I don't own Naruto. I do, however, own a basketball I've had for two years and inflated for the first time today ^_^

This is possibly the lamest crack fic ever. Enjoy responsibly!

One day Naruto was walking down the street. And suddenly his brain went all splody-likeā€¦ oh never mind, he just had an idea. Same diff. So anyway, he started wondering what a brain looked like when it was blended. So he grabbed a random hammer from his uber pocket of DOOMNESS and ran off to find Sakura. Upon finding her he chased her 500 times around Konoha. And Lee was there too supporting their youthfulness. Eventually she was like, "Meh, I don't care, take my brain. I'll still be smarter than you, MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" So while Sakura was laughing evily Naruto cracked her skull open, cut her spinal cord with a kunai, and pulled out her brain. Then he pulled a blender out of his uber pocket of DOOMNESS and blended her brain. And it turned all mushy and pink-gray. So Naruto was stuck with Sakura's brain and had nothing to do with it. Then he got another splody- I MEAN IDEA and got some raspberries and ice from his uber pocket of DOOMNESS. Then he blended them together and ran to go find Sasuke. When he found him he offered him a raspberry smoothie, which he drank. Sasuke then died of brain poisoning. So Naruto threw him in the blender. And then sold cherry-watermelon smoothies. THE END.