First of all...I'm sorry, I don't have an excuse and I know I suck. But what (if you don't get that joke, it's fine)? Okay, I had no idea what to write but then, inspiration hit me like a train... not... it was sorta a like a ping pong ball.

3rd Person POV:

The wind blew through the forest causing the plants to sway and the smell of fresh water to fill the noses of the nearby animals. Trees of every kind outlined a small meadow where sunlight fell to the ever growing grasses, which hid tiny animals that ran from plant to plant trying to find seeds. Everything was as it always was in the Forest.

Then with a start, a loud blast went through the forest, sending all it's inhabitants running for hiding places and homes. The silence that came after all the scurrying was the silence that you hear right before a storm hits.

A man, no more then thirty, ran out of the bushes- his eyes frantically searching for something while ignoring the cut and dirt that ran into his eye. His breath sounded heavy in his ears even though he had only been running a few miles- he had ran country in college so he was used to running such distances. During all this, he had splayed his hands across his right side trying, unsuccessfully, to stop blood from flowing out of the gunshot wound he had received a few seconds ago. While his blood and mud splattered clothing were still on him, they had been torn apart from the branches of the trees and barely left anything to the imagination.

After a seconds hesitation he ran- even though it was more of a limp, he still made good time- to a small clearing full of grasses that came up to his chest. As soon as he made it to the clearing another man, a taller, younger, bigger man (who happened to carry a rifle), walked calmly up to the first man- who seeing the second man tried to speed up his struggling limp across the clearing.

The second man seemed to be in no hurry and had the most terrifying grin on his face- like he was truly enjoying the site of the other man struggling to move faster then him. Unlike the first man who had run into the forest, the second was clean and shaven- not a single drop of sweat lined his brow and his breathing was normal if not calm.

The second man raised the rifle with one hand and shot a bullet that hit the first man's shoulder. A belly laugh released itself from the second man as the first man stumbled and regained balance. By now, they had closed whatever gap the first man had made while running so the second man could easily push the first one down. Still, the first man struggled to get away, using a slow crawl that made his shoulder scream in agony.

"Are you even going to look at me?" the second man asked the first man- who gave no indication that he had heard the second man.

"I asked," the second man kicked the first man in the ribs, "are you even going to look at me?" When the first gave no response the second sighed as if he was truly devastated. Then he grabbed the first one's hair and made him look the second in the eye. "Where is she?" he asked.

"How should I know?" the first replied, spitting out blood and a tooth.

"How should I know?" the second mocked. "You put her where she is now! You and that little whore of yours."

The first bit his tongue to keep the vile comments to himself- for if he did say those things, his death would be a long painful one. Instead he said, "If I did know, why would I tell you?"

The second- in a fit of anger (he had in fact been getting these exact answers from everyone that he had "interrogated" today)- slammed the firsts head into the earth so hard you could hear the scull break.

"Oh great, just what I needed, another dead body... Angel's not going to be happy about this." With a heavy sigh- more for himself then the dead body of Adam Gersham (who happened to be the scientist who grafted DNA into embryos at the school)- he got up and moved soundlessly towards the bushes until he reached them. Then, he stole a glance back at the mangled body of Adam. With another heavy sigh- the prospect of finding another lead like this was tiring just to think about, plus the punishment was certainly not pleasant- he headed out through the bushes.

After he had vanished from view, the wind blew again (now carrying the smell of death) and the animals sung. Everything was as it always was in the Forest. All except the body of Adam, whom all the animals had ignored- leaving a six foot circle around the body- as if he had been a demon.