Story: Knowledge
Rating: K+
Warning: One-sided KaitoxLen and LenxMiku at the end
Summary: He was beautiful, he told himself, but he could never be his.
Comments: FINALLY THERE'S A VOCALOID SECTION! YES!!!! YES, YES, YES, YES! I plan to write drabbles for each pairing and each Vocaloid. I'm starting with Kaito and Len, because yaoi gets priority with me. I think Len and Rin are next. X3 Incest-y, yo.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Vocaloids. I only own the products of my imagination.


Kaito didn't know how old he himself was when he met Len, but he knew Len was ten, and he was too young, Kaito reasoned with himself, but Len was smiling when he introduced himself, with sparkling, sky blue eyes, and sunshine-y gold hair, and in that instant, Kaito knew

-it was over before it started-

that they would unintentionally become close. And that proved to be true, because the next day, Gakupo nudged him, and pointed to a running Len, who was smiling, again, eager to show the blue-haired boy his new headphone and mic set.

Over the next four years, Kaito was there, deep blue eyes carefully watching the boy with the short sun-gold ponytail, seeing Len, Len, grow, and grow, and grow, his popularity rising unbelievably.

And Len considered Kaito his best friend and big brother, able to confess everything to 'Kaito-nii' without feeling awkward and with out noticing the other boy's (man's) feelings.

-isn't it better that way?-

Sometimes they sing together, and everytime, after each and every song, Kaito almost tells Len his feelings, but he always stop himself in the nick of time, because he's afraid.

-i love you so, so much-

And then the day arrives when Len comes to him, head bowed, and cheeks pink, and Kaito and help the hopeful lurching of his heart, because he can read Len like a book, and he can tell the blond has something big to say.

After a lot of foot shuffling, and a few stuttered sentances, Len finally confesses that he's in love with Miku, and what should he do, 'nii-san', to win her over? And in that instant, as Len whips out ideas and plans to win the girl of green's heart, Kaito knows

Len will never be his.


My heart hurt for Kaito when I was writing this. I'm a big Len fangirl, in fact, I'm the biggest Len-fangirl at my school, I think, but as I was writing this, I wanted nothing more that to slap Len.

Can't you see how much Kaito loves you in this, Len?! DX

I think I have a problem