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Subject: New story – Whole New World

Rating: PG13/T

Spoiler: Original PR only (no Turbo).

Disclaimer: Power Rangers belongs to Disney, which considering Disney's non-violence stance seems hypocritical, but who am I to judge?

Relationships: TBD

Author's Note: I know some of the science around cloning, and do not believe clones would be able to remember their previous selves, but I am making an exception in this story. Besides, they're rangers. Perhaps that change to their DNA makes it possible?

Summary: In a future world where the rangers are outlawed, clones of some original rangers are created in hopes of changing the path of a world ruled by tyranny. But can rangers who have no powers and no memories save themselves, let alone the Earth?

Hi all; something new from me, after what feels like forever. Of course, this is very much off the reservation for me (not rooting a series in something) so I hope that it is worth your time to read. A lot of this will be character study and a lot of group dynamics. I hope you enjoy, and now, to the story...

Whole New World

By Jeannine Trevizo


Chapter 1: History Lessons

The world had changed in the last 300 years.

Global warming had arrived, and the world had been forced to change. Water still ran. But not as it had before. And with less water, growing crops and raising livestock was harder. It had led to shortages, and with them, rationing. People waited in lines for water and food, getting only what was allotted to them based on the number of people they fed.

With the change in the weather had also come a change in power. Somewhere in those 300 years, the nations of the world had taken control as never before. Democracies died and dictatorships flourished. Then a world event that few remembered and none spoke of caused those governments to merge, creating one huge global government, with a world leader, who oversaw the populations of all of North, Central and South America. Other co-leaders of this conglomerate oversaw similarly vast stretches of Earth.

With this power structure, a new division that was as old as time gripped the planet in a vice like grip – poverty. Five percent of the population of the world held 95% of the wealth; the other 95% of the population scraped by with ever decreasing money, food, water and shelter.

Under this new world order, hope was slowly dying under the harder times and the continued pressure of the government to continue the upper class, the government's way of life.

Justice was limited. Whatever punishment that was deemed appropriate by law givers in the field was approved by the new government, and often harsh penalties were handed out for theft and vandalism. Prisons were the last place one wanted to end up, as some resembled nothing more than 20th century concentration camps. Death was actually a preferred sentence for more severe crimes, and in some cases, people opted for the death sentence over a slow death in the prisons.

But of all the crimes now on the global government's books, there was one small law enacted nearly 250 years before that had helped alter the world more than the average person would ever know.

Power Rangers had been outlawed. Anyone found wearing the armor of a ranger was subject to immediate execution by the global government.

No one remembered why.

Except a few in the global government that kept a special task force ready to hunt down and destroy rangers if even a whisper of their return on the planet was found credible.

Yet there were those that didn't believe that the world was as it should be; that the division of power, of wealth was wrong. And that somehow the ban on rangers was responsible for the global government's continued stranglehold on the world. And these "radicals", who hid in the shadows waited for the Rangers to return.

And then there were a few that were unwilling to just wait for the rangers to return… they were preparing to hasten it.


Six massive cylinders reaching seven feet high and two feet around stood behind the two people wearing stark white lab coats in bright contrast to the dark warehouse. They monitored the controls of the panels spaced before them. The highly advanced equipment had been stolen, piece by piece from manufacturers and businesses for nearly two years. A few dedicated technicians that knew the plans to build the genetic marvel taking up the floor of the decrepit and non-descript warehouse had done so in secrecy and with renewed hope.

This facility had been created only due to a chance finding. Nearly three year ago, a nearly demolished building had been uncovered on a hillside in a city near old Los Angeles. Inside, in a locked vault there had been found test tubes of raw DNA. Some had survived the seismic activity in the last 25 years that had nearly wiped all of what had been California off the map. And when other documents had been uncovered at the structure, the material in those tubes had been seen as more valuable than gold.

Through a secret network of believers, the test tubes had made their way to the hands of the two scientists who now watched as their labor was bearing fruit.

For the material salvaged in that vault had created the growing clones that now were nearly ready to be released.

"The sequence is nearly complete. They should be at their optimal age of 17 in less than a day," explained the woman, her light blond colored hair pulled up tight to her head as she flicked her gray eyes from the panels to her male colleague.

"Sarah, are you sure that they'll be ready?" asked the sandy haired man beside her.

She frowned at him and looked at the panels again.

"Samuel, we both know the incubation period. They're on target for release. What's your issue?"

He stared at her and then back at the six tubes, the forms of people hazily discernable within the liquid depths of the cylinders. He'd volunteered for this. He'd heard about the DNA, believed that they could do this, but now that they were on the verge…

"This will get us killed."

