he was losing the best assistant he ever had but he understood. Just as long as he ate there for a discount he was happy. Speaking of the old flea, there he was coming through the door.

"Kagome! This looks wonderful!" He exclaimed as he looked around the front dining room. It was decorated in old style Japanese; low tables, shoji doors, and sake on every table. Dim lighting complimented the bold blacks and reds decorating the walls.

Kagome smiled. "Thank you Myoga! It's great to see you! How is my replacement working out?"

He laughed. "She is doing well, but no one will ever be able to replace you my dear."

She blushed. "Thanks Myoga. It's nice to know I did a good job…"

"A good job?! I'd say you did a tremendous job while you were with me! I may require your artist flare for planning this year's Christmas party!"

Kagome laughed. "Give Ayame a chance! I'm sure she'll do a great job!"

Myoga seemed deflated. "Okay I'll give her a chance. Anyway, I'm here to eat my dear! What do you recommend?!"

"Hmm…" Kagome thought while tapping her nail against her lips. "Everything here is great! For you though, I think you will love the Kobe beef with vegetables and rice; of course it would be cooked rare just for you!"

"Just the way I like it! Thank you my dear!" She laughed as he made his way into the dining room, greeting people as he went along.

Then she heard the greatest sound in the world. "Momma!" She turned to see her family come in with her little monsters; each grandmother carrying one of them; Sota and her grandfather following behind them. She got down on one knee opening her arms to her little ones and watched as they stumbled into her arms. She laughed as they each nuzzled her hair and neck. They always did that. She picked them up and hugged them. "Hey babies! Were you good for grandma Izy and Asumi today?"

They both looked up at her and smiled and shook their heads up and down. She smiled at them and hugged them. "I'm so proud of you! Are you two hungry?"

"Yeah!" She laughed and made their way to the back where one of the tables were reserved. She let them down and they climbed into a chair and sat there patiently while everyone else found a seat; Takara was swinging her legs and Raiden was hitting his hands on the table, making noise.

Asumi came up to her daughter and gave her a hug. "The restaurant looks beautiful sweety. Where's Inuyasha?

"He, Sesshomaru and Toga are at the office and should be here shortly. Rin, Ichirio, Sango, Miroku and Chou will be here in about ten minutes. Sango just called."

Kagome left the matriarchs with her children to continue to entertain her guests. Ten minutes later, everyone except the Takahashi men finally arrived. Rin waddled behind everyone else. "Rin you need some help?"

She looked over at Kagome with a sigh. "Yeah could you help me get Ichi to the table. I have to run to the bathroom."

"Sure!" She grabbed her nephew's hand and led him to the back.

"Kagome!" She heard Rin holler from the front of the restaurant. "Where is the bathroom?!"

Kagome laughed. She gave Ichirio to his grandmother and showed Rin to the bathroom. She took her post back the front of the bistro. People were still coming in troves; but now some were leaving with happy faces and full bellies; all of them saying they would return with others.

Kagome started walking around making sure all of her guests were happy and didn't need anything. She then took a quick detour to the back to see how the kitchen was doing.

"Shippo! How are we doing?!"

A red headed demon looked up from his spot in the chef line up. "Doing great boss! Everything's running smoothly!"

Kagome smiled at the demon she hired as head chef. He knew how to cook and he knew how to run a kitchen efficiently. "Keep up the great work guys! Let me know if you need anything!"

"You got it!"

Kagome made her back up front; stopping to check on her guests. She turned to face the front and saw a flash of silver. The Takahashi men finally made it! She smiled as she walked up to meet them. "You guys finally made it!"

The three Takahashi men all wore black Armani suits with a different color tie; Toga in blue, Sesshomaru in silver and Inuyasha in red. They all looked handsome but her mate was especially sexy looking. "Of course were here! We wouldn't want to miss your big night dear!" She heard Toga exclaim. She quickened her pace so that she could seat them.

"Come I'll take you to the back; everyone else is here." All of the guests looked on as Japanese business world celebrities walked through the restaurant.

