Hey guys, Chihiro here!

Alright there is no reason to worry, I am not discontinuing this story or anything like that. So you can all take a deep breathe now!



See not that hard. Anyway, I wanted to let you all know I'm sorry that I haven't updated the past month. I really like this fan fiction and wanna finish it, I actually have all the chapters written in my notebook but the last chapter. I just need to type them all out. BESIDES MY PROCRASTINATION! I wanted to let you all know, I got a serious head injury last friday and got a 2nd Grade concussion! Well its been a week and my head still hurts really really bad! So I am going to see a neurologist on monday and see why my head is still hurting. But until that is resolved, I can't write at all. I'm not even suppose to be typing this! If my mom see's me I am dead!!

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that. I just updated 'My Life, My Love' but it was only 700 words and my head hurts like hell! So I am signing off now. Hope to write soon! I really do! Its my passion!