"Just as I promised (now does the doctor ever break one of those, I think not little lady) a real stone castle, shall we take a look?"

As if I couldn't be stunned even more, after all I did just travel back in time in a, holy chocolate starfish batman it's bigger on the inside, police box, I had to be standing next to a real medieval castle.

Not even the famous Superman (my used to be man, exes can be a pain in the ass) could find his way here and now that's the best gift I've been given in years.



In my whole life I knew one thing that was truer then rain, Lois Joanna Lane was no Princess.

I bet five bucks that everyone I know will say the very same thing.


"Lois, yes. Put on the dress."

If the past was going to be this bad I would have just stayed home (and watch the love birds be all gushy, I think not) because Lois Lane does not wear a dress that makes her look like someone from medieval times, no way.

No freaking way.

"I say it yet again, space boy, no, hell no. (no dress with frills and corsets, no!)"

"Do you want to be hung on our first day together? (it would have broken all the records, even Donna's)"


"Good girl."

"You owe me big time, Bob, you better fire up that time machine of yours up because oh boy your taking me across the universe and back (and at lest to one White Snake concert)."

"Again with the Bob?"


The sight that was before me was nothing I had ever seen before (only on the covers of fairy-tales), something I had promised to see before I bit the big one (which with Lex on my tail that might be very soon) and now I can say with pride that I had fulfilled that promise.

Rather the doctor (Bob, Bob, BOB! Ha!) had.

"Presenting Mr. And Mrs. Doctor."

"Mrs? Are you kidding me? Did you pay that guy or something, because if you did, your dead."

"Oh, shut up. (I could kill you with the snap of my fingers, I think) Plus prince charming is coming our way, have fun."

(for a split second when Mr Medieval Mcsexy was coming my way all I could think was 'he's not my prince charming, on a white horse of course, you are' now isn't that just crazy?)

"Hello and goodbye, I hope you have fun with you and your hand tonight, prince not-so-charming."


I gave up on blending in (which I wasn't trying very hard at, not one single bit) the moment the doctor did (whipping out that blue thing right in front of the witch burners, come on!) and found my way seamlessly to him.

"I quote from your cluttered lips 'do you want to be hung on our first day together?' their watching you like your about to do some unspeakable evil, so put that away before they light the fire."

It was Clark Kent all over again (well, maybe a tad bit more dork to this one) and I didn't like this in the lest.

I've had enough Clark Kent's (not enough Superman's) a few Oliver Queens and sadly a whole lot of Lex Luther's in my belt(but thank the lord no the man himself, runs off to barf).

But maybe this time he would be someone new (rather then the same old, same old) and I knew for a fact that I would never find another doctor out there.

"Oh, fine, don't be so snippy, lets just get on our the way you should have told me you hated frilly dresses and loved castles, I would have brought you to a place that has a frilly castle."

"Do that and your-"

"-dead. But did you know I can't die?"