Before It's Too Late

Based upon Legend of the Seeker, based upon Sword of Truth

Author's Note: Once again, I am reminding everyone that I am a big fan of the Sword of Truth series and am basing this story on a mix of SoT and LotS. That being said, I also welcome questions about the books/series and will be more than happy to respond to you as long as you leave me some way to contact you.

Also, to answer several people's continuing questions, most of the stories I write are oneshots, but my LotS stories tend to fit/go well together, so you can kind of count all these as a "mini-series" or "continuation." Thanks for your interest. Enjoy!

Takes place between Episodes 4 and 5 (Brennidon and Listener).

- - TRUTH - -

Brennidon. It wasn't that important of a place. Not really. It was where he was born, and he was interested about it, but it was just another town.

At least, that was what he kept telling himself. It was important. It was very important; for a number of different reasons.

It was where his mother had once lived. It was where Brigid lived now, she may have not been his mother but he cared for her just the same. It was where Mark lived, he may have not been his brother but he cared for him just the same.

It was the first town he saved, and that was an important milestone for the Seeker, at least that what he thought. It was the first time he faced the D'Harans by himself, which was an amazingly important milestone for the Seeker.

Mostly importantly, at least to him, it was where he was the first time he realized that he was in love with Kahlan. When he was sitting in that jail cell, waiting out the long night, he knew there was a large possibility that he was doing to die in the morning.

He thought of all the things he had not done, all of the things he had to do. Things that he would not get the change to do if Mark betrayed them like Brigid was so afraid he would.

He would never be able to kill Darken Rahl. He would never be about to free the three lands, to reconcile with Michael, or to tell Kahlan how important she was to him.

It was then that he realized that she was more than important to him, she was everything to him. He realized that killing Darken Rahl was not about his own glory, or revenge for his father's death, or freeing the people, or fulfilling his destiny, or saving the entire world.

It was about protecting Kahlan from Darken Rahl. She was all that mattered to him.

If Mark betrayed them, Richard would never be able to tell her how he felt.

But Mark did not betray them, he and Brigid survived. However, Richard could not find the courage to tell Kahlan how he felt. He was afraid

He was afraid of hurting her, of causing her to leave, or upsetting her in some way. He was also a little worried about the mysterious power she hid from him.

In the end, none of that mattered.

He loved her.

He could do nothing yet, but he knew he had to tell her before it was too late.

- - - FIN - - -