Millenium Girls

Chapter 1

A young girl with white, waist high hair was sitting up in her bed, looking at three other girls, who were sound asleep. She turned to her clock and it read "5:00 AM" and then she rolled her eyes and whispered, "Always five o'clock." She jumped out of bed, carefull not to wake up her friends and ran to the bathroom, there she began a shower and washed her long white hair. After she got out of the shower, she dried it and slipped on a striped blue and white T-shirt and a pair of tight jeans. When she was dressed, she combed out her long hair and slipped a strange object around her neck, it was round and in the middle of it was a pyramid with an eye in the middle. She smiled at it and jumped downstairs to go eat her breakfast. She poured herself a bowl of CoCo Puffs and munched away, just as a girl with neck high blond hair with black streaks in it was fumbling down the stairs in her teddy bear pajamas, still bleary eyed with tiredness.

The white hair girl smiled and asked, "So how did you sleep Sansu?" Sansu just grumbled and grabbed the cereal to pour into her own bowl. They both munched away at their cereal as a third girl with waist high black hair with scarlet tips and blond bangs came down the stairs, dressed in jeans and a double layer shirt with a strange puzzel pendant around her neck with an eye in the middle of it. She smiled and said, "Good morning Sansu, Kayo." She acknowledged both girls, Sansu just grumbled and put her bowl in the sink while the white haired girl, Kayo smiled back and asked, "Is Ryoko still sleeping in as usual Akemi?" Akemi nodded and said, "It's your turn to wake the high priestess up this time Kayo."

Kayo rolled her eyes and went up the stairs, Sansu and Akemi close behind her. Ryoko layed in a bundle of sheets, her brown hair stiking out everywhere. Kayo sighed and raised her hand, it began to glow and icy blue and then she touched the sleeping brown haired girl. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" shouted Ryoko and hit Kayo with something hard. "Ouch! Watch that thing!" shouted Kayo rubbing her head, Ryoko was now sitting upright with a strange rod with an eye in the middle. Ryoko's blue eyes glared into Kayo's chocolate brown ones and she growled, "You should now better than to wake up like that, your ice power is freezing Kayo! I would rather take Akemi's darkness, or even my water. But not Sansu's fire power." She got out of bed and ran to the bathroom, Sansu following shouting, "Hey! I didn't get a chance to change yet! Wait up Ryoko!!!"

Kayo sighed and asked Akemi, "Does her royal highness whant eggs this morning?" Akemi shot a teasing glare with her fushia eyes and said, "Har Har Kayo, I'll make my own breakfast thank-you very much." Kayo's eyes widened and she replied, "NO way! Last time you made breakfast for youself, you ended up sending it to the shadow realm instead! Forget it, I'm making breakfast this morning miss Millenium Puzzle!" Akemi mumbled and said, "At least that was better than the Millenium Rod incident." Kayo sighed and said, "No changing the subject princess." Akemi hissed and mumbled, "Tombrobber's daughter."

Kayo sighed and turned to Akemi and tackled her. The surprised Akemi couldn't defend as Kayo started tickling her with all her might and said, "I may be a tombrobber's daughter, but at least I'm as clever as one too!" Akemi gasped and laughed, "Ok! Ok! Uncle! Uncle! You win already!!!" Kayo got off Akemi and said, "I win pharaoh's daughter!" As you could already guess, each of these girl's is the daughter of one of the most famouse people on the planet. Kayo is Bakura's daughter, and inherited the Millenium Ring from her father. Akemi is the daughter of the Pharaoh, Yami, and inherited the Millenium Ring, which she shares with Yugi Moto's daughter, Sansu. Last but not least, Seto Kaiba's daughter, Ryoko who inherited the Millenium Rod and is the toughest of the entire group.

"RYOKO!!!" Kayo and Akemi heard Sansu shout and the millionare daughter. "I said I'm sorry Sansu! I didn't mean to...AAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!" Ryoko didn't get to finish, she was tackled by Sansu, who in turn was hit in the head with the millenium rod. "I'm still not letting go..ouch!" shouted Sansu as Kayo and Akemi tried to wrench the carefree fire maker from the tough water maker. "You forced me to do ths," Muttered Akemi as her hands glowed, "darkness separate!!" Suddenly, both Ryoko and Sansu were in bubbles of darkness away from eachother. Sansu glared at the pharaoh's daughter with her green eyes and hissed, "No fair Akemi! You can't use your power of darkness to interfere!" Akemi just stuck out her tounge and said, "I can't stand you two fighting every morning of the year, although our father did fight all the time."

Kayo rolled her eyes and said, "Just put them down Akemi, and trust they don't fight anymore, we go through the same thing every single morning and they always break it up around this time." Akemi nodded and dropped the two girls with a thud. Ryoko sighed and said, "We have to get to school guys, we'll be late." Kayo, Akemi, and Sansu all nodded and grabbed their backpacks, and rushed out the door. "We're running late again!" shouted Akemi as they were galloping at light speed as they tried to get to Domino High School on time.

Sansu winked and said, "Well there's only one way we can get to school now." With that her feet glowed and a board of fire appeared under her and she raced away on it. "Wait up Sansu!" shouted Ryoko and she got on a water board and raced after her at the speed of water. "Oh for crying out loud!" shouted Kayo and she took off on a board made of ice instead of water or fire. Akemi sighed, shook her head, and took off on her own board of darkness. They all were neck and neck, preparing for the final strech.

"Ok, this is it!" Shouted Sansu, who was currently in the lead on her fire board.

"I'm going to win!" said Ryoko who was second on her water board, catching up to Sansu.

"Drat! I"m coming in third!" Whined Akemi as her darkness board caught up to Ryoko.

"Well, this is one way to get to school on time!" yelled Kayo, who was bringing up the rear as usual.

They jumped off all their boards just before the bell rang at the school where their parents whent as well. "Yes! I'm in first!" shouted Sansu jumping up and down as they walked toward the classroom. Ryoko rolled her eyes and said, "Don't we have a test today Akemi? You're the clever one in the group." Akemi nodded and said, "Yep, the test is math on the Substatution Property of Equality! You didn't forget to study again did you?" The other three girls just turned their eyes and Akemi groaned, "You guys!!! I'm not giving you my answers this time!" Kayo made a chibi face at Akemi and asked in her five-year-old voice, "Pwetty Pwease?" Akemi groaned and said, "I'm not falling for your chibi face this time Kayo, none of you are getting my answers!" But, they all ganged up and made their faces saying, "Pwetty Pwetty Pwease Akemi?" Akemi at last laughed and said, "Fine, but if we get caught I'm not going to use my shadow magic, last time I nearly sent the school to the shadow realm!" The whole group laughed and began their school day, little did they know they were about to begin their greatest adventure, their adventure as the four Millenium Girls.

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