"Did you get the stuff Sasori?" A guy with orange spiky hair and a lot of piercings asked a group of people.

"Yes." Sasori said taking off the bag he was carrying and zipping it open, in the bag where multiple sticks of TNT. Everyone came up gazing down into the bag.

"Excellent. Chihiro, how much time, do we have to get out of there after the explosion?" The orange hair man asked a small blonde girl.

"About…4 minutes."

"Alright so listen up for teams; Itachi/Kisame, Hidan/Kakuzu, Chihiro/Tobi, Sasori/Orochimaru and Konan and I." The orange haired man said. Everyone he had mentioned nodded, understanding. "Alright, so everyone knows where they are to run to-?"

"For fucking God's sake, we know the drill Pein!!" A silver haired albino said angrily directing his question the orange haired man. Pein glared at the silver haired man.

"I don't want any screw ups! Break!" All ten of the teenagers ran off in their groups in their designated direction.

"Orochimaru, did you plant all the bombs on your side?" Sasori asked not taking his eyes off his work.

"Yes Sasori, I think you need to worry more about your own shit." Orochimaru hissed rudely. Sasori glared at Orochimaru for a second, and then continued his work in silence. Finally he had all the bombs aligned perfectly, just then his cell phone started to vibrate. Quickly he flipped it opened and read the text. '1 minute – Pein' it said. That meant they had 1 minute to get out of their and FAST.

"We are racing the clock, Orochimaru. Pein just texted me saying we had a minute before these went off." Sasori said heading up the hill quickly.

"Just a moment." Orochimaru said setting up the last bomb. Sasori ran back down the hill grabbing Orochimaru's arm in attempt to get him up.

"No! We have to go now or we will be caught in the fire!" He yelled at Orochimaru. Orochimaru glared at him for a second, then got up and started to run with Sasori. Sasori got ahead of Orochimaru, he knew he was in danger and there is no way he could get away quick enough but he had to get as far as he could.

Before Sasori knew it, the bombs had set off. Sasori was blown forward, hitting his head a little and falling badly on his knee. He felt the heat behind him, it comforted him. He laid there for a couple of moments until he saw blue and red lights and heard a loud siren.

He quickly rose to his feet, gritting his teeth from the pain in his knee. He looked back and saw Orochimaru out cold. He thought for a second what he should do, as much as he really hated the guy he didn't want to leave him there. When he was about to turn around and retrieve Orochimaru, the sirens came closer. 'Fuck his snake ass.' Sasori thought turning around running to his house, leaving Orochimaru behind.

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