Inuyasha stayed back with this mate as his sire and brother continued to walk to the back room where the rest of their family was. He turned to look at her with all the love in his eyes. He gave her a kiss and a hug. "I'm so proud of you Kags."

She hugged him back. "You know I'm proud of you too…Mr. Vice President…"

He chuckled. And he nuzzled his nose into her neck. He took a deep breath, smelling his mate; loving the way it made him feel. Then he caught it…

"Kagome! Rin's gone into labor!" They hear Sango running into the dining room. Kagome ran to help her sister-in-law and left Inuyasha standing there; with a smug smile on his face.

Kagome helped her family out of the restaurant and left her general manager in charge.

Ichirio was told by his family that he was getting a sister like Takara was to Raiden; he understood somewhat. He did have questions about how he was getting a sister but none of them wanted to talk about it; they said he was too young. He trotted up to his aunt and asked the questions he had on his mind; again…. "Auntie Kags?"

"Hi Ichi! Are you excited to get a new sister?" He shook his head up and down; truly excited.

"When will she get here? I want to play with her." He saw his aunt scrunch her nose.

"She should be here soon Ichi. But you won't be able to play with her until she's bigger…"

He was confused. No one had told him this. "I thought she would be like me; will she not be my size?"

She smiled. "No she won't. She will be very little and fragile. She will need a lot of help when she comes."

His demeanor turned sad. He wanted a sister like Takara, one he could play with…

Kagome saw her nephew become sad. She ruffled his hair and smiled. "Don't be like that Ichi. You want to know the best part?"

He looked up with the golden eyes so much like his father's and waited.

"You get to teach her how to play! You can teach her all of the wonderful things about life; and you can be the awesome big brother you were meant to be!"

He smiled so big it melted her heart. He jumped up and hugged her. "Thank you Auntie Kagome!" He ran up to Raiden and Takara and told them that his sister was going to be here soon and that he was going to teach her how to play hide and seek.

Inuyasha heard everything his mate told his nephew and smiled. He walked up to her and took a knee in front of her. She smiled at him. "What's wrong Inu?"

He smiled and caressed her cheek. "You are absolutely glowing tonight."

She smiled again. "Well it's a happy day! My one of my dreams became a reality tonight. And a new family member is about to be welcomed into the world! It's a great day!"

He chuckled. Giving her a hug he took a deep breath concentrating on what he smelled earlier. Smelling it again, he smiled into her hair. "You know I noticed something at the restaurant…" He breathed into her ear.

"Hmmm?" She snuggled into his arms.

He breathed in her scent again, nipping at her mating mark. Feeling a ripple going down her back he growled lightly. "Something I haven't detected in a while…"

She looked into his eyes perplexed. "And what is that?"

He gave her a chaste kiss and rested his forehead to hers. "It seems our immediate family is going to be getting bigger as well…"

Kagome looked at him confused for a moment, and then it clicked. She looked down at her flat stomach, rubbing it with her hand. Inuyasha placed his warm hand on top of hers and squeezed. "Does anyone else know?"

He shook his head. "The scent is so subtle. Only one's mate can tell this early on."

All looked to the double doors at the end of the hall as they opened reveling a very tired looking Sesshomaru. He smiled. "It's a girl!" Everyone got up and congratulated the new father.

Inuyasha and Kagome looked at their family with smiles. "You know, with both of us done with college, what's left for us to do?"

"Momma! Daddy! Can we go see the new baby?!" Takara ran up to her parents with Raiden not too far behind.

They smiled down at their children. "Of course we can! Let's let Ichi go see his new sister first then we'll go…"

"Okay!" They saw them run to Ichirio's side.

They got up from their prone position in the waiting room. They walked hand in hand waiting to go see the new addition. Inuyasha pulled her hand up to his lips and kissed it. "To answer your question my love, we live…"

Kagome smiled as she absently rubbed her belly. Smiling she looked into Inuyasha's golden eyes and agreed. Now that college was done with, they could, finally, live… live their lives to the fullest; and they weren't looking back…

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