"But it could save the planet," Sarah hissed with determination. "Don't you want to save the fracking planet?"

"You know I do," he threw back bitingly, making her give him a glare. "But they don't have powers…"

"We don't know that…"

"Yeah, we do. They don't have armor, or any of the things that Power Rangers have had before they were outlawed. They'll be defenseless."

"But they were rangers. The first ones, from what we can gather," she insisted. "There has to be something about them that's special. That made them rangers in the first place."

Samuel didn't have an answer to that. In fact, that was what everyone was hoping for. That these teenaged Power Rangers would awaken from their 'creation slumber' and be able to go out and save the world from the Global Government that had enslaved the population under lies and laws.

Except that no one really knew what would happen once the cloned rangers came into the new world they'd been grown into.

"Will they know who they are?" Samuel asked in a quiet, cautious tone, his fears reflected in the words.

Sarah looked at him sadly, and then out at the incubating Power Rangers and slightly shook her head.

"I don't know."


Days had passed and finally an indicator that had stayed black and dead flared to life with a pulsing red light.

"Sarah!" Samuel screamed from where he was alone monitoring the panels.

The door to a closed off area of the warehouse flew open, and the woman in question rushed in, her arms hurriedly trying to pull on her jacket, even as her blond hair flew unbound behind her.

"How long?" she asked quickly as she slid into the chair beside him.

"A few minutes maybe…"

"Flip it."

Samuel nodded and with a flip of a switch, a timer began to sound through the warehouse. At each of the six tubes, lights and gages went wild. Then with a sound like an explosion, the tubes cracked open, releasing their occupants.

"Get the blankets!" Sarah yelled as she rushed into the cold floor of the warehouse, looking to see if they were alive…

She skidded to a halt next to the closest one to her, a dark haired male with Native American like features. She laid her fingers to his neck and felt the racing pulse beneath them and watched, amazed as the man below her tried to open his eyes.

"Stay still. We're helping you… just stay where you are."

With that she moved on to the others… a tiny white female with brunette hair; a plainly white male, with nearly jet black hair; an African American male and female, and an Asian male with black hair.

Six Power Rangers, Sarah though to herself, stunned. They were all alive and starting to come around as she and Samuel began to wrap them in the heavy wool blankets that had simply been waiting for this day.

Now it was only a matter of time.


Samuel and Sarah shepherded the six young people slowly across the freezing floor of the warehouse to the door leading to the private living area. They had a dorm set up for the rangers, having expected both men and women, it was split in half by a crude partition.

The two scientists lead each ranger to their respective bunk and tried not to stare in awe at the sight of them.

"Clothes?" remarked Sarah suddenly as she watched the pale brunette girl shiver under her blanket.

"Oh, yeah…" Samuel replied, running into the other part of the residential space to gather the clothes that had been waiting for this moment.

Clothes fitting them had been swiped from various places – stores, homes, etc. until they were clothed as befitting their ranks. That had been the one piece of information that had survived the years the DNA tubes had sat waiting; what color ranger they had been.

To keep track of who they were, pieces of those colored clothes had been procured for the rangers.

As Samuel handed the Native American looking male ranger his clothes, the man opened and closed his mouth several times, before finally stuttering out the first words spoken by any of the clones.

"Where… am I?" he asked, his long dark hair falling in his face.

"You're in a warehouse. You're safe here."

"Where is here?" asked the other dark haired Caucasian male, his hands bundled around the black, red and white clothing procured for him.

"You're on Earth. Do you remember Earth?" asked Sarah, hopeful that the ranger's memories would be back immediately, rather than either coming in slowly – or never, which was a possibility.

The slight female brunette nodded, and looked to her colleagues before asking sadly, "Who are we?"

"You are the resurrected Power Rangers," Samuel explained, surprised that they'd ask. "We created you with the saved DNA that was found at your previous home, your 'command center'?"

A few of the ranger clones looked puzzled at Samuel's comment before another of them asked another question.

"Why did you bring us here?" asked the African American female, the yellow blouse and jeans resting on her blanket covered lap.

"You're needed. Rangers have been outlawed for 250 years. Yet the buried history of your team is that you protected the planet from evil."

The six youths looked from the scientists to one another, blank looks filling their faces before a variety of undecipherable emotions passed across their faces, settling in their eyes. It was the look of understanding.

"You need rangers," spoke the dark haired Native American man again, his jaw set tightly suddenly.

"Yes, we do. And you six are our only hope."

-End Ch 1-

Sorry – it's a short chapter to set things up. Feedback is greatly desired to see if you're interested to see where this is going and to get constructive feedback on the ideas being started here. Thanks all – J.